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Wild Hemet Emperor 'thunlock!!

  • Last updated Dec 31, 2018 (Level Up Nerf)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Mecha'thun Warlock
  • Crafting Cost: 14840
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/25/2018 (Boomsday)
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UPDATE - 12/30/18 - BELOW!!

Here's my favorite Wild Deck right now!!!  First I take no credit for this list, but man this thing is fun!!!   It's basically an updated version of Solem's list from Sept.  Here's the link: 


Check out his youtube from last week: 


He's a very good HS player and you guys should check out his youtube and twitch channels.

I assume you know the regular way to set off the combo.  Play both Galvanizers with Mecha'thun in your hand.  Draw your deck.  Play Mecha'thun for 8 mana, Bloodbloom for 2 mana.  Then Cataclysm.  (You need at least 5 health to pull it off since you will lose 4 health at this point.)  GG.

Anyway, in the Wild versions there are so many ways to make the combo work for 10 mana.  Lose a Galvanizer or two to Dirty Rat, it doesn't matter.  (Don't lose Mecha'thun though.)  Trust me, it takes a few runs to understand all the different ways you can win with this list.  Usually, if you have Hemet, Jungle Hunter and it's turn 6...play him.  Of course, this is assuming you are not worried about dying next turn.  (After playing 50 games, I realized that you often don't want to play Hemet at all in some of the aggro matchups.)

I say usually, because you may need to find Bloodbloom first.  But, not always.  You can play Hemet, Jungle Hunter, then Emperor Thaurissan (with Bloodbloom and Mecha'thun in your hand).  Then finish drawing the deck.  Now you can play the combo w/o having to use the Galvanizers at all.  You can burn anything here but Cataclysm.  If you have a 0 cost The Soularium you can play it with three cards left in your deck and still win the game in one turn!!!  You can burn so many key cards (except Mecha'thun) as long as you can set up the combo.  The key cards you can use to set up the combo are: Dark Pact, Galvanizers, Emperor Thaurissan, Mecha'thun, Bloodbloom and Cataclysm.  You'll never need them all. 

That's just one example.  Often I end up playing Mecha'thun for 7 mana and Cataclysm for 3 mana.  If you can make these two cards cheap enough, you don't need Bloodbloom at all (or the extra 4 health)!!  

I've only played a few games so far with this version at Rank 5.  I did tech in a few cards for this one.  Remember a lot of these cards have multiple uses. 

UPDATED 12/21/18:

Some Card Explanations:

Dark Pact - You can kill a Voodoo Doll if you don't have a Mortal Coil.  Also, you can use it for the combo if your hand and deck are empty (and you can clear your side of the board).  You just need to reduce one of these cards for one mana to play Mecha'thun and Dark Pact in one turn.   You would rather use Cataclysm for the combo, but Dark Pact is a good backup.

Mortal Coil - These can be used to kill a Voodoo Doll and draw, or just use them on any one-health minions to draw.....even your own.  These can also be great to help w/ Defile.

Glacial Shard -  I think this card is underrated.  Very cheap.  Slow down those Mountain Giants until you can get rid of them.  Can also be used to set up Defile.  Try to always save this card to freeze a big minion.  You may need it late game.

The Soularium - This card is Awesome!!  Often you won't need it.  But late game, it can be amazing.  Don't play it if any of the combo pieces are still in your deck.

Bloodbloom - One way to set up the combo.  It allows you to play Cataclysm for less mana.  You can use this for another spell (like a Lesser Amethyst Spellstone) if you get in trouble.

Galvanizer - Used to reduce the mana of Mecha'thun.  It's one way to make the combo work.  It can also be useful with Defile.

Golakka Crawler - This card is pretty self-explanatory.  Keep it for any aggro matchup.  The 2 mana 2, 3 is good enough.  I think we're going to keep seeing Pirates in aggro wild decks.

Cataclysm - The preferred way (over Dark Pact) to destroy Mecha'thun, your hand and your board.  You can make it cheaper with Emperor Thaurissan, or by using Bloodbloom to pull off the combo.  If you burn Cataclysm...YOU WILL NEED Dark Pact!

Emperor Thaurissan - I'm sure you all know this card by now.  You play this after you have Mecha'thun and one Bloodbloom in your hand to cheapen their mana cost.  You will lose tempo when you play this, so keep an eye on your health here. 

Hemet, Jungle Hunter - Play this after you have one Bloodbloom in your hand.  Be careful....you don't want to play him too early.  It really comes with experience.  In general, I suggest to wait one more turn than you think until you get the hang of it.  Usually turn 7 or 8, but it really depends.  Be sure to focus more on surviving than playing Hemet!!

Reno Jackson - Why run him with all these duplicate cards?  You can often use your other heal cards until you play Hemet, Jungle Hunter or draw all the duplicates.  I realize after you play Hemet, Jungle Hunter you may have two Lesser Amethyst Spellstones left in your deck....Usually that means you'll draw one soon.  Then play Reno Jackson!

Mecha'thun - First you cheapen the mana cost of Mecha'thun and Bloodbloom by one each with Emperor Thaurissan on the board.  Then you play Mecha'thun, Bloodbloom, and Cataclysm for 10 mana.  If you Emperor Thaurissan sticks for a turn or you have the coin, you can do the combo for less mana!!

Remember if you are using Cataclysm for the combo, you don't have to empty your hand or clear your board....that's what makes Warlock the best class for a Mecha'thun deck!


I realize this is a little confusing.  I'm still trying to figure it all out.  Against Aggro....look for good early cards.  I will often keep: Dark Pact, Glacial Shard, Kobold Librarian, Mistress of Mixtures, Doomsayer, Golakka Crawler, and Lesser Amethyst Spellstone.   Survive early and try to reduce key cards for the combo.  You may have to abandon the combo to win some of these matchups.

For control/combo....mulligan hard for Hemet, Jungle Hunter.  That might be it. 

My general strategy is look for Hemet, Jungle HunterIf you have Mecha'thun in your hand, try to use Galvanizers to reduce the mana cost.  If so, you won't need to reduce the cost of Cataclysm.  Play Hemet, Jungle Hunter on 6.  If the Galvanizers are burned, I look for Cataclysm.  Then play Emperor Thaurissan.  Draw cards until you have one version of the combo that works for 10 mana (unless you have it already).  Then you can burn cards until you reach the end of the deck.  Don't forget about The Soularium....once you have the combo, you can burn anything.

Most of the time you can burn anything except Mecha'thun as long as you have a way to make the combo work for 10 mana.  If you burn Cataclysm, you will need Dark Pact (and you will have to empty your hand and clear your side of the board).  That's the only time you want to use Dark Pact for the combo.


I finally played a game where I played Hemet, Jungle Hunter on 6, I had one Galvanizer in your hand, and I wasn't able to reduce to combo cost to 10 mana.  So, I lost.  To a Priest.  Let's figure this out:

When is it safe to play Hemet, Jungle Hunter to ensure you can easily reduce the mana for the combo while only needing one tick from Emperor Thaurissan?

One option is to play Hemet, Jungle Hunter after you have drawn Bloodbloom.   You can try with just Dark Pact, but it's tougher. 

Another option is to play Hemet, Jungle Hunter after you have drawn both Galvanizers.  You can reduce the combo pieces with Emperor Thaurissan and you won't need Bloodbloom at all.

There has to be more options but I can't think of any right now.   

Matchups and Replays:

Here are a few game replays.  The first one is against Big Priest with Barnes on turn 4.  I should've dropped everything on the mulligan and I think I made at least one or two misplays.  Anyway, I'm guessing most of you enjoy beating Big Priests as much as I do.  Glacial Shard and Hemet, Jungle Hunter were big here.  And The Soularium helped me finish the game three draws early - only needing 9 mana.  He never saw it coming....at least not that soon.


Here's one vs Odd Paladin where I needed the combo to win.


Here's one against Pirate Warrior.  Obviously, I try to focus on keeping my health from getting too low.  These cards were key here: Mistress of Mixtures, Defile, Glacial Shard, Golakka Crawler, Lesser Amethyst Spellstone, and Kobold Librarian to draw and boost the Lesser Amethyst Spellstone.  Against Pirate Warrior, you'll prob never need the combo.


Here's one against Even Shaman:


And last...Kingsbane RogueGlacial Shard that face once the weapon gets big.  His Coldlight Oracles will help you draw your deck, so try not to draw too much on your own.  I'm pretty sure I tapped too much in the early game here.  You can use Mortal Coils on non-one health minions to burn them w/o drawing.  Doomsayer and Dark Pact are good cheap cards to play and get out of your hand.  You shouldn't use Hemet, Jungle Hunter in this matchup.  The Soularium worked great here for multiple reasons.  (Not to mention the Golakka Crawlers.)  It feels really good to kill a rogue right after he plays Valeera the Hollow


This deck is fast and fun.  Most games are done by turn 10-12.  I'll update again soon.  I want to figure out when it's best to use Hemet, Jungle Hunter.  Good Luck!!!

Update - 11/26

14-9 so far at rank 5 with this one.  Trying other versions too.  I'll provide more matchup info as I figure them out.

Tempo Mage - I lost a tough match to Tempo Mage.  I thought I played around Explosive Runes well, but that damn late Counterspell....ruined my combo.  I SHOULD NOT HAVE PLAYED Hemet, Jungle Hunter!  At least not that soon.  I think the strategy here is to get those Counterspells out first, then maybe play Hemet, Jungle Hunter.  Stall the game and heal.  Use cheap spells to proc the Counterspells.  You prob don't want to waste healing spells because you might need them.  I try to use Defile to proc the Counterspells.   Be careful, Explosive Runes will wreck Emperor Thaurissan before his end-of-turn triggers.  Even after both Explosive Runes are played, I would try not to depend on him for this matchup.  Potion of Polymorph will kill him too.


More updates will follow....

UPDATE - 12/18/18

According to HSReplay, I was 48.8% for 86 games with this deck at ranks 10-9.

-2 Galvanizers, + Bloodbloom, + Zilliax

Let's simplify this deck.  Forget the Galvanizers and just look for Bloodbloom.  Then, find Hemet, Jungle Hunter.  Find Mecha'thun, play Emperor Thaurissan and win!  You need to be careful when to play Hemet, Jungle Hunter though.

I chose to add a 2nd Bloodbloom (to make it easier to find) and Zilliax.  You can try another Voodoo Doll instead.  Or you can use a card that gives you healing, card draw, removal, or other ways to stall the game. 

As always - Good Luck!!!


UPDATE - 12/21/18

16-9 (64% Winrate) - since Level Up Nerf - Ranks 10 to 6!!!  Small sample size, but I'll keep at it.  I made one change:

- Zilliax, + Twisting Nether


I think Twisting Nether belongs in the deck.  Zilliax may come back, but I didn't want to increase the number of high cost cards.  You can remove one Lesser Amethyst Spellstone to guarantee that Reno Jackson activates after you play Hemet, Jungle Hunter.  I like having two Spellstones.   Maybe sub Zilliax in for one of them.

The Soularium isn't necessary, but it does help win a few matches early.  You only play it once you have the combo in your hand, usually at the very end for 0 mana.  Or you don't play it at all.  (Except in an emergency against an aggro deck.)

Dark Pact could be removed too, but I like it's versatility.  A second Voodoo Doll might be good, but those Glacial Shards might be enough to slow down big minions until you can use Twisting Nether.

If you swap cards, try to keep an eye on how many 4 or more mana cost cards you have in the deck.  Right now, I have 8.  I've had good success with that number.  This is important because of Hemet, Jungle Hunter's effects.  Let me know what you think here.


Usually you end by playing Reno Jackson (if necessary to heal); next turn, Emperor Thaurissan (to cheapen the mana cost of the combo); then the final turn, Mecha'thun, Bloodbloom, and Cataclysm.  Make sure you have enough mana to pull off the final turn (usually 10 mana).  Also remember, Cataclysm will usually deal 3 or 4 damage to your hero before you win. 

Whenever you have Mecha'thun and Bloodbloom in your hand, you can usually play Emperor Thaurissan (as long as you can afford to lose the tempo).

Good Luck Everyone!! 


UPDATE - 12/30/18

- Dark Pact, + Zilliax

Zilliax is too good, right?  I think it should be in a lot of decks right now.  I'm playing at rank 5 now.  Only played a few since the last nerf, but I like this change.  It does give you one more "post Hemet, Jungle Hunter" card.  It feels good to play Hemet, Jungle Hunter on turn 7, and Twisting Nether on turn 8.

Check back for more updates!!

Love to see my favorite Wild Streamer play a version of this deck.  Check out Control's Youtube here: 


His version takes out the Golakka Crawlers and Zilliax for two Vulgar Homunculus and Lord Godfrey