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Not a Cubelock

  • Last updated May 5, 2018 (Witchwood)
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Pretty classic Control Warlock, for those who still have no Godfrey and Glinda. Gnomeferatu and Plated Beetle interexchangeable, also u can add 2d or replace existing Mortal Coil with something else (thinking Baleful Banker could be good). Also i guess Rotten Applebaum could be good in this deck, don't sure how to fit it tho))
As usual, game of Voidlords and Lackeys - who comes first in hand lol

P.S. also imo Sacrificial Pact real good in current meta, i even killed opponent with it once (he actually used Lord Jaraxxus =)

UPD: well, i played 4 times with slightly different variations of this deck and it gone like that: 7/3 with this exact deck on the first try, 2 times 5/3 with slightly different versions where i experimented (adding/removing/replacing) with Plated Beetle, Mortal Coil, Gnomeferatu, Siphon Soul, Twisting Nether and Baleful Banker, and also 4/3 with version where i had 2 Despicable Dreadlords instead of Ironbeak Owl and Mortal Coil.
I also tried Odd Paladin, Odd Quest Warrior and Quest Priest, but all 3 of em gone just 2/3 for me, so i guess it's 1 of 2: i'm just bad with other classes except Warlock or this deck is really good lol =)) Didn't tried Cubelocks tho, but im really sick of it tbh, so no regrets here))