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TOP 25 [80% WR] Togwaggle/Malygos Druid

  • Last updated Aug 13, 2018 (Boomsday)
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  • 8 Minions
  • 20 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Mill Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 11760
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/9/2018 (Boomsday)
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Togwaggle druid is absolutely insane right nowStarted from around 1000 to Top 25 (20-5, 80%). 

**For those who might wonder if this deck still works dropped these days around rank 1500 because i was trying new decks and played this to rank up again to top 100 with about 70% win rate**



There are 2 combos in this deck the Malygos one and the King Togwaggle one. To do the King Togwaggle combo you need weapon Twig of the World Tree at 1 durability or your Dreampetal Florist hit King Togwaggle or Azalina Soulthief for 7 mana discount.Then you play King Togwaggle double Naturalize Azalina Soulthief. Like that you steal the treasure King Togwaggle so when they change their deck back you cast this spell and take it back again.The hard part is to know when you can do it. General you want to do this combo if you are low on cards (and lower from your opponents deck otherwise you don't need to change decks). Almost always try to do the combo after you play Malfurion the Pestilent. Another thing you can do is when you run out of cards play King Togwaggle into double Naturalize for 15 damage burst , that's a very common win condition with this deck. One more thing you can do with King Togwaggle is if your opponent has 8 cards play 1 Naturalize so they go to 10 cards and then play King Togwaggle that way he doesn't take the spell because his hand is full so the decks are changed permanently without Azalina Soulthief needed.

The other combo is the classic Malygos combo with spells that can be used for OTK if you have Twig of the World Tree with 1 durability or malygos reduced at 2 cost from Dreampetal Florist. You can use malygos if its needed to clear some big minions you cant clear otherwise or too push some face damage if needed.

This is a pretty hard deck because every game might have different win condition and if you are not used to decks like this might seem you hard to win but after some games you gonna get used to it. A pretty good deck for the meta at the moment if you have the dust i totally suggest you to try it and have fun with it.


Don't use Biology Project for ramp early unless you have pretty good follow ups or ramp. In my opinion use it for mana in order to set up  Ultimate Infestation next turn because giving free mana to your opponent is not so good. Most of the time you gonna use this card as an innarvate after 10 mana to dump cards from your hand so you can draw more. Almost never use it if your opponent is a druid before you reach 10 mana!

If you have your King Togwaggle combo in your hand don't be scared to draw cards and burn them you just want to draw most of your cards and do the combo its probably irrelevant what you gonna burn. Even if you don't have the combo its okay most of the times to Ultimate Infestation (for example with 6 or even 7 cards in your hand) and burn one card. Don't forget that when you play Ultimate Infestation you draw 5 cards so the odds to find something playable like Moonfire or Arcane Tyrant are pretty high and might worth the risk.

If you have Nourish but no good follow ups like Malfurion the Pestilent or Ultimate Infestation and no draw cards in your hand then there is no reason to use it for mana even if its a turn 5 play just draw 3 cards to make your hand better. This is more useful against aggro decks where when you draw 3 you can find more useful things like removal if you need it. Nourish can be used for mana too even if you have 10 mana just to dump some cards in order to prepare Ultimate Infestation turn. Its pretty common picking wrong choices for Nourish so try to think what will be more useful for , you but mostly you gonna use it for mana.

If you play Wild Growth at 4 mana or lower and you don't need the draw this turn you can wait to use it next turn or whenever you need it because you might go to fatigue with an Ultimate Infestation and take one more fatigue damage because of that draw. That's more useful when you have Ultimate Infestation in hand and you are like 7 cards from drawing your whole deck



Vs Druid:

Full mulligan for ramp Wild Growth , Nourish and Twig of the world True are always a keep. If you have both of them you should keep Ultimate Infestation and Malfurion the Pestilent


Vs Hunter:

Same mulligan as the druid matchup


Vs Mage:

Keep always Wild Growth. If you have the coin and believe its a control mage you could keep Nourish too. Otherwise keep some early removals like Lesser Jasper Spellstone


Vs Paladin:

Except Wild Growth you keep or try find every early aoe or removal for his board.Swipe and Spreading Plague are always a keep and some times Lesser Jasper Spellstone


Vs Priest:

Same mulligan as the druid matchup


Vs Rogue: 

Keep always Wild Growth and Lesser Jasper Spellstone for his Hench-Clan Thug.If you have coin you should consider keeping Nourish too. Keep Swipe if you don't have the removal for his early snowball minions. Spreading Plague is not a good keep against rogue


Vs shaman: 

Same mulligan as the druid matchup


Vs Warlock: 

Mulligan for zoo always unless you know he plays control/even. Keep Wild Growth  Lesser Jasper Spellstone and sometimes SwipeSpreading Plague is not a good keep against zoo most of the times. If he plays Even keep Naturalize


Vs Warrior: 

Same mulligan as the druid matchup




Vs Druid

If you play against malygos druid you ramp early and try to Ultimate Infestation as fast as you can.In order to do that you have to try dump you hand as fast you can and the efficient way you can. Don't be scared to Swipe face if he has no minions or Spreading Plague an empty board. Keep your Naturalize for the combo with King Togwaggle if it is possible.You are favored vs malygos druid.


The mirror is a bit strange.Draw as fast as you can and try to do your combo first so you can copy his hand with Azalina Soulthief and that means you will some of his combo pieces and his Naturalize to burn his deck even more or u will just interrupt his combo if he hasn't collect all the pieces so you gonna win that way.


Vs hunter: 

Deathrattle hunter is probably one of the worst matchups if not the worst. Ramp as fast as possibly. Twig of the World Tree is always a keep vs hunter and try to find it on mulligan in order to do some power turn with it like otk (malygos otk) them fast or clear as much as possible his board. If you can trigger their deathrattles before he does so he can get lower value from then. Spreading Plague can help you from his big board but never keep it just hope you have it when you need it.


Vs Mage: 

If its aggro not having ramp is pretty fine. Remove his minions put some board pressure when its possible and stack armor you probably gonna outvalue them if they don't have insane opening. Malfurion the Pestilent  is a win condition if its get played around 7-10 mana but dont keep him just hope to topdeck him around then.


Against Control mage draw fast , ramp fast do your combo with King Togwaggle pressure maybe some damage with some board and malygos burst and win pretty easy matchup.


Vs Paladin: 

Keep only Wild Growth most of the times from your ramp cards. Swipe and Spreading Plague are win conditions against paladins. Don't get greedy with his board if you have Spreading Plague trying to get the max value. If you can swipe a big board , do it , even if you have Spreading Plague because he can buff his minions give them divine shield from his weapon or level up them. Eventually you will outvalue them. Some times at 10 mana use your Branching Paths in combination with  Spreading Plague for +2 attack even if you are low so he can do worst trades. Skilled much up if played perfectly is favored for us.


Vs Priest: 

Control priest is pretty favored matchup ramp early draw your deck and do your combo. He cant kill you because you have tons of armor.Don't get greedy with plague and give him a good Psychic Scream that makes your deck bad and your combo come later. Tempo Malygos is good too because they cant deal with 4 attacks minions.


The APM priest or the combo priest is a good matchup too. You need your King Togwagle and Azalina Soulthief combo as fast as you can in order to distract their combo and you just win.


Vs Rogue: 

Miracle or Pogo your plan is the same kill their early snowball minions , ramp , push damage when is possible and win with whatever combo u have at that moment Malygos or king togwagle. Malygos combo might be easier against that match up but dont keep your swipes for only the combo use them if you want to clear or maybe dump some cards to draw.


Against odd rogue keep Wild Growth and lasser jasper spellstone for their early Hench-Clan Thug or Vicious Fledgling. After that try to survive till you outvalue them later with some power turns. Both are winnable matchups but not so easy ones.


Vs Shaman: 

If its shudder you have one plan do your King Togwaggle before he does his combo if you steal his deck before he shudder you just won. Check if you can win with your other Malygos and weapon but that depends on on your hand. Generally focus on your King Togwaggle combo. If he goes wide on board do Spreading Plague with combination with Branching Paths.


Vs Warlock: 

Really hard matchup whatever they play with the easiest one being zoo (which is hard but winnable 45-55 win rate for them probably if not keleseth on 2).


Against zoo if they play Prince Keleseth turn 2 you probably lose. Otherwise try remove their early minions with Lesser Jasper Spellstone and try to stabilize with Spreading Plague or Mind Control Tech until you do some power turns like Ultimate Infestation into some Arcane Tyrant. Lots of times this game will go to fatigue until zoo runs out of threads.


Against cube , control or even is even harder because the play x2 Demonic Project Skulking Geist and some times x2 Gnomeferatu. Having both of your combos is very good for this matchup because probably one will be interrupted. Keep some minions you dont need to in case the Demonic Project hit those instead of your combo pieces.


Vs Warrior: 

Easy matchup ramp draw your deck swap win.They cant do lots of things to stop you and if is needed you have Malygos for some extra burst.



9/8/2018 : - Bloodmage Thalnos + Malygos

                   - x2 Wrath + x2 Moonfire

                   - x2 Biology Project + x1 InnervateFlobbidinous Floop

                   - Giggling InventorTwig of the World Tree

10/8/2018 : - Innervate -Flobbidinous Floop + x2 Biology Project

13/8/2018 : -x2 Biology Project - x1 Ferocious Howl + x2 Mind Control Tech + x1 Wrath

I start to believe that Biology Project is not that great because most of the time is being used after 10 mana because giving your opponent mana is not that good and then its like an Innervate (some times even worst because Innervate can be played after Ultimate Infestation turn). I cut one Ferocious Howl too because i think 1 is enough and pretty good against druids but the second one doesn't change anything in most of the matchups. Instead i put 2 Mind Control Tech. They are insane against lot of match-ups especially against aggro and deathrattle decks like hunter and rogue that you have big problem against them. It fixed the winrate of those matchups by a lot. Wrath is a good anti aggro card that can help you draw a card too if needed.

I change the worst performing cards in the deck and gave the deck one more win condition adapting to the meta too. At the moment almost nobody is playing weapon removals so Twig of the World Tree  is just too good to not be included. The ''problem'' with those changes is that it raises the skill cup of the deck by a lot and might be too hard if its your first time with a deck like that. Need more playtest but this list in my opinion is better than the previous one at the moment and if the meta changes more (and it will because is early of the expansion) i will adapt it again.

Here is the list i used before for those who doesn't have the dust for the new one or wanted the previous list i played , but in my opinion and after lot of playtest the new one works better :




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