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Control Cubelock (Guide NOW)

  • Last updated Mar 2, 2018 (Patches Nerf)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Tavern Brawl
  • Deck Archetype: Cubelock
  • Brawl: The Wild Brawliseum
  • Crafting Cost: 11440
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 3/1/2018 (Patches Nerf)
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Hello, my name is Zirpac (Zirpac#1819) im an average player of Argentina and today im gonna show you my amazing Cubelock WILD deck.

Im so proud about this deck that i made, i got very good match ups in this tabern. Went 5-2 and then i got 7 wins in a row for an amazing 12-2!

I had a really good moment with this deck and i enjoyed to play it a lot, hope you guys can try it THANKS FOR THE 50 LIKES! WE DID IT BOYS!


https://imgur.com/a/pxyw5 (12 wins)
https://imgur.com/a/tay4S (12 wins rewards) 



Shaman 3-0

Priest 1-0

Mage 4-2

Paladin 3-0

Warlock 1-0

  • 10 Upvotes for Mulligans
  • 20 Upvotes for Strategies

Hope you can help me to get those upvotes so i can make a full guide of this amazing deck!

If u need help to replace cards just let me know in the comments, and also please comment how were you doing with the deck. Peace! 

Mulligans and Strategies

VS. Mage

Difficulty: HARD

Mostly of the Mages in this tabern are aggro. This means that you will need a really good board clears and removals, and obviously survive.

In this match up we will need always to keep:

Dark bomb: this card will help us to clean cards like Kirin Tor Mage/card] [card]Medivh's Valet Arcanologist and a key card of the mage Mana Wyrm

Cards like Defile and Hellfire will help a lot in this match up, Defile sometimes is really good when the mage plays a Kabal Lackey or Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Sometimes if you have VoidcallerVoidlord i really recommend to keep them, mostly of the match ups the mage has Explosive Runes in the early. This secret will do 6 damage to our Voidcaller/card] and we will have a huge boy in our side then [card]Voidlord. This will be almost gg if we can control the board later that.

Sometimes Kobold LibrarianLesser Amethyst Spellstone is a really good combo, the little Kobold will disturb the mage, if our opponent dont ping this minion we can kill a Sorcerer's Apprentice  or another minion. If he pings our minion, he will waste 2 mana and a turn 2. That will be really amazing for us, cuz the mage will not have much minions.
And also our spellstone will deal 5 damage + lifesteal to a big boy in turn 4

A variant of this deck is Mistress of Mixtures this card against mage will be amazing for the mulligan, is a 2/2 and can trade most of the minions of this mage for a good Defile this also will heals you 4HP.

BEWARE OF Potion of Polymorph when you use the strat of Voidcaller

This mage variant dont play with Counterspell so, dont play around it and play smart.

What i mean playing ¨smart¨? 
If you dont even need to use your hero power Life Tap, please dont use it. That is almost -2 HP every turn!

If you controlled the board just be carefull with Life Tap and play smart the Dark Pact (x2)

 VS. Paladin

Difficulty: EASY

Mostly of the Paladins in this tabern will be aggro decks. Some variants of the Secret Paladin with the Mysterious Challenger, some murlocs variant with Finja, the Flying Star and you can also see the new meta deck: Dudeadin with the big Sunkeeper Tarim

In this match up we will need always to keep:

Defile extremely good card in this match up, this will easily clear a entire board of paladin. Paladin hero power adds a 1/1 minion in the field, that means Defile will activate twice and will deal a lot of damage to the entire board.
Sometimes you dont need to use an early Defile, just play smart and wait the exact moment to kill all or the mostly minions that you can.

Hellfire such a nice card in this match up! This card will five us a huge removal, it deals 3 damage to ALL the minions.
Paladin has a really good turn 4 Call to Arms this will fill the board with little minions, here our Hellfire will be really usefull, or instead this beatiful card, our best friend: Defile

As i said for mage as well, our mulligan can be those spells or just a VoidcallerVoidlord this combo is amazing if u can kill the voidcaller trading to another minion or using Dark Pact. Mostly of this match ups, if you have this big boy in the field is an insta concede of your opponent.

Misstress of Mixtures will be a really good option to keep if you are using it, it will be amazing cuz is trading really well in early game

Dark Bomb will not help too much in this match up, so dont keep it!


  • Dont Life Tap too much in early game when you have already the removals
  • Be carefull with turn 6, most of the paladins have Sunkeeper Tarim, try to removal all the minions in turn 5
  • Use our usefull strategy whenever u can Possessed LackeyDark Pact
  • CUBE ALWAYS Voidlord whenever u can!

VS. Shaman

Difficulty: MEDIUM

Mostly of the Shamans in this tabern are aggro, this deck contains a lor of burst damage and big overload minions Flamewreathed FacelessTotem Golem and a little disturbing Tunnel Trogg

In this match up we will need always to keep:

Darkbomb our best card in this match up, we will use it to kill the Tunnel Trogg in turn 2 if possible.
As we know, this minion gets +1 ATK per locked mana crystal, that means, every overload will +1 his ATK. Dark Bomb will kill this little kid.

As every aggro deck we will need some board clears Defile sometimes is really good for mulligan, this will help us to clean the board
Note: Shaman has Jade Claws this will summon a 1/1 Jade, in this case we will use Defile to kill it and some of the other board, minions like Whirling Zap-o-matic will die as well.

Another good board clear as we know is Hellfire ALWAYS KEEP IT this will really help us to clean minions like Tunnel Trogg card]Whirling Zap-o-matic[/card] and Feral Spirit wolves


Situational you are looking for Lesser Amethyst Spellstone in midgame, our objective will be UPGRADE it to kill the big Flamewreathed Faceless

You will looking for an early Voidlord so, if u can keep VoidcallerVoidlord DO IT this will be preety hard to clean for the shaman cuz they are not running Hex or Devolve

As soon you canm looking for our special combo Possessed LackeyDark Pact to put a free demon in the field

  • Dont Life Tap too much, be smart and play smart, this deck can deal a lot of damage in a turn!
  • Try to upgrade the spellstone to kill the big boys Flamewreathed Faceless
  • Carefull against Doomhammer this card is pretty strong with the combo Rockbitter Weapon (sometimes variants of shamans are running it)


VS. Priest

Difficulty: MEDIUM/HARD

There are a lot of variants of priest right now, to be honest the hard one will be the Big Priest and sometimes the Combo Priest list; I played against Spiteful and it wasnt a big deal, just board clears and playing around his cards.

Our mulligan against priest will be:

This is used to be a control match up, but there are a lot of variants of priest in this meta, so carefull
Mostly we will looking for Possessed Lackey, this will give us a demon to dodge some damage if its big priest

If you think you are playing against Spiteful, just go for the value. Keep Hellfire Dark bomb to control the field.

If it's Spiteful, take care of turn 6 Spiteful Summoner will summon a big boy, in this case you will be looking for a huge taunt or something to kill it, try to play like tempo and use your Life Tap smart, wait to turn 8 and just Twisting Nether

Hard looking for Gul'Dan and Nzoth, cuz this priest has Mind Control be careful and play around it!

In this match up against combo priest, you cant do anything, if he has a god hand it will be almost gg and an instalose for you, so try to keep Dark bomb to clear Northshire Cleric or Radiant Elemental
As we know, if the priest doesnt have minions in the board, he cant OTK you, so, try to control all the board and be carefull with the silences.

In the big priest match up just try to play in tempo and playing around all the resurrects spells.
Remember that he has Diamond Spellstone in turn 7, so keep your Twisting Nether

If you are running Sylvanas Windrunner will be almost gg for you, try to get her early in turn 6 to control their minions, try to combo with Carnivorous Cube or Prince Taldaram for an insane value!


 VS. Warlock

Difficulty: HARD

This match up is really hard and almostyou get fatigue most of the time, there are a lot of variants of warlock, our enemy is Rin, the First Disciple

If you think is zoo, just keep always our early removals Defile Hellfire and Darkbomb

As soon you can, try to get a Possessed Lackey to the field and get value on it, this will be almost gg if Voidlord comes.

Now the hard match up, Control Warlock: (Tips)

  • Be carefull with Rin, the First Disciple, he will try to kill her by hymself
  • Always take care of playing N'Zoth or Gul'Dan (Most of the Warlock lists has x2 Twisting Nether)
  • Try to get an insane value of your cubes and put the pressure one with Doomguards
  • Take your weapon as soon possible Skull of Man'ari
  • Carefull with your Life Tap, try to dont get fatigue too easily, remember that you are cycling cards with Possessed Lackey and Voidcaller

As mulligan, just go hard for Possessed Lackey + Dark Pact or demons and Skull of Man'ari, try to get pressure with Doomguards and cube them fast, REMEMBER to cube them if u can kill the Carnivorous Cube with Dark Pact. Some lists of control warlock has Spellbreaker

Try to get value of our key card Mal'Ganis this is insane against the mirror, you can get a lot of power
And remember that you have a special weapon Power Overwhelming this sometimes can be a surprise for a lethal!

 I hope you guys enjoyed, thanks for all the views and the upvotes! You guys are insane <3

(Sorry for the other match ups but i didnt found any hunter and rogue)

Card Replacements

Emperor Thaurissan ► Prince TaldaramSylvanas Windrunner

Power Overwhelming ► Mistress of Mixtures (if too much aggro) / Youthful BrewmasterGnomeferatu (if too much control)

Skull of the Man'ari ► Sylvanas WindrunnerPrince TaldaramMistress of Mixtures

Mal'Ganis ► Sylvanas WindrunnerMistress of MixturesCairne Bloodhoof

Faceless Manipulator ► Prince Taldaram

Darkbomb ► Gnomeferatu (if too much control) / Mistress of Mixtures (if too much aggro) 


Faceless ManipulatorPrince Taldaram

Emperor ThaurissanSylvanas Windrunner

¨It's not an easy deck to play and mistakes will definitely punish you¨

                                                                                                                                    Zirpac#1819 (NA)