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Exodia Paladin.

  • Last updated May 30, 2018 (Spiteful Nerf)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: OTK Paladin
  • Crafting Cost: 8420
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/30/2018 (Spiteful Nerf)
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I made a couple changes to the base deck and may make a few more. I am currently 25-19 with this deck in legend. 57% win rate. I think 50% win rate is reachable for the general player after 100 games. I will make  some edits and perhaps add the cards gifs in my explanations at some point. 

Objective: So in order to Exodia your opponent (kill him in one turn) is to play uther of the ebon's blade horsemen and then return them to your hand with the 4 brewmasters untill you have 3 different horsemen in your hand, play them and hero power the last token at the end. 

Mulligan: If you know for fact that you are playing against zoo or face mage, keep youthful brewmasters to contest board long enough to play your hero card, and win  through sustain.  Otherwise, you are looking for righteous protector, plated beetle, potion of heroism, loot hoarder, and call to arms, true silver champion. They are usually all keep. If you are heavy mana before you mulligan, consider not keeping true silver or potion of heroism. 

Strategy: If you have coin, you have a bonus win condition, returning only 2 of the horsemen to your hand and playing blackwald pixie is an 11 mana exodia! Save your coin until the combo if you can, If you have to play it to stay alive or be decently in the game, then play it LOL.

Postive experiences: Seems to completely annihilate all shaman decks. 5-1 vs shaman. If you can survive till 9 mana to play your hero card, you are doing quite well against aggro. 5-1 vs token druid. (This is a very skillful matchup, I never go for the combo really, just keep trading and clearing and you win the game.) I dont have much data on going against priest, Seems relatively even. (whoever draws the most wins)

Negatives: This deck doesn't always have all the answers here and now and occasionally was an issue vs aggro. Rin absolutely destroys this deck, if your opponent plays Rin and kills it himself early enough, it seems impossible to to keep up on board with the later seals. Seems bad vs tempo mage, but not guaranteed to lose.

Blackwald pixie: is also good for a 2nd chance at hero power if you summon a horsemen, you already have in your hand. 3 mana 3-4 is good stats. 

Equality: is so huge in this deck, play it to save yourself from a lot of damage or completely wipe the board with wild pyromancer combo. 

Blessing of kings: is just help contest the board, or to trick your opponent into thinking you are an aggro paladin.  I have found it extremely useful, but could be replaced. 

Lynessa sunsorrow: is completely insane. You can get extra draw from potion of heroism and/or extra taunts from spikeridged steed. By time you play lynessa, you are hoping your opponent has used polymorphs and silenced on tempo or your spikeridged steed minions. 7 mana 1-1( or 0-1 taunt), draw 2 is not that bad in this deck. 

Call to arms: is not as scary as it seems! There are 4 brew masters in this deck and you only need 3 for the forced win. As soon as you have one youthful brew master in your hand, you are free to play call to arms at any time. If you don't have a youthful brew master in your hand, HAVE NO FEAR. There are 11 two mana cost minions in this deck. I have played 44 games of this deck and I have never gotten 2 youthful brewmasters from 1 call to arms. The odds are just extremely against that happening. If it does happen to you, If you have coin, you still have a chance at a forced win!

Aldor peacekeeper: I think this card is very good, but I think putting two in one deck is too much, it is one of the few changes I have made to this deck to make it better! If you are playing against warlock, consider keeping it to stop a 3 mana 8-8 giant! (at least 80% of the time dont keep peace keeper in the mulligan)

Bloodmage Thalnos: I think this card is absolute crap in this deck. It just happens to be one of the two card draws that can be pulled from call to arms. This card can rarely be decent against hunter spell stone, but not usually. Card draw is important, but if you do not have this card, I would not craft it for this deck. 

Sunkeeper Tarim: It is just a decent card in all paladin decks. It can help with killing the lichking, or pesky dragons or to better play around Defile. This card is occasionally on the weak side, I would not craft it if you don't have it, but you may suffer against high health minions. (only having two equalities to deal with them)

Uther of the ebon blade: absolutely crazy card. You need it for the combo. But holy crap. 9 mana gain 10 health (5 armor and 1 immediate weapon hit if you so choose), upgrade your hero power and equipped a 5 attack weapon. Poggers. Paladins couldnt play this card much before, but the meta is getting drastically slower and we might see this card in more paladin decks in the near future. 


Cards to consider: 

Blessing of wisdom: 1 mana draw 1, minimum. Lynessa late game, doesn't always have to attack, she can just sit there and beat the cheating taunt while you finish your combo. 

Hidden wisdom: It is not that easy for your opponent to play just two cards sometimes, but this deck is a tad clunky and occasionally I feel you can't play any cards because a lot of it is for the combo. This card might be ok especially if you don't have thalnos.

Hydrologist: This card can be sneaky and save you from some face damage or if you really think you have to tempo out a combo card. 

Sound of bells: Might be another useful card for clearing in the late game with wild pyromancer. Or help you stay on board. Has negative synergy with Bloodmage thalnos, loot hoarder, and plated beatle because their deathrattles are typically important and you don't want them to survive.

 Argent squire: Just an annoying one drop for anyone to deal with early game. I would NOT run two of them for any reason. Late game top deck, argent squire is very bad. lol

Prince Taldaram: Making a few edits from this deck can make this card really annoying for your opponents. you can copy your opponents cubes or copy your own lynessa. This is taking away from your win condition, but this card makes me curious.

Zola the gorgon: I really don't like this card. Its a bad top deck, Its really bad versus tempo mage. Really bad against any super heavy face decks. But this cards actual value is quite good. You leave a threatening horsemen on the battle field at the same time getting ready for combo in your hand. I still don't recommend this card, but ITS OK I GUESS *gasps*

Withwood piper: A bad statted card, but it thins out your deck and might be great in the late game if your brew masters are on the bottom of the deck. 

Bonemare: Play hero power, play bonemare sounds like a good thing while waiting for your combo.

The Lich king: its a decent card waiting for combo and you can get decent value from it, but when you are going against aggro who have silence, this card is clunky and may get you killed.