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Boomsday Big Spell Mage

  • Last updated Aug 21, 2018 (Boomsday)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Big Spells Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 16160
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/20/2018 (Witchwood)
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Hello everyone!

I have made Boomsday Changes and I know they are not the best yet, but I hope they work for you, still trying to figure the best list possible.

The new additions are Luna's Pocket GalaxyAstromancer as I believe they are really strong in the current meta, where the last couple of days I am facing quite a few Control Odd Warriors and Spell hunters.

Big enemies to this deck however are Togwaggle druid and Deathrattle hunter from time to time if you don't control him early on.

I think I need to include Azalina Soulthief for those match ups, but I will experiment a bit more.

Card choices:

Arcane Artificer - Included in all big spell mages -> after we no longer have Ice Block it is our key way of survival. It is incredibly useful, especially when combined with the higher cost spells. MVP against aggro decks.

Acidic Swamp Ooze - I run two weapon destroyers, feel free to swap this for another that you like more. The reason for that is the high amount of Odd paladins, Odd warriors and especially against locks. I will mention this in the mulligan guide, but if you don't have a weapon destroyer at their turn 5 or whenever they play the weapon, you pretty much will loose 80% of the time. Currently trying Gluttonous Ooze to get more armour.

Doomsayer - No real explanation here. MVP against aggro decks and usually buys a turn which is great so you could ramp up to your key stronger late game cards.

Pyros - Very high value card, usually generates at least one more, has lifesteal after you play your DK hero, mostly good for tempo as well.

Raven Familiar - One of the few draw cards in the deck, very important to get it early on and to get your big spells. The downside is that note it is full with spiteful decks which renders this useless. If you are up against a druid or a priest, you might just mulligan it away since you won't get any value out of it.

Stonehill Defender - I run those in stead of Tar Creepers because they generate one more additional card AT LEAST which is the key to playing this deck. Sometimes you get great taunts too which really helps win the late game.

 Voodoo Doll - One of the new witchwood cards which really help us, mages. It is an insane value card due to the ability to just kill it after turn 5 and it generates a water elemental with Frost Lich Jaina

Arcane Keysmith - one of the more underrated cards of this expansion, I think is one of the best new cards the mages got. Playing this on the right time can very much win you a game - getting a Counterspell against Call to Arms or a Mirror Entity vs a cube lock is simply amazing.

Polymorph - Standard edition in every big spell mage. MVP vs cards like Voidlord. You need to run 2 in my opinion.

Dragon's Fury - one of, if not your best board clear. It is cheap, it deals A LOT of damage BUT the downside is that you need to be VERY aware of what you have left in your deck and use it before fatigue, otherwise it is almost useless, unless to generate another drake, or armour.

Harrison Jones - My second weapon destroyer and one of draw mechanics. I love this card since vanilla HS and I think he is very useful in this meta, drawing extra cards is the tip of the iceberg.

Blizzard - It can help you stall, clear the board, generate armour, water elementals, I am pretty sure it can cook too. Run two, don't regret it :)

Meteor - MVP clear for giants and other big minions. Also great for gaining armour and momentum.

Toki, Time-Tinker - my favourite card of Witchwood so far. She is so underestimated and called meme card and everything but the truth for me at least is that she is amazing. Sure she can give you useless legendaries from time to time, but 75% for me at least it gives cards like Dr. BoomMedivh, the GuardianEmperor Thaurissan etc. Test her and you will <3 her. See here for example: https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/8dgl6l/toki_is_useless_in_big_spell_mage_they_said_d/

Baron Geddon - best card to use with Frost Lich Jaina. He can heal you, clear the board and further help you survive.

Flamestrike - Pretty standard, you need to run two, especially now when you don't have Fireland's Portal (we need more spells) and there are more aggro decks than ever out there.

Alexstrasza - Not everyone choses to run her, but I think she is very key to every mage deck out there. She can use to heal, help in fatigue games A LOT and also in combination with Dragoncaller Alanna (if you get 3 drakes alive) to close the game from 30 health to 0.

Dragoncaller Alanna - MVP of this deck, everything is built around her. Try to use her with at least 3 spells so far and in the very late game where the opponent don't have any removals.

Frost Lich Jaina - just won't bother talking how amazingly super galacticly awesome she is :)

 Match ups and Mulligan guide:

Now on the ladder there are mainly several types of decks. I will rate them by the number of times I've encountered each of them roughly:

  • Odd paladin - one of, if not the most popular deck in the past week or so. Many, many people play it and it is mostly an easy and cheap one but at the same time incredibly strong. You need to mulligan hard for early game cards like: DoomsayerRaven Familiar and Stonehill Defender. If I have The Coin I leave Dragon's Fury as well. Game strategy is to just survive the early game and if you get to 7-8th turn, and if you manage to get an Arcane Artificer with a big spell it is pretty much over. Since I don't run a lot of card draw they can't get much value of Divine Favor and we have two weapon destroyers which should be able to remove any weapons they have, they usually run 3. I think this is about 65/35 in our favour. The only time you loose from this deck is if they have a really good or descent start and you have 7-8 drops in the opening hand.
  • Cube lock - cubelock is a pretty common and could be a difficult matchup if you don't understand it correctly. Most important thing is to have a weapon destroyer for turn 5 and to have at least one removal early one for his minions. Should you have at least one of the two you will be fine. I try to get Vodoo Doll and either Acidic Swamp Ooze and some draw. General tip here is to save Polymorph for Voidlord or Doomguard and Vodoo DollMeteor for giants. Play patiently. If you kill his weapon he has to discard cards to get Doomguard out and they really need 90% of their cards. If you don't destroy their weapon or start with a bad hand it is next to impossible to win. Also always play around Defile and HellfireArcane Keysmith also plays a big role here. A well placed Mirror Entity or a Counterspell can make a huge impact. I say this is around 60/40 in our favour.
  • Face Hunter - one of the harder match ups in my opinion. You really need to get a good anti-aggro starting hand to deal with their board early on. Doomsayer &  Stonehill Defender are a must and third most important is Arcane Artificer. Try to survive and armour up with him. Also if you have those, consider keeping Acidic Swamp Ooze. This match is hard if they have a good hand but it's definitely winnable. I'd say 50/50, if not 45/55 in their favour.
  • Tempo Rogue - play exactly the same like face hunter. Also always try to calculate how much damage they have with Leeroy Jenkins with Cold Blood or Shadowstep Try to destroy their weapons and save a removal for a big Edwin VanCleef. This is again 50/50, if not 45/55 in their favour.
  • Rin lock - this is the match up I personally hate most. It is really easy for them to destroy our deck now that Dirty Rat is gone. The only saviour we have now is Arcane Keysmith with a Counterspell or them to draw really bad. If the locks knows the matchup it is really hard to win. You need to pressure them, save Polymorph for Voidlord and if they get Rin out, try to pressure them with everything you can to buy another turn so they don't play their spells. Another reason this match up could be hard is if you mulligan for cubelock and end up playing a Rin. No savings there. I'd say this is a 40/60 in their favour, if not 30/70 even.
  • Spiteful Priest - in my opinion one of the harder matchups since they have a lot of cards that need to be removed and if they have a good hand can be extremely difficult to handle. I like keeping Voodoo DollPolymorph. Never keep Raven Familiar since it is useless against them. If they don't have great curve this match is rather easy. Key strategy here is to survive until you command the board. With Medivh gone just try to big spell clear everything until you can get Dragoncaller Alanna out. She usually wins the game. I'd say 45/55 in their favour.
  • Even Paladin - plays exactly like the ODD paladin. One great tip I can give here is to keep Arcane Keysmith and try to get Counterspell or Spellbender out. They run both Call to Arms and Blessing of Kings and both of those secrets really ruin their lives. I think this is 60/40 in our favour.
  • Big Spell Mage - like very mirror expect around 70% similar deck list. This match really comes to experience and luck in drawing. Almost vs all mages I would keep Frost Lich Jaina I know it sounds a bit extreme but she wins that match up. Always think ahead and plan for what they might do and what spell they might use. Also even if it's not valid try to use Dragon's Fury before fatigue. Best case scenario is they use their two Polymorph on something else and then you can play Pyros. One last tip is play as slow as possible so they fatigue first. This is extremely important. Definitely anyone's game here, so I'd say 50/50.
  • Elemental mage - much like the mirror match except this is more tempo. You need to keep up and always think ahead "What kills me". They don't run any burns so this is easy to anticipate. Again in my opinion save Frost Lich Jaina and try to starve them out and play the value game. If they have a good curve this could be a really hard to win match up. 55/45 in our favour.
  • Quest Warrior - I think this is a rather easy match. We have all the time in the world to build up to our strong minions. In my experience I've won almost all matches. I always keep Frost Lich Jaina and try to put on secrets and just take my sweet time. After I get Frost Lich Jaina out and things like Pyros it's hard for them to win. Don't worry about their armour stacking, just play the value game. One thing to consider here is Reckless Fury so play Dragoncaller Alanna after you see them both gone and the Brawl out. Don't try to get through your deck fast or you will fatigue really quickly which you never want with Big Spell Mage. I'd say 75/25 in our favour.
  • OTK Shaman - If they get their combo out we loose, there is hardly anything we can do about it, however we can still win this. Just try to be as aggro as possible. You want Raven Familiar to draw quickly and Frost Lich Jaina to make elementals. Play Dragoncaller Alanna even with 2-3 drakes out. Try to finish them off with Alexstrasza I personally didn't face many on my climb but the I won once and lost 2 times when I did, so this is something to consider. Just remember like any other match - it is winnable. 33/67 in their favour.

There are definitely other decks out there like Quest Rogue is gaining a lot of popularity now but I haven't seen many.

General Tips & Tricks:

  • Always play the patient game - this deck's games are at least 15 min long. If you don't think and plan ahead you just gonna end up loosing. Playing another game + one more to get a win will result in 45 min to gain one star, in stead of 15 if you plan correctly. Just think it that way, it is better to think one turn than one more whole game.
  • Never rush to fatigue. If possible wait for your opponent and outvalue them in every possible way. Rushing opponents make more mistakes, more mistakes mean bigger chances for you.
  • It is a hard deck and it has it's learning curve. If you end up loosing 5 games in a row try and analyse what you are doing wrong. I've given explanations in this guide but if you have any questions, please ask them here) I will always answer your question.
  • Always ask "What kills me". This will help you with all decks, not just this one. Also always consider the worst case scenario so you could adapt.