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Wild Thieving Pirates Mk.II

  • Last updated Jan 9, 2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Thief Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 3840
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/13/2018 (Rastakhan)
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Welcome to one of my favorite decks in the Wild format. Wild Thieving Pirates! ARRR!! This is a Spectral Cutlass Thief Rogue that runs some pirates that synergizes well this deck. I have a had really good luck so far winning with this deck and this month I am going to try and climb the ladder with it.

The Cards!

Deadly Poison: Buff card for your weapon. A classic cheap weapon.

Hallucination: Cheap way to get a good stolen card to charge your weapon

Swashburglar: Cheap Pirate that can get you a stolen card to charge your weapon.

Cavern Shinyfinder: Best card to get your weapon in your hand. If mulligan, hope for this.

Goblin Auto-Barber: Another good Buff card with good stats.

Pick Pocket: I only have one of these in my deck because I use it as a turn 6 or higher card. At that point your weapon should be big and in need of charges to keep the hurt going.

Sap: A good card to get that stupid taunt out of your way or ruin a buff minion.

Toxicologist: The next decent weapon buff.

Blink Fox: A good turn 3 card stealer with good stats.

Raiding Party: Draw power! Most of the time I use this to just get pirates. But, if you are having problems getting your weapon in hand, the Combo can help.

Academic Espionage: Don’t play this one too quickly. Try and buff your weapon first as this card could make it hard to find the cards needed for Thicc Weapon.

Dread Corsair: Might not be a big Taunt minion, but it’s easy to make it free drop with this deck.

Southsea Squidface: Great weapon buff with good stats. Does your opponent improve my Lifesteal damage or take 4 in the face with a faceless?

Spectral Cutlass: The MOST IMPORTANT CARD in your deck. Lifesteal with nigh-infinite durability, this card wrecks most opponents!

Lotus Agents: A very good card for turn 5. It is NOT a Neutral card, but a Druid/Rogue/Shaman card. So, it DOES charge your weapon when you play it. Plus, it Discovers more stolen cards for you.

Vanish: My answer to big enemy boards. Emerald Spellstone? F-ton of Buffed Silver-Hand Recruits? Token Druid? POOF!! They’re gone! And, hopefully mill them a bit too! Also good for your own Battlecry minions to get more Buffs and Stolen Goods!

Valeera the Hallow: Only Legendary in the deck. Good for duping cheap cards and and slightly weaker Time Out!. This card is NOT required and you can replace her for something else to steal and/or buff.


Mulligan: Go for Cavern Shinyfinder(this one most), Raiding Party, or Spectral Cutlass. If you have one of those in hand, trade the other cards for Hallucination, Swashburglar, and Blink Fox[/ard]. The reason why [card]Cavern Shinyfinder takes the highest priority is because of getting a good tempo. I rather be able to drop a turn 2 minion with 3 attack that fetches me my weapon than wait til turn 4 to play my Spectral Cutlass. Now don’t go trading your weapon out if you don’t have Cavern Shinyfinder. It’s better to hold onto it rather trusting RNG to get what you want.


Stolen Goods – What to steal?: I follow to rules 1. Which is the cheapest? 2. Which has the best synergy? I always try in the early/mid game to grab the cheapest so I can both play the stolen card and my weapon buff card on the same turn. Mid/Late game you can go for the more expensive stuff if you feel it can help you out.

But, when I talk about synergy stolen goods, I mean cards that work well with your Rogue. Two card examples, Pearl Spellstone and The Glass Knight. Your Spectral Cutlass meets the requirements to trigger those cards. Just go face into an enemy minion, take damage, heal from Lifesteal, Upgrade your Pearl Spellstone or give your The Glass Knight a new Divine Shield! This is one of the reasons why I LOVE this deck. It has some nice versatility and flexibility when you find the right cards. I mean come on! This deck made Pearl Spellstone actually playable!! OH! But, the best thing to steal is other classes’ Hero Cards! Why? Because when you become another class, your Rogue cards now charge your weapon! Best in the bunch to consider, Malfurion the Pestilent for the +3 Attack to your Lifestealing Weapon. Dr. Boom, Mad Genius for Discover Mechs, 3 Damage, 7 Armor Hero Powers, and Shadowreaper Anduin for the 2 damage Hero Power and big minion board clear.


Worst case scenarios: Playing against hyper fast aggro decks and other Rogue decks! Aggro decks can be a pain as they might out pace you before you can mega heal/damage. But, Rogue decks are annoying because your Stolen Goods will be Rogue cards which DO NOT charge your weapon *pouts*. I have yet to win against a Rogue, but I haven’t seen many yet on the ladder. This is always why I added Lotus Agents into my deck as it is the only way to charge the weapon. But, you need to buff your weapon and then get some charges out which is very hard to do.


I hope you all enjoy my deck and have fun with it. I welcome all constructive criticisms and comments. Enjoy!!