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TOP 25 [80% WR] Togwaggle Druid

  • Last updated Nov 11, 2018 (Boomsday)
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  • 7 Minions
  • 22 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Mill Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 8620
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/9/2018 (Boomsday)
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** 11/11/2018 Update : As i keep saying from day one this deck is the best in the game and if you can avoid Death Rattle hunters its god tier. At the moment im Top 50 playing mostly this deck and some murloc mage. Feel free to craft it and have fun with it :) **

*** I updated the mulligan / matchups guide to the current meta because lots of things have change since the start of the expansion feel free to check it ***

Togwaggle druid is absolutely insane right nowStarted from around 1000 to Top 25 (20-5, 80%). 



In order to do the King Togwaggle combo you need  your Dreampetal Florist hit King Togwaggle or Azalina Soulthief for 7 mana discount.Then you play King Togwaggle double Naturalize Azalina Soulthief. Like that you switch decks and copy their hand so when they change their deck back you can take it back again. General you want to do this combo if you are low on cards (and lower from your opponents deck otherwise you don't need to change decks). Almost always try to do the combo after you play Malfurion the Pestilent. Another thing you should know is your combo deals 15 damage if you are out of cards , so even if you burned somehow Azalina Soulthief you can still put 15 damage in one turn. One more thing you can do with King Togwaggle is if your opponent has 8 or 9 cards play 1 Naturalize so they go to 10 cards and then play King Togwaggle. That way he doesn't take the spell , that switch decks back , because his hand is full so the decks are changed permanently without Azalina Soulthief needed.


If you have your  King Togwaggle combo in your hand don't be scared to draw cards and burn them you just want to draw most of your cards and do the combo its probably irrelevant what you gonna burn. Even if you don't have the full combo in your hand its okay sometimes to Ultimate Infestation (for example with 6 cards in your hand) and burn one card. Don't forget that when you play Ultimate Infestation you draw 5 cards so the odds to find something playable like Innervate or Arcane Tyrant are high and might worth the risk.

If you have Nourish but no good follow ups like Malfurion the Pestilent or Ultimate Infestation and no draw cards in your hand then there is no reason to use it for mana even if its a turn 5 play just draw 3 cards to make your hand better. This is more useful against aggro decks where when you draw 3 you can find more useful things like removal , if you need it. Nourish can be used for mana too even if you have 10 mana just to dump some cards in order to prepare Ultimate Infestation turn. It's pretty common and game changing picking wrong choices for Nourish so try to think what will be more useful for you , but most of the times you gonna use it for mana.

If you play Wild Growth at 10 mana you don't need the draw this turn you can wait to use it next turn or whenever you need it because you might go to fatigue with an Ultimate Infestation and take one more fatigue damage because of that draw. That's more useful when you have Ultimate Infestation in hand and you are like 7 cards from drawing your whole deck



Vs Druid:

Full mulligan for ramp Wild Growth , NourishOaken Summons and Malfurion the Pestilent. If you have both ramp cards and you are one coin you should consider keeping Ultimate Infestation.


Vs Hunter:

Full mulligan for Wild Growth , Nourish and Oaken Summons. That's the only cards you need against hunter. If he plays aggressive hunter you can consider keeping Lesser Jasper Spellstone.


Vs Mage:

Keep always Wild Growth and Oaken Summons. Most of the mages i face i mulligan for being aggro murloc mage so Swipe and Lesser Jasper Spellstone. If you have coin and some ramp you should consider keeping Starfall and Spreading Plague too. If they play control mage full mulligan for ramp Wild Growth , Nourish and Oaken Summons. Most of the times Malfurion the Pestilent is a pretty good keep too if you have some ramp early. If you have both ramp cards and you are one coin you should keep Ultimate Infestation.


Vs Paladin:

If they play odd paladin keep always Wild Growth and Oaken Summons.After that try find Lesser Jasper Spellstone , Swipe and Spreading Plague. If you have coin and some ramp you should consider keeping Starfall. If they play even paladin mulligan is almost the same except you don't need Spreading Plague and and early removals and try to focus mostly finding your ramp and Oaken Summons. If you don't know what the opponent is playing always make mulligan like he is odd paladin.


Vs Priest:

Full mulligan for Wild Growth , NourishOaken Summons and Malfurion the Pestilent. If you have both ramp cards and you are one coin you should consider keeping Ultimate Infestation.


Vs Rogue: 

Keep always Wild GrowthOaken Summons and Lesser Jasper Spellstone for his Hench-Clan Thug.If you have coin you should consider keeping Nourish too. Keep Swipe if you don't have the removal for his early snowball minions. Rarely Starfall can be a keep with being on coin and having some ramp. Spreading Plague is not a good keep against rogue.


Vs shaman: 

If they play shudderwock full mulligan for ramp Wild Growth , Nourish and Oaken Summons. Most of the times Malfurion the Pestilent is a pretty good keep too if you have some ramp early. If you have both ramp cards and you are one coin you should keep Ultimate Infestation. If they play even shaman keep always Wild Growth and Oaken Summons.After that try find Lesser Jasper Spellstone , Swipe , Spreading Plague and Starfall.


Vs Warlock: 

Mulligan for warlock is pretty tricky. Half of them play zoo and the other half even/ cube/control. Most of the times i try to guess what he is and consider if he doesn't play what i think if its worth keeping specific cards. In general for both matchups you always keep Wild GrowthOaken Summons and if you have the coin consider keeping Nourish too. If you know for sure its even/cube control warlock always keep Naturalize for their giants / big threats.If its zoo keep Lesser Jasper Spellstone , Swipe and if you have some early ramp consider keeping Spreading Plague and Starfall too. Most of the opponents i face are more controlish but if i'm not sure what he plays i mulligan like im facing a zoo.


Vs Warrior: 

Full mulligan for Wild Growth , NourishOaken Summons and Malfurion the Pestilent. If you have both ramp cards and you are one coin you should keep Ultimate Infestation.




Vs Druid:

If you play against Malygos Druid you ramp early and try to stack armor so he cant kill you with his combo. Most of the times , if i don't need draw , i try to play Branching Paths defensible to stack lots of armor. Play Malfurion the Pestilent as soon as possible and start stacking armor with him. Don't be scared to Swipe face if he has no minions or Spreading Plague an empty board in order to dumb some cards. Keep your Naturalize for the combo with King Togwaggle if it is possible. Matchup is pretty even maybe a bit favored too.


Be careful against druid when you Ultimate Infestation because they can burn you lots of cards after infestation turn , if they decide  ,with Naturalize. You can do the same to them of course.


The mirror is a bit strange. Draw as fast as you can and try to do your combo first so you can copy his hand with Azalina Soulthief and that means you will have some of his combo pieces and his Naturalize to burn his deck even more or just interrupt his combo if he hasn't collect all the pieces so you gonna win that way. Be careful tough if Dreampetal Florist makes your Azalina Soulthief 0 mana and he copy your hands with his Azalina Soulthief he can fill the board with 0 mana azalinas. What you need to do next turn if he has Naturalize in his hand to get out of this situation is to play Naturalize first and then azalina to steal his hand and play naturaline again into azalina to to steal his hand again and you do that till you play your last azalina and then play you naturalize again without copying this time. This means you mill him a ton of cards if not win till then and he cant do what you did to him because you got rid of naturalize from your hand and he cant steal them when he gonna play azalina. In conclusion in a situation like this you don't want to end you turn with Naturalize in your hands . If he play Dreampetal Florist first and you haven't find King Togwaggle yet and you are in a hard position you can azalina his hand without having your combo ready to steal his hand and probably his combo with a discount too and maybe even do crazy things if he has hit his azalina for 0 mana like i said above. Its pretty hard to explain it better , when this happen to you some times you will learn how to play i a situation like this.


Vs Hunter: 

DeathRattle Hunter is your worst matchup. Ramp as fast as possibly and try to find Oaken Summons early. If they have good hand you probably lose. Only way to win against them is that they run out of cards and activators for their deathrattles and they don't find their DK fast. Spreading Plague can help you freeze the board a bit but don't forget they run Mossy Horror so try if possible to play Spreading Plague with double attack Branching Paths so they cant kill them with Mossy Horror and take some good trades followed up with second Spreading Plague next turn or Starfall for potential clear. Try to avoid this matchup if possible super unfavored if they are lots of DeathRattle hunters out there avoid playing this deck


If you play against Aggressive Hunter try removing his early beast so he cant Houndmaster them on turn 4. With early removals ramp and Oaken Summons this is a favored matchup

Vs Mage: 

If its Aggro Murloc Mage try to remove his early minions. Wild Growth on 2 into oaken summons next turn is a huge start followed by aoe like Starfall , Swipe , Spreading Plague or Malfurion the Pestilent is what you aim for the win. Favored matchup but can be lost with bad draw.


Against Control Mage draw fast , ramp fast play your DK and do your combo. Don't be scared playing some Naturalize if needed because they run Skulking Geist and they always keep it if they have it on mulligan. Pretty favored matchup.


Vs Paladin: 

Against Odd Paladin keep always Wild Growth and Oaken Summons most of the times from your ramp cards. Swipe and Spreading Plague are win conditions against paladins. Don't get greedy with his board if you have Spreading Plague trying to get the max value. If you can swipe a big board , do it , even if you have Spreading Plague because he can buff his minions give them divine shield from his weapon or Level Up! them. Eventually you will outvalue them. Some times at 10 mana use your Branching Paths in combination with  Spreading Plague for +2 attack even if you are low so he can do worst trades. Skilled much up if played perfectly is favored for us.


Against Even Paladin is a bit harder mulligan is still the same try to do your combo fast and if possible don't let him buff minions or board and be aware of his Sunkeeper Tarim. Even matchup maybe slightly favored for even paladin


Vs Priest: 

Most common priest i play against is the resurrect priest with Zerek's Cloning Gallery. Pretty hard matchup. To win you need to have same great ramp with lots of draw in order to do your combo fast. Lots of times you will not be able to do your combo because of his big threats he plays all the time and resurrect them lots of time , so consider playing Azalina Soulthief to copy his hand and kinda play his deck to find win.


Control Priest is pretty favored matchup ramp early draw your deck and do your combo. He cant kill you because you have tons of armor. Early DK is a win condition because he cant get pass trough your armor.Don't get greedy with plague and give him a good Psychic Scream that makes your deck bad and your combo come later. Tempo Malygos is good too because they cant deal with 4 attacks minions.


Combo priest is favored but not by a lot. Stuck armor so they cant OTK you with buffs hit high health minions so they cant full buff them and Naturalize is your best friend when they buff their minions. If you believe next turn they gonna buff their minions putt some taunts so they cant pass them without silence.


Vs Rogue: 

Against Odd or Miracle Rogue keep Wild Growth , Oaken Summons and Lesser Jasper Spellstone for their early Hench-Clan Thug or Vicious Fledgling if they play odd. After that try to survive till you outvalue them later with some power turns. Both are favored matchups but not so easy ones if you have not good draw.


Against Quest / Kingsbane Rogue keep Wild Growth and Oaken Summons and try to push the board to build some pressure so you can steal the win with branching patch into double damage and some spells and their face. Super unfavored matchup if they have good hands there arent lots of things you can do.


Vs Shaman: 

If its Shudderwock Shaman you have one plan. Do your combo before he does his combo if you steal his deck before he shudder you just won. If he goes wide on board do Spreading Plague with combination with Branching Paths. Favored matchup unless they find their combo too fast or you have bad draws.


Against Even Shaman your plan is like paladins one ramp into Oaken Summons play plague to deal with his board and outvalue them. If they play Sea Giant just Naturalize it  if you cant remove it elsewhere. Starfall is pretty good to deal with his board too.Favored matchup but a bit draw dependant.


Vs Warlock: 

Against zoo if they play Prince Keleseth turn 2 big turn 1 board with happy ghouls game will be pretty hard. Ramp early into Oaken Summons try remove their early minions with Lesser Jasper Spellstone and stabilize with Spreading Plague and clear the board with your Starfall and Swipe until you do some power turns like Ultimate Infestation into some Arcane Tyrant. You cant most of the times do your combo in this matchup so don't keep Naturalize use them to remove their big threats.


Against Cube / Even Warlock you need your classical ramp Oaken Summons follow up. Even warlock and some cube play geist so use Naturalize to kill their early big threats till u survive and do the combo. Some play Demonic Project so have at least 1 minion in your hand outside your combo ones to have a chance it hits the wrong target. If Cubelock plays Skull of the Man'ari turn 5 with demons in hand is pretty match gg. Hard matchups but beatable.


Control Warlock on the other hand is the ultimate counter to this deck tghat people some times pick to counter queue my deck. They play cards like double Gnomeferatu double Demonic Project and Rin, the First Disciple. Only way you can beat them is hard board push that will come trough ramp advantage or high roll what the will burn from you and do your combo as fast as possible.


Vs Warrior: 

This is the easiest matchup. Just ramp draw your deck do your combo and you won. If you have no so much experience with the deck they might try to steal your victory with doing azalina soulthief and you having a 0 mana azalina with 2 naturalize which isn't really a problem as i right in the druid matchup but its hard to figure it if it happens first time to you. They cant do anything actually to stop you once you learn how to play if you find yourself in a situation like this.




9/8/2018 : - Bloodmage Thalnos + Malygos - 2 Wrath + 2 Moonfire - 2 Biology Project + 1 InnervateFlobbidinous Floop Giggling InventorTwig of the World Tree

10/8/2018 : - Innervate -Flobbidinous Floop + 2 Biology Project

13/8/2018 : - 2 Biology Project  - 1 Ferocious Howl + 2 Mind Control Tech + 1 Wrath

21/8/2018 : - 1 Ferocious Howl - 1 Mind Control Tech - 1 WrathFlobbidinous Floop + 2 Giggling Inventor

2/9/2018 : - Malygos - 1 Mind Control TechFlobbidinous Floop - 1 Giggling Inventor - 2 Moonfire + 2 Oaken Summons + 2 Ironwood Golem + 2 Ferocious Howl

10/9/2018 : - 2 Oaken Summons - 2 Ironwood Golem - 1 Giggling Inventor + 2 Mind Control Tech + 1 Innervate + 1 Starfall + 1 Wrath

22/10/2018 : - 2 Mind Control Tech  - Twig of the World Tree - 1 Innervate +2 Oaken Summons + 2 Ironwood Golem

6/11/2018 : - WrathInnervate

I add 1 Innervate because sometimes i needed one more mana to do a winning play and it  helps  with Ultimate Infestation turns a lot and i think i didn't needed the extra removal. The Oaken Summons and Ironwood Golem has proved its a must in this deck. Insane value against aggro and control. Great defencive tool with deck thinning at the same time which is what you need. Starfall is better than Twig of the World Tree, because unless you get it before turn 4-5 to do a power turn early on, then Starfall is always better , plus against aggro Starfall is where it truly shines.