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Sons of Arugal

  • Last updated Aug 10, 2018 (Boomsday)
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  • 25 Minions
  • 4 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Hand Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 12480
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/7/2018 (Patches Nerf)
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Sons of Arugal (video from Witchwood day 2)

The Game Plan - Tribe-based, Mid-range Tempo Hand Mage.

Step 1. Establish board control, with strong minions, and start putting on pressure:

Fire Fly, Pyros, Faerie Dragon, Nightmare Amalgam, and Tar Creeper.

Step 2. Back up early game board control with strong synergies and bodies:

Scaleworm, Twilight Drake, Leyline Manipulator, and Servant of Kalimos.

Step 3. Continue board domination while retaining a full/ large hand size:

  1. The Archmage Arugal draw synergy. He combos perfectly with Book of Specters, Research Project, and Stargazer Luna.
  2. Elemental Card Value. Elementals make more cards, such as Fire Fly, Pyros, and Servant of Kalimos.

Step 4. Take advantage of internal synergies for tempo swings (smallest to biggest):

  1. Twilight Drake, a 4/10 for (4) mana allows for some great control and consistent threat.
  2. Scaleworm, a Rush 5/4 for (4) mana, is crazy powerful, it's nearly a fireball but can also often remain a body on the board afterwards.
  3. Leyline Manipulator, discounts a large portion of the hand, allowing for crazy turns.
  4. Astromancer, large swing from hand synergy.
  5. Mountain Giant, having a large hand means you can normally play Giant for 3-4 mana.
  6. Luna's Pocket Galaxy, in order to overwhelm the opponent (when draw is considered).

Wombo Combo

Gain 1 Mana Crystal this turn only.Draw 3 cards. Discard any spells drawn.His mother said that he was just big boned. Epic Sax

Playing Mountain Giant turn 3 as 'Player 2' (with The Coin):

There are lots of variations, but the earliest 'Player 1' can play Mountain Giant is turn 4.

Mulligan Guide

Guide for specific cards:

Ongoing Refinements

The Witchwood:

Day One (refining mid-range)

    • -Twilight Drake x2 - As people have rightly pointed out, it disrupts elemental synergy, not worth it
    • -Blazecaller x2 - The tempo of this card is great, but not enough
    • -Cauldron Elemental x1 - The few times I got this to work it was amazing... but I was wrong after all.
    • +Glacial Shard x2 - Such a useful minion, especially for protecting high value minions, not for turn 1.
    • +Questing Adventurer x2 - Yes, really! All credit to: 'dyonthegrey1', who showed me the way.
    • +Servant of Kalimos x1 - Turns out that this is more valuable than Bonfire Elemental (Just!)

Day Three (going aggro):

    • -Arcane Intellect x2 - Intellect was a bad play without Archmage Arugal.
    • -Nightmare Amalgam x2 - Amalgam was underwhelming a good turn 3, but otherwise unplayable.
    • -Bonfire Elemental x2  - Servant was better than Bonfire and Bonfire was only good on turn 5,
    • +Shimmering Tempest x2 - Now that there is a lower cost focus, this is good as it adds a card to the hand.
    • +Knife Juggler x2 - As there are now so many 1 drops, brought in so that the deck performed better against paladin.
    • +Igneous Elemental x1 - Igneous brings two (worse) cards to hand but these can be discounted and has a 2/3 body, had the same effect on giant as Arcane Intellect.
    • +Cult Master x1 - Master draws like crazy, replacing Bonfire.

Day Four (back to mid-range):

Day Six (multi-tribe, is much more powerful, but may require tweaks):

    • -Mana Wyrm x2 – Good 1 Drop but now with only 1 spell in deck, has no place.
    • -Vicious Scalehide x2 – Lack of synergy.
    • -Primordial Glyph x2 – Space in deck has decreased.
    • -Voodoo Doll x1 – Better slots filler in either Polymorph or Spellbreaker.
    • -Zola the Gorgon x1 – This was really hard to do, but have to make cuts somewhere.
    • -Steam Surger x2 – Didn’t quite make the cut, but I may change my mind, it is fantastic.
    • -Countess Ashmore x1 – An experiment that didn’t pan out. I hope you guys appreciate the fact that I crafted this card just to try this for you.
    • -The Lich King x1 – Too high cost, for too low impact.
    • +Faerie Dragon x2 – Really nice, well stated and strong effect Dragon.
    • +Nightmare Amalgam x2 – Welcome back Amalgam! I missed you and now we have duel tribe, you are amazing.
    • +Scaleworm x2 – Does not grant dragon synergy, but is a fantastic card, and grants removal.
    • +Spellbreaker x1 – Really not sure about this or Polymorph, also not sure if I should make the sacrifice to have two of them…
    • +Twilight Drake x2 – Welcome back Drake! Now that you have Dragon and Hand synergy you are really strong.
    • +Bonfire Elemental x1 – Second one back into the deck, now that more draw is needed.
    • +Cobalt Scalebane x1 – would love to have 2 in, but 4 and 5 drops are contested slots.
    • +Wyrmguard x1 – Only need 1, but it can be the death stroke to aggressive decks, basically ensuring you can get to Frost Lich Jaina.

Day Seven (tweaks):

Day Ten (counter-meta tweak):

    • -Arcane Intellect x1 - Only actually need 1 for reliable draw (it appears).
    • +Tinkmaster Overspark x1 - Essentially because this is a 3 mana polymorph that isn't a spell and has a body (so not game loosing against paladin), essentially the purpose of this inclusion is to Transform a Voidlord, or any minion for a druid, into either a Squirrel or a Devilsaur (which because it is a beast, messes up druid).

 Boomsday Project:

Day Two (acquainting myself):

 Day Three (some realism and optimisation):

Thank you for reading!