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[Wild Legend]DMH Warrior

  • Last updated Jan 2, 2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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  • 11 Minions
  • 17 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Fatigue Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 8520
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/20/2018 (Boomsday)
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Rumble Meta Update:

Wild meta barely changes after Rumble and the quick patch. Odd Paly sees a slight nerf, and other decks' power level basically remains the same. With Combo Druids and Kingsbane Rogue gone, Big Priest and Spell Hunter both increased, but the best two decks are still Even Shaman and Odd Rogue. Our DMH warrior is still very good for winning against those decks if played well.

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Just hit legend in CN.

This deck is incredibly difficult to pilot, but very strong against most popular decks on wild ladder. I've tried different variations of DMH warriors in the past two month (N'Zoth, C'thun, Dr. Boom, etc.), and this one with Justicar Trueheart is by far the most consistent.

Matchups favorability and mulligan:

Shaman (60%, even): Drywhisker ArmorerExecuteAcolyte of PainBlood RazorWarpathVoodoo Doll.

Still the most OP deck in wild. All Shamans I met are even with zero exceptions, and this also happens to be a pretty even matchup if Shaman players know to preserve their resources and save their bursts in hand. Well-timed Dirty Rat can help a lot.

Rogue (55%, slightly favored): RevengeWarpathBlood RazorAcolyte of PainVoodoo Doll.

All Rogues I met are odd Rogues with zero exceptions. This should be a slightly favored matchup because their boards are less threatening. But this matchup also requires you to have a lot of skill to achieve an above-average winrate due to their high burst potential.

Paladin (80%, heavily favored): Drywhisker Armorer, Acolyte of PainBlood RazorWarpathRevenge.

Odd Paladins got worse after Level-Up nerf, and they just can't deal with so many 1-damaged aoes. Easy one.

Warlock (80%, heavily favored): Coldlight OracleBrann BronzebeardShield Block, Dirty Rat.

Renolocks and Treachery Warlocks are easy because they don't have much threats, but Even Giant Warlock or heavy Demonlock can be sometimes be a problem if you don't have enough card draws. But most of them are Renolocks.

Priest (70%, slightly unfavored): Shield BlockColdlight OracleBrann Bronzebeard.

Big Priests are actually easy as long as you know how to play. I even won several turn 4 Barnes. Two of the losses I had were actually against an inner fire dragon Priest which is very unfavorable matchup for us. Newly surging Reno Priest post no threat to us at all.

Warrior (80%, slightly favored): Drywhisker Armorer, Acolyte of PainBlood RazorWarpath.

There isn't a lot of warriors around, but mulligan for Pirate Warrior. Odd warriors are auto-wins.

Hunter (60%, slightly favored): RevengeWarpathBlood RazorAcolyte of PainDrywhisker Armorer.

Spell hunters are much weaker in Wild, but still it's a force to be reckon with.

Mage (?): Shield SlamRevengeAcolyte of PainBlood Razor.

Mage doesn't exist in wild, but mulligan for aggro mage as control/reno mage is auto win and you can't do anything against Exodia Mage :)

Druid (?): Coldlight OracleBrann BronzebeardDirty Rat.

Druids disappear after Wild Growth nerf. There wasn't many even before the nerf.


 +20 for gameplay tips, card replacements and tech decisions. Thanks for the upvotes!! Love y'all.

Gameplay Tips:

1. When to use Dead Man's Hand?

You almost always want to use DMH only when your hand consists of a healthy mixture of cycles (ideally Coldlight Oracle), removals, armor gains, and the other copy of DMH so that you could go infinite. But the definition of "healthy" depends on matchups. For example, against an Odd Rogue, you often do not want the extra copy of Execute in your deck as you do against an Even Shaman, but you do want cards that gives you more armor and cycles, so the best strategy then is to use your Execute before using DMH. Another tip is to be patient: Only consider DMH if you can afford to pay two mana for nothing or you absolutely need to play that last Brawl this turn and you are sure you need another one. When you hesitate, hold on to play your DMH is often the wiser decision.

2. When to use Acolyte of Pain?

This is not trivially easy. In most matchups, you need to make sure your Acolyte of Pain can draw you at least two cards, but I often risk to tempo it out on turn 3 against a Rogue or Paladin if they have no minion with 3 or more attack, or a Shaman with only 0-attack totems. Also you don't play card just to draw cards. For example, don't play your Warpath against a Shaman for nothing but letting your Acolyte of Pain draws, because chances are the extra card will be less valuable than the Warpath you wasted.

3. When to use Bring It On! ?

Don't use it until you absolutely have to. You should learn to estimate your opponent's burst damage based on their hands, especially cards they have held for a long time. Sophisticated Shaman players usually save their resources intentionally, making you always fear they have a lot of damage in hand and therefore tempted to play Bring It On!. Final tip: always think how you could win. If your only chance of wining is to bet they don't have lethal and your Revenge will trigger next turn, then take the risk and save your Bring It On! after your have less than 12 health.

 4. When to use Coldlight Oracle?

Against aggro decks, use it only when you don't have other easy cycles and you need to fish for cards to keep you alive. If the board is safe but your health is low and opponent only have one or two cards in their hand, don't oracle to help them find the burst they need.

Against slower decks, you generally want to mill as many cards as possible and always save one oracle to copy with DMH, that's why I sometimes even keep Brann in my opening hand. Do keep in mind that Warlocks might have Dirty Rat or Demonic Project, so play your first oracle quick is often a smarter move than waiting for them to have 9 cards.

5. Other tips?

A general tip against aggressive decks is to always use the less valuable removal and save the more valuable, and what's valuable depends on matchups. Against an odd Paladin, single removals are less valuable and Aoes are more valuable, so you should be greedy on using every one of your Aoes and prioritize removing high attack threats with your collections of single removals. Against Shamans and Priests that have a lot of big threats, you should save your single removals for their biggest dudes, not middles one such as Thing from Below or Obsidian Statue.


Card Replacement and Tech Decisions

Unlike many other archetypes, DMH warrior has a lot of flexible slots for you to make minor adjustments depending on your local meta.

If there are predominantly Even Shamans in your meta, replace a Cornered Sentry with a second Voodoo Doll.

If there are lots of Big Priest or Even Giant Warlock in the meta, replace a Revenge with a Reckless Flurry.

If there are lots of Mill Rogues, ... don't play this deck.

Some expensive and replaceable cards:

Justicar Trueheart can be replaced by Dr. Boom, Mad Genius, or any removal mentioned above that fits your meta. He's not as important as you might think.

Sleep with the Fishes can be replaced by Reckless Flurry.

Voodoo Doll can be replaced by Big Game Hunter.

If you don't have Bring It On!s, I would recommend taking off Revenges as well for other above-mentioned good removals you have, or even Supercollider.

Brawls, Shield Slams, Dirty Rats and Brann Bronzebeard are all worthy crafts, so you should have them. If you don't have Dead Man's Hands, replace them with Angry Chickens. They work just as fine.