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If You're Going to Cheat...

  • Last updated Jul 4, 2018 (Spiteful Nerf)
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EDIT 2018-07-04:

If you've somehow landed here and are looking for my deck from this week.  Check out Fire and Blood.

.. Cheat Big! 

Seriously, the Chess archetype although clever is kind of annoying in a way.  And if you get bad draws, or bad discoveries, you simply end up losing in some cases.  So, why bother with that when you can go around it?

The plan:

Use your Chess pieces as well as spells in whittling fashion to get in range for a final burst.  Then smash face to end the game.

Why these cards?

Mind Blast - It's 5 damage to face.

Shadow Visions - Need more Mind Blast?  Really hosed and need that board clear?  Go get it.

Shadow Word: Horror - Because most of the Chess minions are 1 and 2 attack power, this functions as a mostly board clear.  If you're behind, this is worth 4 mana.  While Mossy Horror is also an option, this leaves you with 6 mana for your turn.  (i.e. enough to Hero Power to discover a piece and play anything that's not a Queen)

Holy Nova - Baby board flip.  Damage their Chess pieces, help yours.  Also 2 more in the face to whittle them toward your burst time.

Leeroy Jenkins - Need 6 to face to end the game?  Did you get lucky like I did, and their board is full with non-attacking minions on one side?  Go Leeroy, find your chicken.  Or their face.

Holy Fire - Because the only thing better than 5 to the face is 5 to the face, AND healing yours for 5.

Many thanks to JustSomeHearthstoner / RNGStone / "The RNG God" for a feature, and to all of you for a rather unexpected amount of support!

He ran the deck minus Leeroy Jenkins and swapped in a Cabal Shadow Priest.  As he says, it pulls off a pretty 'dirty' move.  Both strategies would work, to be sure.