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Mill Druid is back (63% winrate)

  • Last updated Jun 9, 2018 (Spiteful Nerf)
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  • 13 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 7060
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/31/2018 (Spiteful Nerf)
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 Edit: - Ancient of War + Ironwood Golem

Stats gathered from games in ranks 12 - 2.


Here is Kiwiinbacon trying the deck out:

I will add these if:

10 upvotes : Mulligan guide

25 upvotes: Strategies against major archetypes

35 upvotes: Strategies against minor archetypes

50 upvotes: Alternate card choices

70 upvotes: Gameplay video


As you can see this is a Mill druid deck, but that doesn't mean your only win condition is taking your opponent to fatigue. You can defeat aggro decks by outcontroling them and if control decks get too greedy you can burst them.

You always have to be very resoursefull with your whole deck. Otherwise you will run out of cards and loose.

That said do not be afraid to draw cards. If your opponent gets to big of a card advantage you can't keep up.

This deck is about adapting to your opponents playstyle and counterplaying them. (Even if that means just killing everything they throw at you.)


Lesser Jasper Spellstone:

Essential card in the early game. Always keep this.


Keep against Warlocks and other control decks.

Forest Guide:

Keep against archetypes you need to keep your hand the same size as theirs or if you need to get to fatigue quickly and against control decks. This card destroys Warlock. Especially coupled with Naturalize


Keep always besides Warlock. You won't do much with it against Mountain Giant and Twilight Drake

Ferocious Howl:

A great card against every archetype. Keep always.

Branching Paths:

Keep if you are not sure against which deck you are playing against and as a substitude for Ferocious Howl


Always keep against aggro and Warlocks as it deals with small minions incredibly well and its needed against Warlocks Midsized minions such as Vulgar Homunculus

Stonehill Defender:

Incredible card for this deck. Even though you don't get good taunts very often it stops early aggresion and generates value. Also keep always.


Keep if you don't need to use it with Spreading Plague for a board clear. It provides a reliable kill on a 2drop in the early game and is great for stalling

Malfurion the Pestilent:

A risky keep if you are going first. Although its a big advantage to play on turn 6 / 7. Always keep when going second.


Quest Warrior:

Draw through his deck as fast, but as efficiently as you can. Try to keep him from playing Taunts fast. 

Even Shaman:

Use your board clears efficiently. Spreading Plague is a winning card here.

 Miracle Rogue: 

This is a problematic matchup. Don't draw him any cards if possible. and try to bait out Vilespine Slayer with what you get from Stonehill Defender

 Odd Rogue:

Forget you are a Mill deck. Play like a control deck.

Odd Paladin: 

Kill everything untill you have Starfall + Tainted Zealot. When you get it bait out Level Up!. Also play like control.

 Spell Hunter:

Don't attack him in the face ever if he plays a secret until you have board control and card advantage. Play around Rat Trap if you can and don't attack with 1 attack minions into theirs to play around Freezing Trap. Play forest guide whenever it survives, because you cannot outvalue Deathstalker Rexxar.

 Taunt Druid:

Keep Spreading Plague with Doomsayer to when they get the combo off. You cannot outvalue this deck and have to rely on him not having armour so he cannot attack wih Ironwood Golem or on your Taunts to stall till they are dead.

 Even / Control Warlock:

This machup should be easy if they don't have an insane opening. Rely on Forest Guide To Mill some cards and eat a Siphon Soul.

 Face / Tempo Mage:

Armor = Win.

 Quest Priest:

If they play Archbishop Benedictus you loose. If they don't you win. Try to use Naturalize and Forest Guide all at one.


Shudderwock Shaman:

Same strategy as against Quest Priest. The only differce is that you don't want to attack Acolyte of Pain until you can Mill him in some way. 


Same strategy as against other Warlocks. On top of that try to keep Voidwalker alive so they can't get too much value from Bloodreaver Gul'dan because of the lack of space on the board

 Spiteful Warrior:

Keep naturalize for whatever they get from Spiteful Summoner. Don't rely on your Taunts too much because of rush minions.

 Spiteful Druid:

Keep naturalize for whatever they get from Spiteful Summoner. Draw cards if you can so you can catch up after Ultimate Infestation.

 Big spell Mage:

Play one big minion at a time. And try to wear them down with them. If they play Frostlich Jaina don't play any minions unless you have too.

 Spiteful Priest:

Keep naturalize for whatever they get from Spiteful Summoner. Be mindfull of Mind Control.


Malfurion the Pestilent is a Staple in this deck so I wouldn't try to make this deck without it.

The Lich King isn't important in the deck but it's an overall great card.

Ancient of War I'm not so sure about this one if you want to add a different card its probably instead of this.

Mind Control Tech This card is also one of the weaker ones. But I like the second chance this card gives you in some cases. So again if you want to make changes to the deck I would remove this card.

Tainted Zealot Only remove this if you put in other spell damage minions. The divine shield really helps here. It can often survive 2 or 3 turns.



Carnivorous Cube This card is an interesting concept but wouldnt work imo. Some decks still play silence so you dont have any way to guarantee the value from it.

Bewitched Guardian Although this card is amazing against Control its pretty useless against aggro matches because your hand is often 4 to 6 cards big.

Mountain Giant Basicaly the same as Bewitched Guardian

Ironwood Golem This deck has already enough tools to deal with aggro. But it can help in some cases.

Bloodmage Thalnos This could be usefull in the deck but I think you have enough card draw already. But I'm a f2p player so I didn't have a chance to try it out.

Hadronox This is an interesting one. It gives you more stoping power and gives you a lot of value. But you cannot Use naturalize for Milling cards if you want to use it with this. Note: it will give you mostly 1/5 minions that you got from spreading plague.

Alexstrasza This card can help you but I think with the amount of armour you have it won't really help you survive. But Its very usefull against some control decks.