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  • Last updated Jun 19, 2018 (Spiteful Nerf)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Taunt Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 10520
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/14/2018 (Spiteful Nerf)
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I want to share with you the deck I used to climb legend for the first time. I've been playing for a long so its very special deck for me.

You can replace 1x Harrison Jones for 1x Wrath or 1x Ferocious Howl

WHY 2x Dragonhatcher?

I've playing a lot with only 1 dragonhatcher and lot of times I had Oakheart and dragonhatcher on the same hand, making Oakheart kinda useless. I lost a lot vs fast decks with only 1 dragonhatcher and this list give me more winrate than the old one with only 1.


... Working on it! (READ THE COMMENTS)


For the mulligan you have to think if the deck you are facing is slow (control) or fast (agressive)

Fast decks (all kind of rogue, Odd Paladin, Tempo Mage, Midrange Hunter...): Wild Growth, Ironwood Golem Oaken SummonsSwipe (vs paladín).

Slow decks: Wild Growth, Nourish, Oaken SummonsMaster Oakheart (if you have Nourish, but sometimes I did it without Nourish)

- Warlock (most of time even warlock):  same as slow decks but you have to keep a Naturalize because giant always is a problem. Naturalize can burn some cards vs warlock :P



General strategy is ramp with Wild Growth and Nourish and spam big taunts or just play Master Oakheart, who summons Dragonhatcher (who summons a 4/12 or 4/8 taunt on the same turn) and Ironwood Golem or Hadronox. Keep in mind that Master Oakheart will summon Hadronox if you played the two Ironwood Golem!!

After you summon Hadronox, be sure to play more taunts that you can, specially The Lich King. This guy will give you a lot of value, specially on mirrors. After you play Hadronox, most of time you will kill him with Naturalize for insta-value!. When Hadronox dies, Witching Hour gives you another Hadronox for 3 mana only. You can eat the second Hadronox with Carnivorous Cube (I save  Carnivorous Cube for Hadronox most of time, but you can use it vs agressive decks on tempo or just for eating The Lich King).

MIRROR: mirror is an interesting match-up. The way you draw and the way you kill hadronox (him and yours) will decide the game. The first I say is Good Luck drawing: the player who ramps, most of time is the player who wins but thats not all. I'll give you some advice for wining every mirror.

- Try to get most value of Hadronox. Be sure to get The Lich King because everytime you kill hadronox, you will have a lich king card. VALUE!

- Try to kill his Hadronox when he has the board full. This will reduce the value of his Hadronox considerably.

- You can see my game to legend (wich was a mirror) to learn how to play vs the same deck as you (but this deck is powerful! because is greedy as fuck =)): https://youtu.be/yROw4D5hLRE



This is my first guide guys and I don't speak english so good. Hope this guide can helps you to climb until legend! I'll be updating this guide reading your comments and I'll answer all questins you have.


This video proofs that I hit legend for first time: