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  • Last updated Apr 25, 2018 (Witchwood)
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  • 27 Minions
  • 2 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Spiteful Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 8100
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/20/2018 (Witchwood)
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Why did i made this guide? Hearthpwn said "Be the first to make a guide for this deck". So i had to. Because Hearthpwn has been helping me netdeck test fun decks since i registered.

So you want to play the most skillful deck ever created? Ill help you to get your legend rank and make fun of your F2P friends xD. 

Step 1: You want to throw away those stupid spells (Ultimate Infestation) in the mulligan. We weill topdeck them later when we need them.(If we need them)

Step 2: Do you see Da Boy Kele Prince Keleseth? Keep him and make your opponent cry. 

Step 3: Do you see Fire FlyGreedy Sprite, or da MVP Spiteful Summoner? Best cards to keep. If your spider senses are tingling and you are detecting a Baku the Mooneater deck? Did you add 1 Mindbreaker and took out one Tar Creeper? Keep him to make your opponent ragequit  surrender (Sorry hunters. I still love you.). Or are your senses detecting Aggro? Keep Crypt Lord or the aggro killer FTW Tar Creeper

Step 4: You got to 6 mana? Drop da boy Spiteful Summoner. The opponent will propably concede. (You can get 40% of the time a 12/12 Tyrantus FTW or the awful Deathwing, 40% an 8/8 (Emeriss da meme or Sea Giant) or 20% 7/14 Ultrasaur for winning every meme battle).

Step 5 (If opponent hasnt conceded yet) ; So your opponent stil hasnt conceded? Fithy Cubelock? Or a fellow Spiteful Deck(I love you)? Drop another boy or MC Malfurion. poison spidas if big minion seems problem. Else cheat Face hunter and get Taunt.

Step 6 : Reached 10th turn and still playing? Drop an Ultimate Infestation and shatter your opponents dreams.

Step 7: You won de game.

Thx comment like subscribe follow sent pm for my paypal account for donations.


Deadman0FTW out. Piece.