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[LEGEND] Gunnolf's Wild Bellringer Secret Palad...

  • Last updated Apr 10, 2019 (Rise of Shadows)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Secret Paladin
  • Crafting Cost: 7720
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/22/2018 (Spiteful Nerf)
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Come in and Warm your Frozen Boots by the Fire!


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gunnolf, and I am originally from the Land Down Under a.k.a. Australia. I am an avid gamer that has acquired a real passion for card games, which originated from my humble beginnings as a Yu-Gi-Oh collector and eventually grew from my dabbling in Cardfight Vanguard and Buddyfight, until we reached the game we know as Hearthstone.

I've played Hearthstone since the days of classic, with multiple accounts on both EU and NA servers. Despite having reached the Rank of Legend and my own personal mentality of equating 'having fun' with 'winning', I am not really a fan of meta power-grinding & net-decking, not that there is anything wrong with that. Therefore, I enjoy thinking about new, cool and fun deck ideas that push boundaries while also allowing you to win and those are what I want to share with you guys every-time I post a decklist.

I have presently become a contributing writer to WILDHS and will be posting articles there on a semi-regular basis, regarding deck-archetypes the status of the meta as well as how to get the most fun out of this game even if you aren't a big spender. If any of this sounds interesting, then I highly recommend that you check out of the website, as the writers and the owner himself are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet with great in-game knowledge (link to be website can be found HERE). You can also follow me on Twitter for latest updates.

If you genuinely like my content and would like to see me produce more of it, then please consider supporting me on Patreon. This is by no means necessary but it will definitely help me out in the long run. Thanks for Reading ^^

Deck Introduction

So, you are probably thinking that this could not be done, that Mysterious Challenger could not be dethroned by the new card printed in The Witchwood. Yet this list will prove otherwise. While Mysterious Challenger remains a fantastic card, I have relegated him as more so a package for Midrange style decks. As a result I wanted something faster that could compete with minion-centric aggro decks like Even-Shaman and still stand a decent chance against control. Luckily the combination of Mad Scientist and Bellringer Sentry provided that perfect synergistic approach I was looking for. This deck was originally designed under a F2P model which I will be including below but the current list overperformed to the extend that I know writing up a guide on it is warranted. Also as a last minute update, the list was used to break into Legend. For details make sure to check out the last section of the guide. So let's get right into it, shall we?

Card Choices and Deck-building Explained

In this section, I will explain some of the card choices I opted for and the reasoning as to why they were included over potential counter-parts.

1) Lost in the Jungle: I experimented with a variety of 1-drops and this is the one I liked the most. It doesn't dilute the call to arms pool of minions and works very well in combination with Sunkeeper Tarim.

2) Divine Favor: If you play Paladin, then you know that this is a great card and highly valuable in control match-ups for refueling. I limit its inclusion at one just because of how prevalent aggressive and midrange decks are in the current meta and as a result at 2 it can be quite clunky in hand. 

3) Unidentified Maul: People that know me, are aware that I am not a huge fan of this card and that I typically like running Rallying Blade when I can. However, as this is quite a minion centric deck with not a lot divine shields included, the currently listed weapon does a better job at supporting the game plan.

4) Spellbreaker: You may choose to cut it. However, I thought it was a good tech choice for the current meta.

4) Loatheb: While the card is replaceable, he is just fantastic in any aggressive deck as he can protect your board from impending clears.

(At the present time, only a few cards have been listed but I will include more if questions pop-up within the comments section regarding substitutions and why other cards were included.)

The Secret Package

Traditionally, the secret package in the Mysterious Challenger version of secret paladin has always been very tight and the exact same thing applies to my list except I needed to be even stricter so I cut the secrets down to five from the usually 6-of inclusion. The package is as follows:

a) x2 Avenge
b) x2 Noble Sacrifice
c) x1 Competitive Spirit

A & B are completely irreplaceable as they work so well in protecting your minions and your health total against attacks in addition to give you an enormous boost in stats, specially when they feed off of each other while in play. Option C is debatable but out of all the currently existing Paladin secrets it synergises best with out deck and provides the most value while also being relatively easy to control. If I absolutely had to suggest a replacement then it would be Redemption

The Shadows Variant (Glass Cannon)

In honour of the The Shadows, I decided to suggest a slightly alternate way to build the deck including the new secrets and minions. The substitutions you can make are as follows:

-1x Lost in the Jungle | +1x Never Surrender!
-2x Unidentified Maul | +2x Mysterious Blade
-2x Haunted Creeper | +2x Sunreaver Spy
-1x Spellbreaker | +1x Commander Rhyssa
-1x Loatheb (Not recommended but feasible) | +1x Desperate Measures

In general, I think the original list is better since it allows for tech cards and actually buffs your board but the new cards add a layer of freshness and a different form of synergy so you can experiment with both.

Free-to-Play [F2P] Substitutions

So, as mentioned in the introduction, this was meant to be a free-to-play deck and initially it did not include all the fancy legendaries and epic you see in the current list. I can definitely say that it did not work as well at the higher ranks but at the lower end of the ladder (tested it in the NA region) it did quite while and really started propelling me up the ranks with winstreaks.

Therefore, if you want to try out this list and don't have all the legendaries and epic required and you are short on dust, NEVER fear for I have to covered with these F2P substitutions:

-1x Loatheb & -1x Sunkeeper Tarim | +2x Crystal Lion or +2x Stonehill Defender or +2x Giggling Inventor
-2x Call to Arms | +2x Hydrologist
-2x Lost in the Jungle | +2x Secretkeeper (only make this change if you play Stonehill Defenders over the Crystal Lions)

If my calculations are correct the F2P variant of this deck costs a combined 1840 dust to craft in its entirety making it an extremely new player friendly paladin list for people to get to grips with. ^^

Short Mullgian Guide

It should go without that that you never keep any of the secrets in your opening hand. Typically for your early turns you want to keeps the following cards Lost in the Jungle, Mad Scientist, Shielded Minibot and Righteous Protector. When it comes to early game, everything else should be sent back into the deck unless you have no other early minions to play. Additionally, you may keep Knife Juggler but if and only if you have a substantial follow up in the form of Muster for Battle or Lost in the Jungle.

If your opening hand consists of a decent turn 1-2 play then you may keep some of your mid-game cards like Call to Arms and Bellringer Sentry. make sure you don't get greedy and keep both.

Meta Tech Choices

This element of the deck guide still requires some refining. However, based off of the test games played only two recommendations come to mind for meta techs excluding the Spellbreaker already included in the deck.

a) Aldor Peacekeeper: Great for dealing with the Flamewreathed Faceless and Mountain Giant but also just a solid card in general.

b) Ironbeak Owl: Has a weaker body but most assuredly allows for a quicker and more effective hand-dump when required to be played in conjuction with other cards.

c) Void Ripper: Decent tech against druid. Might not be necessary now but should do great work in the next expansion if Druid dominates as much as we expect it to.

d) Equality: I would only run this card as a one of to counter a wide range of taunts (ahem Spreading Plague) or excessively large minions. Would sub in place of one of the two drops, most likely Mad Scientist.

e) Consecration: I keep going back and forth on this particular card but as it stands, given all the aggressive decks on ladder, it can in fact function extremely well as a 1-of, typically in the slot of Blessing Kings. Presently I have switched the two.

f) Keeper of Uldaman: Can be quite useful both offensively and defensively. However, I would include at your own discretion as I firmly believe that in this particular meta Spellbreaker is more relevant.

g) Leeroy Jenkins: This has been suggested to me by a player that used my list to break through into Legend as a burst finisher. Given that he used it to get into legend I am inclined to believe the utility. However, he was placed in the Loatheb slot and at the present time I am not confident about replacing him.

Highroll Element

As much as I love High Priest Thekal, so much so that he was a day 1 craft for me, I'm not a terribly huge fan of running him in the deck. However, innevitably, I did witness that even outside of Holy Wrath Paladin he can steal so many wins with Molten Giants. That being said, he is by no means necessary for the deck and it could even be said that the deck may be a tab more consistent in beating a wide variety of decks without the combo. However, there is significant merit to his inclusion.

If you don't want to run him, then I recommend revisiting the Tech Card section of the guide and maybe add back in another Lost in the Jungle.

Other F2P and LEGEND Decks

If you enjoy playing paladin and want to get to legend, then look no further for I have a great list (found below) that you can use that might just get you there. Additionally, maybe you're a new player and don't have a lot of dust to spend on expensive epics for one particular class. If that's the case then don't worry for I have you covered as well. 

[LEGEND] Gunnolf's Wild (TTK) Secret Paladin
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Minion (17) Ability (11) Weapon (2)
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[F2P] Gunnolf's No Quatermaster Baku Paladin
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Minion (22) Ability (5) Weapon (3)
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Author's Notes

As much as I love the original secret paladin package with Mysterious challenge screaming at you to stop asking questions and the gigantic swing turns, I have to say that I just adore the way that Bellringer Sentry was able to come in and prove himself of being of a calibre above decent. While on its own the card is nowhere near the power level of Mysterious Challenger, he just synergises so much better with other secret carriers thus making him a great all around synergy card. 

I have complete and utmost faith in this deck and I am sure that it will only get better and better as I continue to refine it over time. For now though, I want you to enjoy it on ladder just as much as I have especially since even before I posted this list to the general public I was being rage added by people and told to stop being so lucky.

As I was working on hitting Legend with this list, a reader informed me that he was already able to do so by grinding out his last few games from Rank 1 to Legend with it and beating out a combination of Even Shamans and Renolocks. I have taken the suggestions on board and implemented them in the list and the guide for you to benefit from. Make sure to pay particular attention to the 'Deck Tech' section of this guide for more details and strongly consider Keeper of Uldaman as a two of. Anyway, may the force be with you and I'm going to get back to grinding.

I enjoy deck-building a multitude of interesting decks that are both entertaining and Legend viable (with some odd Free-to-Play lists mixed in). So if you like this deck (or anyone of my other ones) consider leaving a thumbs up, as it really helps in the long run! :)

Thank you guys for all your support and if you have any suggestions, let me know. 


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