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[Outdated] Rank 1 Legend Togwaggle Druid [Wild]

  • Last updated Jun 14, 2018 (Spiteful Nerf)
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  • 7 Minions
  • 22 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 10480
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/6/2018 (Witchwood)
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Tech vs control: -1x Ferocious Howl, +1x Naga Sea Witch

Rank 1 Legend

Togwaggle Druid [Wild]

Hey Guys, I'm Kohai and this is my build of Togwaggle Druid that took me to Rank 1 Legend in April, I also defended #1 for 2 weeks and finished #1 with it. This is also the first time for me that I reached #1 without using Rogue so I'm really excited to share you this list. First of all, some stats and proof:

Stats and proof

https://twitter.com/KohaiHS/status/985879226820759553 My twitter post a few weeks ago


My list is on HSreplay! 62% Winrate



My personal decktracker stats:


My Ladder finish in April:


Some history about this deck: The idea of this combo was first published by a player called Amplive who showed his idea before Witchwood was released. (alongside 6 other theorycrafts) http://wildhs.com/7-wild-deck-brews-witchwood/

Obviously the decklist was a bit unrefined but in theory it just sounded too strong so I tried to make it viable right after Witchwood came out. 2 hours after I reached rank 1 legend https://twitter.com/KohaiHS/status/985879226820759553

Sipiwi94 defended his rank with Togwaggle Druid as well. https://twitter.com/sipiwi94/status/985897060917501952

Now some people try different versions of Togwaggle Druid, just like a Hemet, Jungle Hunter version, which will get you to the combo way earlier. To be honest it doesn't sound bad at all and If I had the dust I would try it as well. It probably makes the deck worse against aggro though. There's also the possibility to include Twig of the World Tree and Blingtron 3000 for 3 reasons:

1) If played both on curve you instantly ramp to 10 mana

2) It counters Kingsbane, Skull of the Man'ari and Aluneth, but mainly Kingsbane as you can steal their Kingsbane 100% of the time if you play Blingtron 3000 to destroy their weapon before you play King Togwaggle

3) Better vs Dirty Rat as you have a second Aviana with Twig of the World Tree. Also, Blingtron 3000 can get pulled by Dirty Rat as well.

Deck explanation

So the basic idea of this deck is to stall the game, draw and do the following combo once your deck has almost no value anymore:

Aviana + Kun the Forgotten King + King Togwaggle + Azalina Soulthief

This will do following things: 

1) You win the value game almost all the time (Bloodreaver Gul'dan or Kingsbane can counter that)

2) Creates a huge tempo board your opponent has to deal with

3) You steal your opponents hand which means he has to outvalue a deck (opponents deck) without having a deck at all (yours) with the same hand as you have. In theory that's not possible. (only possible with heavy late game synergy win conditions like Kingsbane or Bloodreaver Gul'dan


If your Kun the Forgotten King got milled you can also do the combo with Aviana + Innervate + King Togwaggle + Azalina Soulthief


The real strength of this deck comes from the powerlevel against aggro, you can say that Togwaggle Druid is basically an Exodia Mage that's really strong against aggro. Sure you don't win on the spot if you do the combo but that makes the deck so hard to play. You need to know your opponents deck well to win games. Hard counters for this deck:

1) Dirty Rat / Deathlord

2) Combo Rogues (Quest Rogue and Kingsbane)

Card explanation

Innervate: Very flexible in this deck, can lead to some earlier and less clunky UI turns. The fact that it can replace Kun the Forgotten King in the combo makes it definitely a staple.


Lesser Jasper Spellstone: This card is easy to upgrade and good hard removal for 1 mana. (comparable to Shield Slam in Control Warrior) You can also use it for just 2 dmg to clear a Mana Wyrm in early game, very flexible card as well.


Wild Growth: I think that one's obvious. If played in early game it's a permanent coin, if played in late game it's another draw. The earlier you can play Ultimate Infestation the better. Curves out perfectly into Oaken Summons.


Ferocious Howl: This card easily replaced Wrath. After Ultimate Infestation is played this basically gives you 2 extra turns. (10 Armor + 1 card draw) It's the definition of a stall card.


Tar Creeper: Probably the weakest card in the deck, but still decent. If it's not pulled from Oaken Summons it can be a 1 mana taunt on combo turn as well.


Branching Paths: This one fits the deck perfectly. Just compare it with Greater Healing Potion. The fact you can draw and go for attack (Spreading Plague) if needed makes this card absolutely insane here. Still, there people out there who cut 1 copy of this.


Ironwood Golem: Great if pulled from Oaken Summons. Minions from Oaken Summons package can defend you from Dirty Rat as well.


Oaken Summons: This card is broken, it's on same level as Mad Scientist. Basically 4 mana heal 6, summon an overstatted 4 mana taunt minion and draw a card.


Poison Seeds: One of the main reasons slow druid lists work so well in Wild right now. Perfect answer to Naga Giants, Big Priest, Bloodreaver Gul'dan and N'Zoth, the Corruptor. (In combination with Spreading Plague


Swipe: Helps clearing small tokens, especially if you played Seeds + Plague before.


Nourish: Ramp for UI or more draw to get combo earlier, I think that one's clear too. Neat synergy with Ferocious Howl.


Spreading Plague: Paladin. Strong board clear in late game with Poison Seeds.


Azalina Soulthief: You play this card on combo turn after you played King Togwaggle to copy their King's Ransom. This one can actually win games on its own if King Togwaggle got milled. If your opponent is far ahead in fatigue you just play Azalina Soulthief without switching deck at all.


Malfurion the Pestilent: Justicar Trueheart ResidentSleeper


King Togwaggle: Win condition


Aviana: Needed for combo 


Kun the Forgotten King: Not needed for combo


Ultimate Infestation: Sprint + Shield Block + Firelands Portal = 17 Mana = Ultimate Infestation


A matchup guide wouldn't make sense for this deck, since it all comes down to certain cards to counter Togwaggle Druid.

Anyway, Togwaggle Druid is favored vs any kind of aggressive deck by nature. That beeing said; there certain aggressive decks that can be harder to beat, (Even Shaman with Devolve and Aggro Paladin with Equality + Consecration) but even those decks are good matchups for this type of deck. (this build in particular, as it is heavily teched vs aggro)


Any slower deck with Bloodreaver Gul'dan is an even matchup


Any deck with Dirty Rat and Deathlord is bad for us


Any decks with Coldlight Oracle, Jade Idol, Naturalize or Kingsbane in it can be rough


Quest Rogue is an autolose


Again, apart from Quest Rogue there's no deck that really beats Togwaggle Druid, it rather comes down to certain tech cards than the actual decks. Decks without any of those cards I mentioned will probably just lose to this deck without having a chance at all, that's how powerful Togwaggle Druid is.

Is this deck better than Malygos Druid?

There different opinions out there but for me it definitely is stronger than its Malygos counterpart. It only has 4 combo pieces which means your Ultimate Infestations will never be dead. Some Malygos lists actually cut 1 Ultimate Infestation for that particular reason. Since Ultimate Infestation is a broken card we would like to play 2 of those, don't we? Also, we can include more anti aggro tools while Malygos Druid needs to fit in stuff like Faceless Manipulator.

Malygos Druid isn't able to do full combo with Innervate

Togwaggle Druid beats Armor and Ice Block, Malygos Druid doesn't

Togwaggle Druid is better vs Aggro

Why no Fandral?

I'm poor, if you have him cut Tar Creeper and include, if you don't it's fine as well. I think other crafts are more important than him though. He is great vs control decks.


If you have any questions ask below!