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Solid 70%+ Win Ratio Odd Mage

  • Last updated Oct 26, 2018 (Boomsday)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Tempo Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 7320
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/12/2018 (Boomsday)
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Hi everyone,

So, I have been having a lot of fun with this deck for a while now.  With the meta that I have been running into, this deck has been handling it pretty well.  For the most part, when I encounter aggro, this deck is able to establish board dominance and maintain the pressure.  Against control, being able to take out the big blockers and go face has been essential.  When it comes to combos, it's hit and miss whether they get their combo pieces fast enough to deal with the constant pressure.

I have played around with the different cards in the deck and came to this build that I like best.  There are a few "tech" cards that can be shifted without disruption in the flow of the deck.  

Black Cat really is a rock star in this build because he replaces himself and gives your spells a little kick.  Voodoo Doll is an easy 5 mana any minion killer... not to mention once you drop Frost Lich Jaina, it's 5 mana to kill something bad + Water Elemental.  The one Witch's Cauldron is there for two reasons... 1) if they ignore it, it will refill your hand relatively easily, 2) forces them to direct 4 damage to it instead of your other more important minions.  Baron Geddon is hilarious once you drop him, especially after Lich simply because it's a good health builder and real board threat.

I also like to have the Servant of Kalimos and Stonehill Defender because they have a decent body to them to take some abuse, but they can help to grab other tech minions that normally wouldn't be accessible.  I was able to get 3 stonehill defenders off of one and finally a The Lich King and it held back the beating of Mech-Warrior.

The tech in this deck that can be swapped out for the meta you are encountering are the Kirin Tor Mages and perhaps the Witch's Cauldron.  I have/had them in the deck as I originally had more secrets and to refill my hand.  But as the deck grew, I ended up saying goodbye to Counterspell as it was only being hit for bait with things like The Coin and the Cauldron was getting silenced. 

Good replacements to try, depending on what you are seeing, would be Blood Knight if you are seeing Odd Rogue or Odd Paladin a lot... nothing funnier than dropping a 9/9 on turn 3 and seeing their divine shields go away.

Initially I liked having the Acolyte of Pain, but it was not being consistent enough with the DPS so I had to take him out.  The deck could use Frozen Clone if you are seeing a lot of minions on the other side of the table... But all in all, I do like how it sits.

Give it a shot and let me know how you guys are doing with it because I would like to see how other demographics are being impacted by this current Meta.  Good luck!



I pulled the Kirin Tor Mages and replaced them with Gluttonous Oozes.  This works a lot better with the meta right now.


After the wonderful nerf of Mana Wyrm, I thought that this was going to be in trouble. However, I played around with Chief Inspector and Secretkeeper and this has been awesome.  I plowed my way from rank 15-10  with this deck and have had a lot of fun with it.  With all the Secret Hunters that are out there in this meta range, both of those cards made this work REALLY well.  Enjoy.