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[Legend] Even Handlock [WILD]

  • Last updated Aug 18, 2018 (Boomsday)
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  • 23 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Handlock
  • Crafting Cost: 13060
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/3/2018 (Spiteful Nerf)
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yeah I don't know how to post images on here honestly: https://imgur.com/a/82qMj7V

update: Switched a Dread Infernal for a Dirty Rat. With the expansions there's way too many Druids and this gives the deck a bit of a chance against them. The Dread Infernal isn't needed that much since we have other aoe's the only real loss is our Guldan is weaker, but there's less games that go to Guldan in this meta.


I reached Legend with this deck in mid July, and I was gonna write a guide shortly after but then I got an appendicitis. This deck has gone through many different iterations and this is the version I've had the most success with. Basically, with this deck you want to lifetap as often as possible. This deck can really beat any type of deck when played correctly, it beats aggro decks, fatigue decks, and control decks if played properly. The deck features Reno Jackson, but is not 'RenoLock' as we have 2 copies of 5 cards, however each one was carefully chosen and they all help us survive while we draw our deck looking for Reno Jackson. We also have 4 other heals in the deck so you should be able to survive. You usually want to play Reno Jackson as soon as you get him.

1 mana Life Tap

This is the reason we go even. With 1 mana Life Tap, we're able to play Mountain Giant on turn 3 with the coin. We can also decrease the cost of Molten Giant by 2 mana for the cost of only 1 mana. Because we're able to Life Tap on almost every turn, we're able to fit Reno Jackson as by the time we need him, we'll have gone through half our deck already.


You should always keep Mountain Giants for immediate board pressure and Lesser Amethyst Spellstone for heal. You also want to keep Plated Beetle and Vulgar Homunculus because they're good 2-drops and can help win the board. Against extremely aggressive decks, notably Even Shaman and Odd Rogue keep Hooked Reaver . Keep 2 drops against control decks on turn 1 because you're able to go through more of your deck and are more likely to get mountain giant. Against Shaman, Paladin, Rogue, and Mage you wanna keep Defile to clear the board. Everything else mulligan. 

Card Breakdown

Reno Jackson 

When I first made this deck, I had a very hard time finding health to compensate for the fact that you're lifetapping nearly every single turn. Being limited to only even cost cards, you couldn't just put Antique Healbot so I tried cards like Deranged Doctor and Refreshment Vendor. In the end neither of them felt like they we're healing enough. And then I decided to put in Reno, and I found that it was really good when it did work, and it was the extra health needed to reliably when against control decks. I then experimented with how many duplicated I could run, and this was the one that worked the best for me. 

Baleful Banker:

Combo this Glinda Crowskin in order to make this deck go infinite. Play GlindaCrowskin and then play Baleful Banker on the Crowskin, and then play Baleful Banker again on the first Baleful Banker. This costs 10 mana and a whole turn. But the following turn you'll have a Glinda Crowskin your opponent will have to deal with this. Feel free to play this Combo whenever you're able as you replace it every time you do.

 Sunfury Protector:

We only run 1 copy because we already have 3 other taunts in this deck. Can be Combo'd with Glinda Growskin to create a wall of taunts

 Tainted Zealot:

Combo'd with Defile these 2 cards can clear a whole board for only 4 mana

 Faceless Shambler 

Follow up a turn 3 Mountain Giant with a Turn 4 Faceless Shambler and you've basically won the game. I use Faceless Shambler instead of Argus Protector because you don't usually have 2 giants on the board.  


I use to run 2 of these but then I switched one out for a Dread Infernal to deal with all the 1/1's 

 Hooked Reaver:

Amazing card which is so good we put 2 of them in this deck. They'll really help you defend and be aggressive at the same time. Can also help hold off while we search for the Reno in our deck.

 [card]Lesser Amethyst Spellstone[card]

We have 5 cards which will activate this card, pitlord, vulgur humunculus, Hellfire, and Dread Infernal making this a pretty reliable card to get health from. 


Actually a great card in this deck. Comes back with Bloodreaver Gul'dan and can activate Lesser Amethyst Spellstone [/card], [card]Molten Giant, and Hooked Reaver


Great board clear. at 10 hp, combo'd with a Molten Giant this is a 4 mana board clear. 

 Curse of Weakness

Something I really really like about this card is that it prevents future buffs for a turn. So if you were to curse of weakness a 0/2 totem, it won't get the searing totem +2 attack buff. It can also be combo'd with Mossy Horror and create board clears.

 Mossy Horror

This card is the best card to use against Spreading Plague. It doesn't damage your minions and you can also get through 3 voidwalkers for the victory.


 Twilight Drake

This used to be a staple in old Handlock decks, but it's too slow so we only have 1 copy in our deck.

 Dread Infernal

Kills 1/1's. Upgrades Lesser Amethyst Spellstone and comes back with Bloodreaver Gul'dan

 Emperor Thaurissan

You often have a full hand so Emperor Thaurissan will provide with you a lot of value and help accelerate the game

 Glinda Crowskin

MVP of the deck. This allows us to go infinite with Baleful Banker, create a wall of taunts with Sunfury Protector and Combo'd with Molten Giant you can turn into a GiantsLock for only 6 mana and 2 cards at 10 hp.

Notable Mentions

 Defender of Argus

In order to make this card worth it you need 2 giants on the board. Often you wanna put a taunt on the board asap, so Faceless Shambler does that better and faster.

 Dark Peddler

Ever since the nerf to Dark Pact the card isn't worth including as it slows down your card draw and isn't reliable enough.

 Dark Bomb 

Often you can just use defile as a removal for small minions, and spellstones and spellbreaker will deal with the big ones. 

Rin, the First Disciple

Simply costs too much mana and is too slow. We wanna life tap as much as possible and this card will prevent us from doing that. We will out value their deck so there isn't much of a need in destroying their deck.

 Siphon Soul

Costs too much mana, doesn't heal enough, too slow.

Dirty Rat 

I've found that the only thing you really use Dirty Rat against is Druids, and in that case it can be better to just Mossy Horror their spreading plague in order to just kill them faster. 


I found that the only card that I was really using Spellbreaker on was Voidlord, and in that case, a Mountain Giant and a 2 drop trade nicely into it, and then you can just Mossy Horror their Void Walker

 The Lich King

It costs way too much mana, half the cards aren't even good for us, and because you usually have such a large hand, you can sometimes mill yourself. Overall, we have enough big dudes we don't really need the Lich King to give us anything more. 



Making this deck I drew a lot of inspiration from the following decks:

Genn-Reno Fatty-Lock
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[Legend] Wild Glinda Gennlock
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Wild Legend EVEN Warlock
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Feel free to leave comments! I'd love to hear them!