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Gunnolf's Wild Even Oil Rogue

  • Last updated Feb 6, 2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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  • 23 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Oil Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 6600
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/4/2018 (Boomsday)
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Come in and Warm your Frozen Boots by the Fire!


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gunnolf, and I am originally from the Land Down Under a.k.a. Australia. I am an avid gamer that has acquired a real passion for card games, which originated from my humble beginnings as a Yu-Gi-Oh collector and eventually grew from my dabbling in Cardfight Vanguard and Buddyfight, until we reached the game we know as Hearthstone.

I've played Hearthstone since the days of classic, with multiple accounts on both EU and NA servers. Despite having reached the Rank of Legend and my own personal mentality of equating 'having fun' with 'winning', I am not really a fan of meta power-grinding & net-decking, not that there is anything wrong with that. Therefore, I enjoy thinking about new, cool and fun deck ideas that push boundaries while also allowing you to win and those are what I want to share with you guys every-time I post a decklist.

I have presently become a contributing writer to WILDHS and will be posting articles there on a semi-regular basis, regarding deck-archetypes the status of the meta as well as how to get the most fun out of this game even if you aren't a big spender. If any of this sounds interesting, then I highly recommend that you check out of the website, as the writers and the owner himself are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet with great in-game knowledge (link to be website can be found HERE). You can also follow me on Twitter for latest updates.

If you genuinely like my content and would like to see me produce more of it, then please consider supporting me on Patreon. This is by no means necessary but it will definitely help me out in the long run. Thanks for Reading ^^

Deck Introduction

In what possible world is a 1 mana dagger worth giving up quite a few of Rogue's most useful cards? Well not very many, to be perfectly honest. Thijs tried to make it work as an otk deck (with spell damage) and while he found success in Standard, it wasn't good enough for wild. So I decided to revisit the age old recipe of hitting face and what do you know, it actually worked. This deck came about thanks to the new card Toxicologist and due to the nature of wild, there were actually quite a few cards with the same effect that would benefit from a one mana dagger. The rest as they say is history. So without any more ado, let's dive into my latest original deck design: Even Oil Rogue.

Please note that a reader, Tommy Wave of Blood, was also kind enough to create a youtube video centred around my deck, the link of which has been included further down in the guide. So if you want to see some preliminary gameplay make sure to check it out. ;)

Card Choices and Deck-building Explained

In this section, I will explain some of the card choices I opted for and the reasoning as to why they were included over potential counter-parts.

1) Ragnaros the Firelord: It's just the best standalone finisher with burst potential and an immediate impact on the board. Extremely hard to replace so absolutely warrants a spot in the list.

2) Razorpetal Lasher: It's not the best 2-drop in the deck but the one mana ping represents combo enabling potential, in addition to very minor ping damage for the face or clearing off minions.

3) Sharkfin Fan: Great card from the Rastakhan set that can keep producing tokens for us.

4) Bloodsail Raider: This card can become an extremely scary minion if you combo it out on turns 3-4 after oiling up your weapon.

(At the present time, only a few cards have been listed but I will include more if questions pop-up within the comments section regarding substitutions and why other cards were included.)

The Oil Package, Synergies &
Learning when to Swing with an Oiled Dagger

So the main reason why this deck actually functions well is because of the battlecry oil minions that make the 1-mana dagger not completely suck in addition to other cards that feed off the increased weapon attack. There minions are as follows and are irreplaceable within the list: 

Given that the cards like Bloodsair raider and Dread Corsair only become better the more attack your weapon has, if you indeed have them in hand you need to think about when it would be best to play them. For example, against druid it would be good if Bloodsail Raider had at least 4 attack it order to make getting over Spreading Plague much easier. For shaman, cheating out multiple Dread Corsair in a single turn can easily help you turn the tides of battle.

So there is an actually level of strategic thinking ahead when it comes to this deck provided that you have the right pieces. Sometimes being a little bit greedy when your weapon charges can yield better results in the midgame.

Alternate Cards

So I've been experimenting pretty heavily with old inspire cards (e.g. Boneguard LieutenantArgent Watchman) and while they word great in paladin, they are not as good in rogue because you don't hero power almost every turn. So The Grand Tournament cards are indeed suboptimal when it comes to this particular even deck.

Furthermore, there are cards like Grave Shambler, Southsea Squidface and Ship's Cannon which instinctively sound like great cards for the deck considering the pirate, weapon & oil synergies. However, they tend to be too slow  and not quite as strong as some of there other counterparts. They are by no means horrible but there seem to be other better inclusions overall.

Section below no longer applicable as I am currently running the card Tinker's Sharpsword Oil. However, if you don't want to play it then you can go back to playing Fire Plume Phoenix.

Lastly, I have been seeing some comments with regard to Tinker's Sharpsword Oil. While the card in general is very good, I personally could not make it work in the list at hand. I believed it was too slow without Preparation which in turn is quite weak because we run so few spells. However, a reader of mine just informed me that he performed exceptionally well with the card in his list. Therefore, if the oil provided by Toxicologist, Goblin Auto-Barber and Naga Corsair is not enough for you, follow the recommendation of the user below and see how it performs for you.

Tech Cards

To be perfectly honest, they deck does not need to tech to much to the meta because it's already running cards like Sap to deal with large threats or taunts. However, there is a particular flexible slot in the 4 mana area, namely Fire Plume Phoenix that can be subbed out either for additional burst in the form of a charger (Argent Commander, Armored Warhorse), taunts (Saronite Chain Gang) or silence (Spellbreaker)

As stated above, they don't seem to be needed in my personal experience but each pocket meta is different so tailor the list to your specific needs.

Gameplay Video

Special thanks to Tommy Wave of Blood for the feature on his channel. If you're looking for a preliminary window into how the deck functions then look no further. Enjoy and make sure to show Tommy a lot of love. 

Other Gunnolf Decks

If you like BOOSMDAY in general as an expansion, then make sure to check out my other deck's below. They may be slightly less innovative and way more competitive than the list above but they still promise to be a hell of a lot of fun and help you climb the ladder.

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Author's Notes

It's getting harder and harder to stay motivated in Hearthstone but being able to discover new working builds like this is what keeps me going. I honestly love this game and what's more I love sharing my new decklists with all you guys. If I can just help one person smile by playing and winning with one of my decks I have done my job as a deckbuilder. Genuinely, thank you all for reading and now the outro. 

I enjoy deck-building a multitude of interesting decks that are both entertaining and Legend viable (with some odd Free-to-Play lists mixed in). So if you like this deck (or anyone of my other ones) consider leaving a thumbs up, as it really helps in the long run! :)

Thank you guys for all your support and if you have any suggestions, let me know. 


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