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(updated) Big EVEN Recruit Warrior (60+% to leg...

  • Last updated Jun 3, 2018 (Spiteful Nerf)
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  • 10 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • 5 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Recruit Warrior
  • Crafting Cost: 14680
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/7/2018 (Witchwood)
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After the nerfs the meta has changed and my own experience with the deck has too. As such I recommend the following changes to the previous version: -2 Slam, -2 Primordial Drake, +2 Inner Rage, +2 Mountain Giant

Inner Rage: With turns often fully booked up with mana due to expensive plays, having a flexible 0 mana card is very useful for tempo. It lets you do one extra point of damage with whirlwinds/weapons to help with clears, activates executes and has synergy with Rot Face and Grommash. It is absolutely core to the deck and the best inclusion since the deck's inception.

Slam: Early on you'd rather play weapons/forge of souls. Later on you won't have 2 mana to spare. 2 mana for 2 damage isn't very efficient. Inner Rage fulfills this card's role much better.

Mountain Giant: Allows turn 5 threats or turn 4 with the coin. Later on you can play Giant + removal or Giant + threat where other plays might be too expensive. 

Primordial Drake: With less Paladn on the ladder and less need for the aoe this card isn't needed anymore.

Cornered Sentry: If you are facing lots of taunt druids in your local meta, you can consider using this card instead of one of the later threats like Rotface or a Devilsaur. The raptors will make Witching Hour fail to resummon Hadranox 3/4 of the time.

 Some of the info from the guide below is relating to the pre-nerf meta-game and previous deck-list. There is still plenty of useful info so I still recommend reading through it before using the deck.


Hello my name is Jambre (follow me on twitter: @jambrehs), you may know me for UK Pala, a murloc deck featuring Dread Corsair; or more recently Unstable evolution shaman featured in Blizzard's Off-meta snapshop for February 2018. I'm back once again with the wackiest deck yet!

Do you like playing BIG stuff and hitting your opponent with them? Do you enjoy clicking that armour up button? Would you enjoy the opponent's utter confusion at the start of the game when they see you're playing Genn Greymane rather than Baku the Mooneater? Then this is the deck for you!

Card Choices

Bladed Gauntlet

This card is flat out bad with the regular warrior hero power, it's too expensive to gain armour in the early game. With the 1 mana hero power this card suddenly becomes insane. Typical turns will be hero power t1, hero power t2, hero power t3+bladed gauntlet allowing you to kill early game threats. This card also allows you to answer turn 4 Mountain Giant providing you armour up every turn and they don't also play Kobold Librarian. With Unidentified Shield and Bring It On! this becomes a strong lategame tempo tool. Typically keep this card in every matchup,

Bring It On! 

Large armour gain is great, synergises well with Bladed Gauntlet and a turn 10 Bring it on + Geosculptor Yip can be a great stabilization/Swing turn. Obviously don't play this in the early game but don't be too afraid to play it later on to give yourself some breathing room, particularly vs paladins who are fairly spell heavy in the late game. If your opponent tries to flood the board with their cheaper minions, you can punish with your various AOEs.


 Don't be guilty of holding on to this card for too long. Turns 6+ you want to be playing big threat after big threat, and you will often not have the 2 mana spare to play this, let alone the additional resources needed to damage the target. If you get a good tempo execute early and have the mana to spare, use it!

Forge of Souls

Very strong card and typically kept in the mulligan in every matchup. You will usually play this on turn 3 whilst weaving in your hero powers, setting up a turn 4 Blood Razor or Bladed Gauntlet. Lategame you can use it to find Woecleaver, one of your strongest plays.


Warrior Staple. If the matchup is heading to fatigue be wary about using this to draw.


Very versatile aoe that can be used to keep paladins in check as early as turn 4 or late-game to clear a quest rogues board or Bloodreaver Gul'dan. With a Blood Razor charge you can often clear most midgame boards for 4 or 6 mana, Shines vs Paladin and Spiteful druids.

Blood Razor

This is the answer to aggro. You can hold the 2nd charge for multiple turns, setting up combos with Warpath, Primordial Drake or Execute. If you are playing this card and don't need to swing into a minion immediately, plan ahead and think about whether you will want the aoe-deathrattle on your next swing. If you do then you should "waste" a charge and just swing it at face that turn.

Here's an example of where holding the second weapon charge may be beneficial: Say you're going first vs an Even Paladin and you've played this on turn 4. It's now turn 5 and you have an okay use of its deathrattle (maybe kill a minion and a hero power token) but no good plays in hand. It may be better to NOT swing with it this turn and instead pass and take some extra face damage. That way, on your turn 6 you will damage any extra minions the paladin just played (killing any hero powers too). When it's your turn 6 you will likely have some good followup in the form of Gather Your Party, Gemstudded Golem or Unidentified Shield.

Planning your turns with this deck is important, and nothing showcases that better than proper Blood Razor play.

Gather Your Party

Half the reason to play this deck. Big Boys for 6 mana. Fine to keep in mulligan vs non-aggro decks.

Gemstudded Golem 

Very good statted taunt for its mana cost. With your cheaper hero power and armour gain tools it isn't hard to meet the requirement of this being able to attack. Keep the downside in mind though when choosing to take face damage.

Genn Greymane

Unidentified Shield

Solid armour gain tool. Generally the weapon one is the worst but they all have their pros and cons. Can be paired well with Bladed Gauntlet in the mid-late game to deal with larger threats.

Charged Devilsaur

Strong for closing out games via face damage. Not so great to play from hand but has its uses when playing defensively or vs cards like Sunkeeper Tarim or Voidlord

Geosculptor Yip

My favourite card in the deck and an insane value tool. Try to get to 8 or 10 armour (10 preferably) before playing this card, and ideally when you're ahead on board. Combine it with Bring It On! on turn 10 for a great tempo play. If you have yip in hand you should be trying to plan out your turns to get to a point where you can drop him with a load of armour, outside of Woecleaver he's usually the best lategame play.

Grommash Hellscream

Pretty much a better version of Charged Devilsaur. Be on the lookout for lethal setups or chances to go face when you have Grom in hand, particularly when paired with Scourgelord Garrosh

Primordial Drake

Good for stabilizing vs aggro decks, even better when paired with Blood Razor

Scourgelord Garrosh

Very powerful vs minion based decks, or simply for the weapon which will push 12 face damage over 3 turns. Be careful when playing this vs burn based decks like Tempo Mage, where you might want to squeeze in a few armour ups first before getting the final 5 armour near the end of the game. Also if you plan on going to fatigue then playing this early is a mistake as you will miss out on the 2 armour per turn for the rest of the game.

The Lich King

All-round powerful big late-game taunt. Exactly what this deck wants.


Very few decks can stand up to a free big minion every turn. If Woecleaver gets to attack for multiple turns, you're simply going to win that game. There is a lot of oozes/weapon removal in the meta at the moment, if you can succesfully bait them out early with maybe high armour and a Bladed Gauntlet that can potentially pave the way for Woecleaver. If you do get oozed, well, you played an 8 mana Gather Your Party + 3 damage which demanded removal, which honestly isn't all that bad.

Card Replacements

Cards like Bladed Gauntlet, Bring It On! and Woecleaver are necessary for the deck and can't really be replaced.

In ranking importance of the late-game 'bombs' from most important to least:

  1. Geosculptor Yip
  2. Primordial Drake
  3. Grommash Hellscream = The Lich King
  4. Charged Devilsaur

If you don't have all of the above I'd use the above to decide what to craft. However, something like The Lich King or Primordial drakes can be used in a variety of decks so I would prioritize crafting them first.

If you don't have all of the above you can sub in any Even lategame card you wish, cards like Rotface can be a lot of fun. If you are having trouble with aggro you can swap some of the lategame for cards like Cleave or Inner Rage. Inner Rage is particularly nice as it helps with board clear turns or can be played alongside your expensive turns later on for free, where mana is rarely spare.

Matchups and Mulligans


Keeps: Blood RazorWarpathForge of SoulsBladed Gauntlet

Against paladin you're looking for early game aoes. Blood Razor is the #1 card, so by association Forge of Souls is also really strong allowing you to fetch it on turn 3. Warpath is also a card you want to keep, allowing you to deal with paladins boards particularly in combination with either of your early game weapons.

Be wary of Sunkeeper tarim so try to keep the number of paladin's minions to a minimum post turn 6. Even paladins also tend to run Equality combos and Spellbreaker. It's not so much that they clear your board as you'll likely have plenty of refill, but that you might end up taking a lot of face damage. Keep this in mind and don't be scared of playing Bring It On! later on in the game, even if the paladin has several cards in hand.

Primordial Drake Is strong in the matchup but shouldn't be kept in the mulligan. Slam can be useful in combination with other cards but the weapons/aoes are much more important so I wouldn't keep it in the mulligan.


Keeps: Bladed Gauntlet, Forge of Souls, Gather Your Party

Bladed Gauntlet is very strong when dealing with turn 4 mountain giants, allowing you to kill it via armouring up every turn even when drawing it from a turn 3 Forge of Souls. Later on it can be used to one-shot voidlords, which is so satisfying.

If you face a lot of control warlocks on ladder and often end up going to fatigue, consider teching in a Dead Man's Hand which will allow you to recruit without falling behind in fatigue.


Keeps: Bladed Gauntlet, Blood Razor , Forge of Souls, and then you can keep Bring It On! and Unidentified Shield if you already have any of the main 3.

Tempo mage plays few early game minions and then a lot of burn damage. If you can deal with the early game via use of your weapons, you should easily be able to stabilize through hero powers and armour gain. Explosive Runes performs really badly as you rarely actually play minions, and if you do they have >6 health.


Keeps: Bladed Gauntlet, Forge of Souls, Gather Your Party, Woecleaver

Woecleaver plays around Psychic Scream very well whilst putting the priest under a lot of pressure. They usually only run 1 weapon removal if any. Outside of them having an insane early curve into Shadowreaper Anduin you should be able to either pressure them down or armour up out of range.


Keeps: Bladed Gauntlet, Forge of Souls, Gather Your Party, Blood Razor (if you know it's taunt druid: keep Woecleaver don't keep blood razor)

Against spiteful druid once you're ahead on board it should be fairly easy to stay ahead. Getting to that point requires taking quite a lot of face damage whilst you try to get enough tempo to get the druid off the board. Once that happens you should worry about dying to potential burst damage such as Ultimate Infestation, Leeroy Jenkins and Spellbreaker or combinations of the three.

Spiteful has two ways to win: early board into Fungalmancer or a Spiteful Summoner that goes unanswered. As long as you can deal with them the matchup should be pretty easy.

Playing on the coin

Half your games will be spent on the coin and I would heavily advise against using the coin early on unless you're absolutely forced into it. It is often much better to spend the first few turns hero powering, combined with weapons and then using the coin on turn 5 to go 6 drop into 6 drop, or naturally playing your turn 6 into a coin 8 drop. Depending on your hand it will determine which route you take. Once you've used your coin, you want to be doing power play after power play.


Hope you guys enjoyed this somewhat long guide, I'll be happy to answer questions in the comments. Have fun with the deck, I really loved climbing to legend with it and I'm sure you will too!