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  • Last updated Apr 24, 2018 (Witchwood)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 15 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Combo Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 7320
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/18/2018 (Witchwood)
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I might be on to something, because this deck is fun and, more importantly, it beats any kind of Even/Odd Paladin and Cubelock without bigger problems!

Witchwood disappointed quite a few people by a lack of "competitive cards". Especially Priest players moaned about how to there is no direction the class can follow. The result of this is uninspired play in form of "old and well-known" decks like Spiteful Priest.

This deck is something completely different now. It is a Combo Priest deck - without Inner Fire, a combo deck that can play the longer games as well as the quicker ones. 

The new expansion released one card type that I find very interesting: "Tutor" cards, I use Witchwood Piper and Sandbinder in this deck. Those are cards that draw something specific from your own deck. This powerful ability increases consistency by A LOT. If you played card games like Yu-Gi-Oh, you know what I am talking about - you can't play a good deck there without such cards.

What is your gameplan with this deck?

Most of the time, you dig through your deck as quickly as you can to gather Mind Blast and copies of it with Shadow Visions. For more sustained damage output, we run Shadowreaper Anduin, because having 20 damage burst (4x Mind Blast) can sometimes not be enough. He also ensures that we can "poke" ourselves into that coveted lethal range.
If you realize that you have to or get the time to play the "Control game", you can collect all needed pieces for our 2nd big combo, while following the first tactic as well. It consists of simply:

Lyra the Sunshard + Radiant Elemental + Radiant Elemental + some cheap spells as activators

This formerly highly inconsistent combo gets that much more consistent with the newly released tutor minions I mentioned before. When you get this off, you will surely be able to fill up your hand with many versatile cards ranging from board clears, copy cards, damage cards and much more to get some more sheer value and more cards to activate Anduin's alternate hero power.

+++ UPDATE April 21th +++

n order to win against all my bad matchups a bit more, I am currently experimenting with the inclusion of Prophet Velen and Gilded Gargoyle in order to have the potential to do a 40 damage one-turn combo with Velen + 2x Radiant Elemental + 4x Mind Blast (2x from Shadow Visions), which works when you have an additional coin, which is obtained by the Gargoyle. I was not exactly sure what I wanted to take out though, but decided to go with -1 Sandbinder and -1 Tar Creeper, although I think about including the Tar Creeper back again, because it is just so good - again the question though: For what?

I went with 2x Pipers over one Sandbinder and one Piper, because you do not want to draw your Radiant Elementals or Lyra too early. Getting Tar Creeper is neat in early-mid game, but I opted for the more consistent draw which Piper offers. Every classic Priest player knows the struggle when you have one combo piece but not the other - in this case for example a Circle of Healing, but you are lacking Northshire Cleric or Wild Pyromancer to combine it with. Piper especially gives you Cleric, which helps you cycle through your deck way quicker.

As for the results and things to keep in mind:

- Shudderwock and Kingsbane Rogue can be beaten way better now, Taunt Warrior is also winnable now (but still not a favourable matchup), Taunt Druid still is not really beatable unless your Lyra seriously gets going...
- Velen offers you another threat, which is obviously no bad thing
- The biggest problem is that you will eventually overdraw, especially if you overcommit with 2x Acolytes against any class and with 2x Clerics against Priests (don't ever do that), because you might burn important cards
- you, obviously, are not always able to copy Mind Blasts
- Gilded Gargoyle is a card I would really like to take out, but it is sadly needed for a niche use - I mean, it is super slow, has terrible stats, the coin is mostly useless, unless you are in need to use it with Pyromancer/Lyra or really late with Velen...also, it fills your hand even more, which can be bad...AND moreover, you can't really "search" it out when you need it
- the draw got a tad little worse, because of less tutor cards, but that has not been too big of an issue
- I haven't faced Baku Hunters since the change, but I suppose they should be harder to beat now without the 2nd Tar Creeper
- Speaking of Tar Creeper: Statistically, it is a really good card and this also matches my gut feeling. The card ensures win rates over 70% according to HSreplay, if you have it in your mulligan. I also have the feeling I win every game, where he can protect me at the start