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[Top 200] NEW Malygos Combo

  • Last updated Sep 14, 2018 (Boomsday)
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  • 9 Minions
  • 20 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Malygos Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 10920
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/18/2018 (Boomsday)
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Here is a video of kiwiinbacon showcasing the deck, thank you!

Hitting TOP 200

  • This is a new and improved version of the Malygos combo originally made with Twig of the World Tree, it's been improved with more survivability getting to the actual combo since the meta is full of zoolock. 


  • The deck runs the usual ramp cards but instead of 2 Biology Project I only added 1 to add the new Juicy Psychmelon, this card is extremely powerful in this combo since if you don't already have the cards you need you can just pull them out in advance. I also added The Lich King to increase survivability again as when I was ranking up it felt as if I was lacking in a card to slow down my death. 


  • Overall the deck feels stronger than the other druid combo's that I've played. Like I said above it got me from Rank 1 to Top 200 Legend in an about a week, so it is very effective.

Thank you for all the upvotes so far this is what you need to mulligan vs each deck for the highest win percentages :)

Rogue - There is a very high chance that the archetype will be Odd Rogue, in the case its odd rouge the best cards to keep are Spreading PlagueSwipeLesser Jasper Spellstone and NaturalizeNaturalize is especially good due to it being able to stop a Hench-Clan Thug or Vicious Fledgling before they become too much of a problem, the overall mulligan is made for stopping those smorc loving aggro decks from killing you.

Warrior - Most warrior decks are very control orientated so typically they should be quite a slow opponent to play against, there is a small chance they could be more aggressive than usual but that is quite slim. You should keep Wild Growth, Nourish, Juicy Psychmelon and Biology Project. Just try and get to the combo before he gets 999 armour ;)

Shaman - Shaman is most likely going to be shudderwock which means he/she is trying to get their combo pieces first, if you take Wild Growth, Nourish, Juicy Psychmelon and Biology Project again then there is high chance with the card draw from Nourish or just normal card draws you will be able to answer any significant threats. 

Paladin - Paladin in this meta is always aggressive so you might as well just concede (jk), as long you keep Spreading PlagueSwipeLesser Jasper Spellstone and Giggling Inventor you should be alright. Giggling Inventor is better than the Naturalize in this matchup because there is going to be a lot smaller minions, not big ones.

Hunter - Hunter has two interesting deck this meta it could either be Secret Hunter or the new Deathrattle hunter. In this matchup, I think its a good idea to keep Wild Growth, Branching PathsNourish and Spreading Plague with this mulligan you have the ramp to get to the combo and still can hold off those eggs from smacking you in the face.

Druid - There is a very high chance you're playing a mirror matchup or Togwaggle druid, since both of your goals is to reach high mana and cards just keep the simple Wild Growth, Nourish, Juicy Psychmelon and Biology Project. Then let the best ramper win!

Warlock - Its either control warlock or zoolock but its probably going to be zoolock due to it being so meta right now, but have no fear we are druids so we have a taunt wall. Spreading Plague is such a great card so we are definitely going to keep it in the mulligan. The mulligan should look like this Spreading PlagueGiggling Inventor, Wild Growth and Nourish. You can't really stop the control warlocks from ruining the combo with Demonic Project so just try and do it as fast as possible.

Mage - Its most likely going to be aggro mage so just pick the same Spreading PlagueSwipe, Wild Growth and Nourish mulligan.

Priest - Priest is most likely to be slow so you can just ramp as much as you want and get those combo pieces as quickly as possible, take Wild Growth, Nourish, Juicy Psychmelon and Biology Project and the game should be yours :)

I hope these short guides will help you succeed in the ladder and I hope you enjoy playing the deck as much as me :D

I recently changed the deck slightly to be stronger against the current meta, here our the changes I made:

-2 Oaken Summons, -2 Ironwood Golem

+1 Dreampetal Florist, +1 Starfall and +2 Giggling Inventor 

-1 Starfall and +1 Flobbidinous Floop