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- Miracle Moonkin Malygos Mill ( MMMM )-

  • Last updated Oct 27, 2014 (Naxx Launch)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • Deck Type: None
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 9260
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/26/2014 (Naxx Launch)
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Let's Protect the Wild , friends.

Be warned , however, that playing this deck may induce much anger from your opponents.

If you're a kind hearted individual I do not recommend that you play this deck. I've played no deck in this game that got me so many angry friend requests after games. I believe this is due to a few reasons;

1) Your opponent WILL over-draw and potentially die of fatigue. It's well known that watching your opponent's cards burn is pretty hilarious.

2) Games tend to last a loooong time with this deck and people hate losing long matches.

3) The removal. There is SO much removal in this deck that it's infuriating for some players. They'll have a full hand of awesome cards, yet you easily remove each one.

4) The finisher. Losing to a Malygos + Moonfire + Moonfire ( or better yet; Malygos + Moonfire + Moonfire + Innervate + coin + Swipe ) is a terrible feeling.

- Controversial Card Choices -

*Moonfire: Combine this with Bloodmage / Drake / Pyro if you need to. Otherwise save for Malygos to finish.

*Naturalize: This card is amazing for this deck. First of all, you want your opponent to draw cards, so the downside to this is actually a benefit. So basically, for 1 mana you remove a threat and help one of your win-con's. OP in this deck , hands down.

*Healing Touch This card is an allstar in this deck for a few reasons. 1) It counters aggro well and keeps you in the game long enough to sweep and finish. 2) For control match-ups, this card helps you win the inevitable fatigue war. 3) More draws with Auctioneer if you need it!

*Coldlight Oracle: This is a mill deck and this card is pretty much baseline in any mill deck. Don't hesitate to throw this down early so you don't overdraw yourself later on.

*Mind Control Tech: Due to the amount of draw you give your opponent's this card really shines. Helps our match ups in general but really helps a lot vs Aggro early on.

King MuklaFills your opponents hand, so his downside is a + side. This means you essentially get a 5/5 for 3 mana and the bonus of clogging your opponent's hand up. Great value.

*NourishYou're going to want to use this almost always to ramp up early. This deck draws so many cards that it needs a lot of mana to prevent flooding its own hand. Very often you'll have games that play out as such; Wild Growth turn 2, Nourishturn 4 , Cenarius turn 6.

*Gadgetzan Auctioneer: Part of the reason this deck is Miracle ! With all the spell cards in this deck, Auctioneer is perfect for fishing for any cards you need; wether it's removal, healing, etc.

*Sylvanas Windrunner: With all the ramp in the deck, you can get her out early if you want to. A big part of this deck is forcing your opponent's hand to force him/her into awkward plays. Sylvanas is the queen of forcing your opponent to make awkward plays on the board. A perfect match <3

*[card]The Black Knight[card]: More Removal for this deck. Many decks are running taunts, wether it's Belcher, Giants, Voidwalker ( Remember, this deck ramps hard and fast, and taking out a Voidwalker vs Zoo early on can open his field up and is worth it), Houndmaster + Beast  , etc. Black Knight is here to level the playing field for you.

*Cenarius: This guy has saved me against Aggro so many times. Once again, this deck ramps up very fast and an early Cenarius is game-changing.  Most of the time you'll use this for the 2/2 taunts. This forces your opponent to waste damage on those cards for a turn, and then when it's back to you, you can trade up with the 5/8 body. Very useful for mid-game board control ( he will ALWAYS come out mid-game if you draw him in time. )

MalygosThe final piece of this deck. Malygos has amazing potential here. He turns your Moonfires into inferno's , Wrath's into nukes, and Swipes into Hellfire's on crack. All with a great 4/12 body. 

 - Brief How-To-Play -

You want to Mulligan for Wild Growth, Wrath, Bloodmage, Pyromancer, and Oracle.


Ramp as soon as you can with Wild Growth and Nourish.


Save Innervate for finishing with Malygos if you can, however, if you need to use them earlier do so. It's not worth losing over , as you won't get to Malygos if you're dead anyways xD


Be careful with how many cards you draw. Unlike Miracle Rogue where you fish a bunch with Auctioneer; you need to watch how many cards you draw with him carefully. Use him to fish for cards you need if they are not in your hand, but don't over-draw with him just for the heck of it.


Nourish should almost always be used for the + 2 Mana Crystals.


Don't hesitate to drop Cenarius early on if you have the ramped mana for him.


Save Moonfire's for Malygos finish. UNLESS you are getting rushed and can use them in combination with Pyro , Bloodmage, Azure , to make a very valuable trade/s


Do NOT hesitate to use Naturalize. Unless your against a deck like Control Warrior where you know your opponent will have very high-value late game cards, use it early on for spot removal. Your goal is to ramp hard and fast, and to flood the board with your superior mana while your opponent is stuck with a bunch of cards in their hand.


 Hope you guys have fun with this deck, I know I have ^^

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