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Two OTK-combo's in one deck

  • Last updated Jan 28, 2019 (Level Up Nerf)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Murloc Paladin
  • Crafting Cost: 14460
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/11/2018 (Boomsday)
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What is this deck about?

This deck is all about dropping your cheap stuff from your deck onto the board so you can play one of the 2 OTK combos of the deck. Call to Arms - Master Oakheart - Curator -  will make sure you go through your deck real fast.

First combo: Anyfin Can Happen.

The deck contains 2 Anyfin Can Happen spells and the 7 murlocs needed for the (30 damage) OTK combo.

The seven murlocs in the deck are: Grimscale Oracle × 2 , Bluegill Warrior × 2 Murloc Warleader × 2  and Old Murk-Eye × 1. Bluegill Warriors will have 8 attack each and Old Murk-Eye will have 14 attack.

Second combo: Bazooka Burst.

 Technically not an OTK as it does only 25 damage, but making sure your opponent has at most 25 health is not a problem with the aggressive murloc package supported by cards that bring em right into play (Master Oakheart × 1 Call to Arms × 2).

For those who don't know the combo: you are in fatigue mode and play a 0 cost Shirvallah, shuffle a copy of it in your deck with a Baleful Banker and Holy Wrath oponents face for 25 damage.  So the 4 cards needed for this combo are: Holy Wrath × 1, Baleful Banker × 2 and Shirvallah, the Tiger × 1. I added 2 Baleful Bankers in the deck because Oakheart or CtA might pull them out of the deck and ruin the combo. So it is best to make sure you have 1 in your hand to safely play Oakheart or CtA. I aded this combo to the murloc deck because how better to reduce Shirvallah's cost with the 10 mana Anyfin can Happen spell?

The spells that reduce Shirvallah's cost are: Call to Arms × 2, Consecration × 2, Shrink Ray × 2, Kangor's Endless Army × 1 and Anyfin Can Happen × 2 . It should be easy to get Shirvallah to (0) cost as all spells totally reduce to: 55 mana.


I added The Curator × 1 to draw one of the murlocs and to make sure you will have Shirvallah, the Tiger × 1 in your hand for the Bazooka Combo. The Curator is a mech with taunt, so I added Annoy-o-Tron × 2 (can be pulled out by MO or CtA) and Zilliax × 1 to create a whole wall of taunts when you play: Kangor's Endless Army × 1. The mech package is a very strong (and needed) survival package. Needless to say is that the spell will reduce Shirvallah by (7). This mech package ties the whole deck together.


The main goal is to go through your deck really fast because both combo's need you to play lots of cards. The murloc combo obviously wants you to have played and killed all your murlocs and the Bazooka combo wants you to have 0 cards (or very few) left in your deck.

From start of the game you will need to go for the Murloc combo first. Even if you have not played and killed all your murlocs yet by the time you can play Anyfin Can Happen it is best if you play it anyway so you will at least create a (small) board and you will reduce Shirvallahs cost by 10 mana. If the Anyfin Can Happen combo did not work, you will need to go for the Bazooka combo.

Master Oakheart & Call to Arms Guide.

Just a reminder: Master Oakheart × 1 can pull almost all of your minions from your deck except for: The Curator × 1  and Shirvallah, the Tiger × 1.

1 attack minions are: Righteous Protector × 2 , Grimscale Oracle × 2,  Annoy-o-Tron × 2  

2 attack minions are: Bluegill Warrior × 2 , Old Murk-Eye × 1,  Baleful Banker × 2 (make sure you have at least 1 in your hand so you can play the Bazooka combo)

3 attack minions are: Sunkeeper Tarim × 1 (you do not really want to pull him out of the deck but if you do it is still a 3/7 taunt), Wild Pyromancer × 2  (again not the best to get from your deck but still ok), Murloc Warleader × 2  and Zilliax × 1.

Call to arms can get any of the 4 1-cost minions or 8 2-cost minions. So total you will have 12 minions below 2 mana. The best to get are the murlocs of course.


To deal with you opponent you will have a lot of tools to play with. The best way is to create boards with Call to Arms, Master Oakheart, Kangkor's Endless Army and Anyfin can Happen. Other ways to deal with your opponent are:

Wild Pyromancer × 2  + Shrink Ray × 2 board clear.

Shrink Ray × 2 + Consecration × 2  to clear opponents board.

Call to Arms × 2 turn 5 + Sunkeeper Tarim × 1  turn 6 combo.


Keepers: Any Murloc, Baleful Banker, Call to Arms. Small minions such as Annoy-o-Tron and Righteous Protector are pretty good also. Wild Pyromancer is more of a combo/board clear card, so not necessarily needed early game. If it gets pulled out of the deck by MO or CtA it is not big of a problem.