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[TBP] Good ol' Control Warrior

  • Last updated Aug 9, 2018 (Boomsday)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Control Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 17360
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/5/2018 (Spiteful Nerf)
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Hello guys my name is Promsaka I am a huge Hearthstone fan and big competitor on ladder. I've made it to legend multiple times playing all sorts of decks, but my favorite deck by far has always been Control Warrior. Control Warrior is a deck that focuses on clearing mass amounts of the board as efficiently as possible while trying to survive to place huge threats in the later stages of the game. This deck has the potential to beat decks tempo decks that play high threat minions for a cheap cost with removal from Execute and Shield Slam. The deck also boast a huge amount of board clear with whirlwind effects to clear tokens over and over again. Control/value decks will also struggle against you due to the fact that you play a ton of value as well with your legendary minions.

HUGE DECK UPDATE!!!!!!!!! I just want to say this deck has huge potential you are playing so many big minions from hand that The Boomship is actually AMAZING in this deck. Dr. Boom on 7 is great is most cases. Took out armor cards bc you auto win against Paladin(odd). The deck is performing really well so far. But you do lose a lot to mecha'thun warlock.
was testing some stuff with friends and finally pulled it out to ladder I think mecha'thun for geist is fun. My logic is that Mecha'thun is the largest neutral legendary we can pull without any negative side effects.

This is the ideal hand late game that wins you most of your matches. The tempo swing that The Boomship offers is AMAZING. 9 mana for The Lich King, Ysera, and some random card all with rush is just disgusting.

Odd Warrior just incase anyone wants it I had a request in chat ask me to make this so I did!


Without anymore talk ill get straight into the guide.


Against aggro   -->keep your eternium rover. If you know its warlock you never know if its zoo so keep brawl and blood razor if you can. Drywhisker armorer is the best minion against aggro as it contest early drops well. keeping shield slams and execute isnt a bad idea either.

Against control --> against control you want to find your cycle. such as acolyte of pain, and shield block. this is so that you can keep up in threats against their big drops. and force them to react to your draw which will delay their combo/development.

So as I was saying previously the plan is that you start with strong clears/weapons to get you through the early game then you use your legendary minions with strong effects to carry the game later on.

Shield Slam - A really efficient clear that is good against medium/large minions when you have some armor.

Whirlwind - There is one copy of this card in here because we already have a lot deal 1 damage effects. However this effect can wipe out Paladins or just proc the Grommash 10 damage charge combo that we have.

Dead Man's Hand - We have this in our deck just so we can have more value and win against control decks that try to go longer than us. Also we can copy our spells that clear so that we can continue to clear threats against aggro.

Drywhisker Armorer - The card is amazing against token decks! If you think of a board of Paladin tokens playing this card negates all damage the tokens will do and with our clears we can just sweep the board right after we play it.

Execute - Easily one of the best cards in this deck due to the fact that we can kill any minion that we want with our deal 1 damage effects to proc it. Not much else to say other than save it for something BIG like Lich King or a huge taunt. (Against aggro use it on a high threat minion like Hench-Clan Thug or an Edwin VanCleef.

Slam - One of.. Just used to either clear or draw cards. A popular combo with this card is to slam your own Acolyte of Pain. for a two card draw on the spot.

Warpath - This card is nuts in the late game. For its value you can deal up to 5 damage to all minions for 10 mana. In most cases that is a full clear. What can I say other than wowzers.

Weapons Project -  One of the newer cards to the Control Warrior. This card is one of the ways we can make our Shield Slam a more powerful clear. Also gives us a 2/3 weapon that is very anti aggro. The downside however is not as bad as it seems. In most cases we do not care about the armor they gain and the 2/3 weapon is on par or less than the weapon they can have. It can also take out weapons like Twig of the World Tree or Aluneth. Lastly you can Harrison Jones the opponent's weapon for a nice draw 3.

Shield Block - A really good anti aggro tool that we have on our hands. Helps to strengthen Shield Slam and draws us a card.

Blood Razor -  Another whirlwind effect that we have. The weapon is a mini Swipe and then if you attack you can try to kill it again for another mini Swipe.

Brawl - Our main board clear in Control Warrior. This card should be used in the most dire of circumstances as its very powerful and we only have two. Note that one minion WILL remain after we Brawl, so do be careful that you can clear the minion that is leftover or that minion will be a non-factor.

Giggling Inventor - This card is easily the best neutral in the set. The card offers two much needed taunts with bubbles on them which can block an average of 4 attacks which would have gone elsewhere. Amazing defensive capabilities and a good statline.

Dr. Boom, Mad Genius - Without any mech synergy other than Zilliax which already has charge this card is in our deck for the Control aspect that the hero power provides. The hero powers are very control oriented and can help us last longer or go on the aggressive.Image result for dr boom mad genius picture of hero powers

Grommash Hellscream - Good source of removal or a very strong finisher when 10 damage is needed.

Acolyte of Pain - Our main draw engine for the deck. This card is good to contest tokens. It also can help to act as a soft taunt as the opponent doesn't want you to draw 3 from the card and gain max value. 

Harrison Jones - A good tech card for weapon based classes such as [deck]Rogue[/deck] or [deck]Warrior[/deck]. Synergies with Weapons Project.

Zilliax - Strong anti-aggro tool that can help us gain life with the lifesteal it has. It has great stats as well as a divine shield to block the first points of damage it will take.

Skulking Geist - This can ruin Odd Rogue's Cold Blood combo as well as other new cards that can cause us trouble. I big note on this card **** you can burn druid's core cards like Floop's Glorious Gloop, Lesser Jasper Spellstone, and Naturalize(which is core in Mecha'thun decks for their finisher to kill off the card). 

The Black Knight - The best tech card ever printed. There will always be taunt cards in the meta and this card is very efficient for what it does. 

Baron Geddon - A stronger version of Whirlwind and a high threat minion that your opponent has to deal with or will take 9 points of damage each turn.

The Lich King - The best card printed from the Knights of the Frozen Throne. It continues to deliver and thrives in control decks because it is a large taunt that forces your opponent to react to it whilst providing strong tools that you can use to keep applying pressure.Image result for the lich king hearthstone

Alexstrasza - This card is a big minion that needs to be dealt with. We play Alex for the effect it has. You can deal up to 15 damage to your opponent OR heal yourself for up to 14 if you are at 1 hp. This card is great for stabilizing.