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Haunted Argus Hunter! Full write up inc mulligan!

  • Last updated Oct 11, 2014 (Naxx Launch)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 1720
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/11/2014 (Naxx Launch)
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Greetings all, iam Zebe!  


I just hit legend for the second time using a hunter deck of my own design so i thought i would share it with the world of Hearthpwn.

Ok, this is an aggro deck, To start you are generally looking for undertaker, especially if you have coin, i generally drop knife juggle, anyhow i will go over this in more detail later on.

One of the main mechanics are the snake trap's and the shields of Argus, Argus is great for forcing an enemy to attack one of your minions and proc the trap or it can be used to give taunt to the snakes. Another thing to note is that when haunted creeper dies using Argus on the spectral's is very effective.

The next thing to worry about is the Cult master, you should be aiming for 3-5 cards minimum off him, with the remnants of haunted creeper, hounds, snake trap AND all of the 1/1 minions you have it shouldn't be a problem, the main thing to remember is to plan ahead and set up situations where you have disposable minions to kill.

There is only one weapon in this deck, the reason for this is that there is only 2 traps and you should be focusing draw off of them not weapon charges, the one weapon that i do have i use mainly for finishing or towards the end of a battle for 5 damage per turn burst, sometimes i will find myself clearing annoying minions like acolyte with it too.

Regarding traps, i only have 2 snake traps in the deck, i feel multiple traps and scientist is too unreliable. When you use these traps and the value you get out of them is all down to the planning, dont just "use" a trap for the hell of it, this is a large source of damage card draw and board control.

There are two silence and two hunters mark in the deck, so feel free to use them as you see fit (withing reason), bearing in mind there could be a belcher round the corner i often save owl.

And finally, the knife jugglers, i will only place a knife juggler if it will get instant value, a very good play (sometimes lucky) is to play haunted creeper turn 1 or 2 and next turn play juggler and run the creeper into a 3/2 minion, "put this apple on your head!" minion dead board control yours. ;-)

Dont be afraid to trade if you have to and if you can pop down cult master, he loves that sort of thing ;-).

If you find yourself against many hunters it is wise to swap 1 own for a second flare, and vice versa if you face many control.



Its common sense to use the undertaker so i wont include it in the write up, just extras.

Druid: Against druid the key is to avoid the swipes, ensure the board wont be cleared by one on turn 4-6 etc as this will loose you the game, to start you want scientist, you have to play him and run him into an enemy minion so he doesn't get silenced on turn 4, with a board of 2-3 hp minions by turn 4 druid cant do shit.

Hunter: free for all odds are you will loose, i always seem to :(

Mage: keep companion and play it when viable, preferably on turn 3 as this forces a removal, and if not you get free damage, another key thing is that you must play a minion on turn 1, even if its just a webspinner, this wastes the mages first turn and puts you ahead.

Priest: Pretty much based on what you get, try to do as much damage as possible before he starts putting down taunts and shadow priesting you stuff, companion is good because of the 4 attack is offers also an early scientist>snake>argus can work a treat, keep ALL reach spells and hunters marks for the end game, including hounds. Hard match up.

Rogue: Easy match up, drop minions in pairs or singles (companion) and he will use his hand removing stuff very quickly, again trap helps alot here to bait out the aoe and or to help you draw, save flare and hounds for when he stealth's shit up.

Shaman: You need to get ahead early, watch out for wolves and lightning storm, keep hounds and haunted creeper, the shaman gains card advantage through cheap spells and totems so hold minions back and dont play out your whole hand, turn 3 companion is good because it can force a hex.

Lock: ZOO, scientist and hounds one of, dont be afraid of using silences and hunters marks alot against lock, you cant allow him to get board control since you have not explosive trap, use your argus smartly and up-trade. (OTHER PLAYERS HAVE ADVISED ME THAT THIS DECK IS AMAZING AGAINST ZOO)

HAND: dont rush him too fast, keep it steady and bide your time, make sure you have enough to finish him off, we all know how it sucks when we fall short by 1, keep weapon ready i normally hounds 2xKC and attack, this match up can be tricky if you kill him too quickly.

Warrior: dont play out your hand, try and keep his health going down and dont let him get comfortable, use silence + mark on acolytes and armor smith without a second thought, watch out for deaths bite with your snake trap, he can completely waste it.

In every match up always try to look for the best opportunity to draw off cult, even if you only manage 2 you still get 2 cards + a 4-2 (may aswell be taunt) on the field, you dont want to be loosing a game with 2 of these still in your hand, it means your doing something wrong.

Any questions and ill be happy to answer =]

p.s I just set up a stream yesterday so if you would like to see me playing the deck or just want a battle feel free to say hi.  http://www.twitch.tv/zebe1233/

Thanks, Zebe!