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Install to Legend- Murloc Paladin Guide (Year o...

  • Last updated Apr 18, 2018 (Witchwood)
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  • 25 Minions
  • 3 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Murloc Paladin
  • Crafting Cost: 2200
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/17/2018 (Patches Nerf)
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  • Sirsir
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Murlocadin was top-tier last year, and not a lot was lost from popular decklists when those sets rotated out.

It was also a fairly cheap high-tier deck, so its one of the best choices for an early build, since only a few replacements can start take it from strong Budget to Legendary worthy (in the right hands [Jk this deck is easy as hell]).

So without further ado, Murlocadin!

This deck is both Budget and Timeless, with a meager 2080 cost, only 1set of Classic epics, 4 sets of Classic rares, and anything thats not from Classic is a common.

It takes some time to get even the basic Murlocs together, so until you do you can pretty much do what you want until you get a large percentage of this decklist. You want mostly Classic packs with a few Un'goros. 

Crafting and packs

All pack purchases early on should be Classic packs. After you get most of the core cards (almost all of the commons) you want to start buying Un'goro. Witchwood packs TBD

Crafting should start with 1 copy of all Classic rares, expecting to get at least one copy in future packs. Theres not a whole lot as annoying as crafting a set of rares only to get another one in the very next pack.

Then, Righteous Protectors. In general you should avoid crafting Commons (terrible dust value) and save your dust for the Epics and some rares, but you won't be getting any Frozen Nights packs so... there you go.

After that get the Murloc Warleader and your budget deck is good to go!

From Install to Budget

Good cards to replace some missing murlocs. If you can't fill a deck with these cards and whats on the list, don't bother.

Consecration, Hammer of Wrath, Light's Justice, Hand of Protection, Blessing of Might, any cheap unlisted Murlocs 

From Budget to Legend

What to craft and replace, in approximate order. 

Murloc Tidehunter -> Call to Arms

Surprise board presence! Likely to be a key card in many Paladin decks during its lifetime, just a strong card in general. Worth crafting first since its never a dead card, unlike the other epic you craft.

Grimscale Oracle -> Gentle Megasaur

Megasaur is your backbreaker. It turns a spooky field of fish into an intimidating one, and an intimidating field into a game ender. Kind of a dead card if you have no board. Maybe only craft 1 until you have all the other non-Legendaries.

Truesilver Champion -> Unidentified Maul

3 of the 4 forms of Maul buff your field, and the other one provides a field. There might something to be said for crafting this before the epics, if Truesilver itself wasn't such a good card... Stick to the epics first

1x Spellbreaker -> Legendary (preferably Sunkeeper Tarim) Could also be a hefty buff such as Spikeridged Steed, or more value, like Lay on Hands

Sunkeeper Tarim turns a board like no other. You can go from feeding your whole board into that one Lich King, to trading in one dude and slamming the enemy. You want this slot to be either value or board control. Preferably both. Tirion Fordring is one of the strongest classic Legendaries available, and Lich King is incredibly strong right now. As far as cheap options to hold you over until you get all that dust, Spikeridged Steed and Dinosize are good options for buffing something, and Lay on Hands is a good hail mary play


This deck is very simple to pilot from the word go.

Basically you want to get early board presence, and keep it through smart trades and board-wide buffs. 

Don't overextend into a board-wipe. You don't need more than 3-4 minions out to be a threat. 

Know when to trade and when to go hard to the face. This mostly depends on the matchups.

This deck doesn't do lategame. If it gets to 10 mana crystals, you're probably done. 

High Quality fish filets

Murloc Tidecaller- Don't underestimate this little minnow. He can grow into a big ol shark! (What do you mean I failed Biology class? :c) Get him a bunch of friends to boost his confidence and preferably send him off by trading into something big.

Hydrologist- A murloc with a secret for your trouble. The secret she provides can decide the game for you if you use it right.

Coldlight Seer- Remember when you thought that Consecrate was gonna wipe my board? Well now what? Making your fishes harder to kill is always a good thing.

Murloc Warleader- Turns a harmless little board of 3 murlocs swinging for 5, into 11 damage. Makes it harder to get value trades against you too, assuming you can keep this guy alive.

Primalfin Lookout- Whats better than murlocs? MORE MURLOCS! Seriously adding a card you don't have to draw is always nice.

Grimscale Oracle- A nice replacement for Gentle Megasaur, and functions quite similar to Murloc Warleader. Boosts a heavy board, not that good on its own.

Murloc Tidehunter- A nice replacement for Call to Arms. Puts multiple bodies on the field, your opponent has to deal with them or risk you comboing off of them.

Rockpool Hunter- See that murloc over there? We make it bigger. Preferably done with a positive trade in mind. Or just to fatten up a Tidecaller.

Bluegill Warrior- REALLY gets the value off of board buffs, and get immediate use of Call to Arms

Nightmare Amalgam- Beefy body, decent early/midgame card that is easy to play off of. 

That ain't Murloc

Righteous Protector- Keeps a big-bodied enemy (or a weapon) from sweeping your board for long enough to get some buffs going. 

Dire Wolf Alpha- Turn that innocent little turn 2 Tidehunter from 3 damage to 5. If you can trade in such a way you can proc it on more than 2 allies via trading them in, so much the better. Remember, positioning matters in Hearthstone!

Knife Juggler- Goes with minion spam like Cheese on Ham. Can very often save you from having to spend an extra dude to get that ONE health point...

Truesilver Champion- A Basic card that stands the test of time. This card is just raw power, 8 damage total with 4 healing. Mostly used to break mid health taunts. Never go face with it unless its to bring them to lethal. 

Divine Favor- Murloc decks (and rush decks in general) tend to run out of steam. If your opponent is keeping a big hand, you can get a lot of momentum back. If not... at least you're both out of steam. You can always get a couple of cards out of it.

Spellbreaker- Big mid-game taunt minion? Minion with a spooky effect that has to be dealt with? Silence it and do more face.

Rebuke- Shut down your opponents ability to boardwipe for a turn, then go for a big swing with Warleader or Megasaur. Needs testing

Sound the Bells- For one card, fills out a turn doing surgical buffs. Good play for turn 6 and past. Even without a board, at turn 10 this topdeck is a 5/9 Silver Hand Recruit. 


Awesome video by KiwiinBacon, showcasing this deck at Legend level 

Note this is meant to be after the older sets (Old Gods, Karazan, and Gadgetzan) rotate out

To be added

Witchwood cards (c'monnnnn 1drop murloc!)  With all Witchwood cards revealed, there are only 3 possible cards to consider, Nightmare Amalgam, Sound the Bells, and Rebuke. There were only 2 murlocs revealed this set, and one is Shaman only T_T

Possible meta changes