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62% Legend Odd Rogue - by Ale2200

  • Last updated Aug 12, 2018 (Boomsday)
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  • 26 Minions
  • 4 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Odd Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 6880
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/9/2018 (Boomsday)
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Hello everybody, this is the odd rogue i hit legend with! Very powerful!

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---------------MULLIGAN GUIDE---------------

Easy Mulligan


VS AGGRO: You should generally hard mulligan for a Dire Mole and Fire Fly.Keep Hench-Clan Thug as it will be a nice drop during turn 3 when you’ll have your weapon and usually remove an enemy minion with it. If you have the coin you should always keep/search for the SI:7 Agent and you may also consider the idea of keeping a Giggling Inventor.

VS CONTROL/COMBO: In this case the options really depend on the class and deck you are facing but I’d say that generally you’ll never go wrong if you keep Fire Fly and Vicious Fledgling, if you are facing a passive class you may instead search for an Argent Squire + Cold Blood as your opponent will have a hard time dealing with that (Ex. Big Spell Mage). If you have coin and you know your opponent plays annoying taunt minions always keep Vilespine Slayer and if your opponent has a very passive deck you may want to keep Edwin VanCleef with your coin.


That’s it for the general guides, let’s now jump in the class specific guides!


VS Druid: As of right now there are 3 main Druid decks around, Malygos;Towaggle;Meca Thun. Those match ups are neither good or bad for you, It really depends on the draw that each player makes and how much damage can you push while securing your board. You’ll be surprised how easily they will be able to remove your single threats, that’s why you should mulligan for a Argent Squire and a Cold Blood to combo with, the only way they’ll have to remove this would be a Naturalize (and that would be okay as you draw 2 cards) or a double removal on your single minion, you should also search for a Vicious Fledgling as if they aren’t instantly going to remove it they will be in serious troubles.


VS Hunter: We are now usually facing 3 type of hunters on the ladder, Deathrattle;Spell;Mech.I consider all of these match ups slightly favored, you generally want to keep a Dire Mole or a Fire Fly as these  will help your weapon to remove his early minions, as a 3 drop the best thing you can mulligan for is the Hench-Clan Thug as it is the only minion that your enemy usually won't be able to remove at turn 3 by using his Eaglehorn Bow as It will go from being 3/3 to a 4/4.


VS Mage: Here things start getting a bit more complicated, as of right now we are mainly facing Big Spell Mages on the ladder but you'll also see some Aluneth Mage, this last one won't be a problem at all, just use the general mulligan for aggro decks. When speaking about Big Spell that's where things get a bit complicated, prepare yourself as you'll have quite a disadvantage, you have to push as much damage as you can before his turn 5, If you don't have coin just hard mulligan for an Argent Squire to combo with Cold Blood and a Vicious Fledgling, If you luckily happen to have coin also keep Ironbeak Owl.


VS Paladin: We are mainly facing Odd Paladin of different kinds (mech,old odd ecc.), this is another situation where you have a disadvantage as he will have an easy time controlling the board. You want to hard mulligan for Dire Mole and Fire Fly as this will help you dealing with his hero power, also keep a Hench-Clan Thug If you have It as It will be a powerful 3 drop. If you happen to have coin remember to keep SI:7 Agent !!


VS Priest: We are now facing 2/3 priest decks, Mecha'Thun;Quest;Topsy Turvy OTK. Quest and Topsy are favored while you'll have a Disadvantage playing against Mecha'Thun, for the first two decks you'll want to mulligan for Argent Squire + Cold Blood as It those are more passive decks and won't be able to easily remove this buffed minion and Hench-Clan Thug because on turn 4 they will usually play Duskbreaker so if you play any other 3 drop on turn 3 It will just get removed effectively. Mecha'Thun on the other hand is a deck I've found quite hard to beat, you'll want to do hard mulligan for Dire Mole + Cold Blood (that's because they would easily remove the Argent Squire with their Wild Pyromancer ) and a Vicious Fledgling as this deck does not play Duskbreaker.


VS Rogue: Rouge is also having 3 main decks played, Odd;Malygos;Deathrattle. Mirror match up is all based on who goes first and how good can you remove your opponent board and at the same time keep yours, that's why in this case you want to keep 1 copy of Deadly Poison in your hand, you'll also want to search for Dire Mole and Hench-Clan Thug. If you have coin keep an SI:7 Agent and you also may want to keep a Giggling Inventor only if you already have a good curved hand so that you can use It to protect you other minions. Deathrattle and Malygos rogues are favored match ups, mulligan for Dire Mole + Cold Blood and as they will use their removal to delete this also keep a Hench-Clan Thug as It will be a very powerful drop on turn 3.


VS Shaman: This is another complicated match up, you'll usually be facing Shudderwock; Even. You'll have a slight disadvantage against both of those as they will be controlling your board very hard. Hard mulligan for Fire Fly and either Vicious Fledgling or Hench-Clan Thug, they are nice 3 drops but will usually get silenced/removed as soon as you play them so It doesn't really matter which one you choose. If you happen to have coin keep Edwin VanCleef to coin him on turn 2 and bait their Hex on their turn 4.


VS Warlock: Here you may have the game you have always dreamt about aswell as your worst nightmare. You'll be mainly facing Zoo;Even;Cube. Generally hard mulligan for Dire Mole and Hench-Clan Thug as those cards will be very nice against all of those decks. Zoo is a favored match up, Even and Cube are terrible match ups for you, you'll have to search for Dire Mole and either Hench-Clan Thug or Vicious Fledgling hoping they are not going to remove them.


VS Warrior: Warrior isn't already defined but I've faced some Mech Rush;Recruit;Odd;Quest. The match ups where you'll have a slight advantage are Mech Rush and Recruit, where you'll just have to mulligan for Dire Mole and Hench-Clan Thug and you'll usually be ready to win the game, on the other hand I've found many problems facing Quest warr as you'll nearly never hit his face (just use the same mulligan of Mech Rush and Recruit) and I've always just conceded at turn 1 whenever i met an odd warrior because it's pratically impossible to beat.If you have coin always keep Edwin VanCleef as it will be a really powerful turn 2 drop against all of these match ups!


That's It for the mulligan guide, sorry If I've been too specific or long but I've done my best!

Really hope it will be useful to some of you!


25 Upvotes and I'll be uploading the mulligan guide!   <<<< REACHED!

50 Upvotes and I'll be uploading a full guide to the deck!  <<<< REACHED!

UPDATE 1: Thanks for the advice Tommy Wave! I now have swapped  Tar Creeper for an Ironbeak Owl in order to be able to push through taunts more easily! He made a video about my deck, if you want to you can check it out in the comments! 

UPDATE 2 : I am now testing -1 Giggling Inventor +1 Myra's Unstable Element as I am facing a damn of a lot of control and late combo decks. It is working pretty nice but i did this just because of that. So if you guys are facing a hell of a lot of control decks and you have that legendary it is a nice tech card that will help you ending games when you'll run out of things to play but i wouldn't suggest to craft it if you haven't got it already! Anyway thank you guys for the 20 upvotes and the fantastic comments! We're close to the 25 needed for the mulligan guide, It is work in progress right now so when we'll get to 25 upvotes I'll upload it as soon as possible!

UPDATE 3 : Thank you all for the 25+ upvotes! The mulligan guide is -Work in Progress- I'll post it ASAP!! 

UPDATE 4: The mulligan guide is here! Hope you'll find It useful, we are also close to the 50 upvotes, I am already working on the full gameplay guide for each class but as the meta is now facing many decks and many classes It will take a bit of time before the guide will be ready.

UPDATE 5:Thank you guys so much for the 50 upvotes, as I said in the previous update the full guide to the deck Is now -work in progress- and will be ready ASAP! 

I WOULD LIKE TO THANK -kiwiinbacon-  and -Tommy Wave- for making a video about my deck! You guys can check their videos and youtube channels down below! 

kiwiinbacon's video: 

Tommy Wave's video: