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Duskfallen Splintergraft's Malywaggle

  • Last updated Jul 13, 2018 (Spiteful Nerf)
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  • 8 Minions
  • 20 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Malygos Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 14460
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/13/2018 (Spiteful Nerf)
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A meme deck with many actually viable win conditions!

There are currently many combo druid decks out there. In combo decks, you usually hoard your combo pieces to try to pull off the combo. That either pays off magnificently, or results ina large useless hand as that recruit hunter bashes your face in with giant dinosaurs.

The idea of this deck is that you have many possible combos that either win in fatigue, in burst, or in simply putting down huge value on the board. Because there are so many possibilities, never feel pressured to hoard anything. Putting out combo pieces without the combo usually either sets up a great turn next turn, or makes the opponent use a lot of resources getting rid of the threat. Plop down that Malygos on curve, no wories. Same for Ixlid, Fungal Lord, Duskfallen Aviana, or even King Togwaggle, since making your opponent pay 5 mana for swapping decks is like a Loatheb, it just makes them lose tempo and have less mana to spend.

So what are the different combos?

Twig of the World Tree or a living Duskfallen Aviana sets up for Malygos double Swipe double Moonfire turn, or a King Togwaggle Ultimate Infestation turn to really draw out their deck before they switch it back.

In control games, you can draw as quickly as possible, and single/double Naturalize to fill their hand and then King Togwaggle to give them a small/empty deck without giving them the ransom to switch it back.

Duskfallen Aviana alone usually gives your opponent extra tempo, but they almost always use it to get rid of Duskfallen Aviana before building a board. In other words, you bait out their resources, and then they play their turn as normal. If they don't kill it, you can go ham with Ultimate Infestation, [/card]malygos[/card], Splintergraft, Ixlid, Fungal Lord, or some king togwaggle shenanigans. Are they playing a combo deck? Well a free King Togwaggle into an Ultimate Infestation is pretty good in trying to steal their combo pieces.

Ixlid, Fungal Lord into Duskfallen Aviana is a pretty good play. The tempo gain your opponent gets is usually all spent on trying to get rid of all three minions, because a single one staying up terrifies them. If they don't, then chances are they either went face (you're a druid, you got enough armour usually) or they built a large board. But, having a Ixlid, Fungal Lord up or Duskfallen Aviana up or both means you can do A LOT the next turn. Splintergraft is pretty insane with either of them up, let alone both.

Splintergraft is a great card to target either Saronite Chain Gang with or Arcane Tyrant. Having Duskfallen Aviana up or breaking a Twig of the World Tree means you can play the Splintergraft for free and play the 10/10 copy immediately. If you manage to have Ixlid, Fungal Lord up at the same time, that's a LOT of value.

I gave a small idea of the different things the deck can do. The main idea is just to play out the game without hoarding too much, because different possibilities open up throughout the game simply by the amount of cool, big minions in the deck and some back-up plan always existing. Just play out Duskfallen Aviana on curve, or Ixlid, Fungal Lord. It's a lot of fun to see the opponent suprised at such cards and subsequently freak out. If all else fails, King Togwaggle and Malygos provide two backup plans, one with burst, and the other with fatigue.