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[GUIDE] Legend Heal Zoolock!

  • Last updated Aug 29, 2018 (Boomsday)
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  • 25 Minions
  • 5 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Zoolock
  • Crafting Cost: 6240
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/27/2018 (Spiteful Nerf)
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Hey Guys, i'm a F2P Player from brazil, saw this deck a few weeks ago on the front page by EspressoS. After some play (over 250 games) i achieved LEGEND and faced all kind of decks, cant bring you guys a Winrate because i was playing without a deck tracker, but achieved an solid 76% starting at 0 stars on Rank 2. Hope you guys enjoy the guide, sorry if have some misspelling!


The guide is OUTDATED, most of the guide still running tho, will update ASAP!

There are a lot of Zoolocks lists, but this one im playing was the solid one i got so far, here are some tips, such as mulligan guide, strats against specifics match-ups, etc.

Mulligan: Personally i like to keep max 1xHappy Ghoul, and throw away everything that cost more than 1 mana, just keeping  Soulfire  against rogues (good against Hench-Clan Thug.

Warrior: Pretty usual, there aren't a lot of warriors on queue, most of them are Control archetypes, when playing against them, just keep agression, be careful on turn 5 for Brawl, don't be afraid to silence a taunt minion to push damage face.

Shaman: This match-up sucks, and you will face a lot of Shudderwack Shamans on queue. To win against them, you will need some luck, the biggest issues are Volcano and Hagatha the Witch. If you get lucky enough, they wont draw either cards an you will win rushing face damage. You probably should kill their Mana Tide Totem and Acolyte of Pain, denying card draw. 
You can also see some Even Shaman decks, in this match-up, just keep control of the board and you will win, they dont run board clears, only Hagatha, so be careful turn 8.

Rogue: In the mulligan, try to keep 1xSoulfire to clear their Hench-Clan Thug. Just keep control of the board, thats not a Face Race, so keep control, play with your Fungalmancer and be aware of your Leeroy+Soulfire combo to end the game!

Paladin: You probably will only see Odd Paladins decks, and that's a easy match-up. Just keep [card]Despicable Dreadlord[/card] in the mulligan and play the control game, if you drop the Dreadlord at turn 5 you basically insta-win. Play around Level Up! and randomly generated Sunkeeper Tarim.

Hunter: Pretty easy match-up, just keep the board, be careful against their secrets, your strongest enemy are Deathstalker Rexxar. Against egg hunter, you may think about trading into their first egg to not getting snowball'ed. 

Druid: The easiest match-up between all, against Token things may get harder, your main enemy are Spreading Plague, you can play around that not floating the board with minions. Against Hydronox you only lose to Wild Growth into Coin + Nourish. In both match-ups, just keep hiting face and you will win.

Warlock: Against Even Warlock this deck sucks, but itsnt a impossible match-up, just play around Defile, try to not keep any 1 health minion on the board, also play around Hellfire and use your silence to pass through Hooked Reaver. In the mirror, just control the board, be careful to not heal and buff your oponent Lightwarden, If you face a Cubelock, just rush them since they dont have many taunts beside Voidlord.

Mage: Against tempo its pretty easy, keep control, play around Explosive Runes and you will be fine. Against Big Spell things got harder, at turn 5 they will have Dragon's Fury to clear you whole board, then Blizzard and Flamestrike, so you will need luck to dodge all these clears. Against Elemental Mage you will need to win before turn 9 when they play Frost Lich Jaina and got a ton of lifesteal.

Priest: Just play around Duskbreaker and Psychic Scream and you probably win the game.