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Easy Legend Keleseth Priest - Nightknight

  • Last updated Mar 5, 2018 (Patches Nerf)
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  • 26 Minions
  • 4 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Spiteful Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 7400
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/27/2018 (Patches Nerf)
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Hi, I'm a mobile player and usually do not play more than several games a day during commute hours. Normally I just play for fun as I cannot come up with more than 200 games a month. However, this unique deck created by me was doing tremendously well in this meta. I reached legend starting from rank 18 this month. On the way to legend, I hit a win streak from rank 10 to rank 5 without losing a single game. I only ran into a bit of trouble on rank 1, losing to Paladins multiple times. In the end, I queued into several Warlocks/Priests in a row and hit legend.

This deck deals particularly well with Cubelock, Control lock, Secret mage and all variants of Priests. Its only weakness is vs Paladin and needs to tech differently in a Paladin heavy meta. The unique inclusion of Prince Keleseth and Stoneskin Basilisk in a Spiteful Priest deck often wows the opponent when played. 



This is highly dependent on the matchup, but you always keep Prince Keleseth in your starting hand for obvious reasons. In general you would want to mulligan for your win condition vs control and board clear vs aggro.

Warlock (Control/Cube)

You need:


Priest (Spiteful, Big Priest, Dragon Control, Combo)

You need:


 Mage (Tempo, Secret)

You need:


 Druid (Jade, Big Spell)

You need:


Paladin, Rogue, Shaman, Hunter, Warrior

You need:



Card Choices

The core of the deck is still Spiteful Priest. I started to play Spiteful Priest this season as I just crafted Grand Archivist. But I was not satisfied with the weak early turns and started to make tweaks to it. Both Shadow Ascendant and Netherspite Historian are low impact cards on turn 2 by themselves. So I removed them altogether and replaced with Prince Keleseth instead. With 3 extra slots in the deck, I'm free to put in some additional impactful cards.

With no 2 mana cards other than Prince Keleseth, this requires a strong turn 3 to prevent it being overrun by aggro. So I included 2x Tar Creeper and 2x Stonehill Defender to slow down the aggression with taunts in early to mid game.

As I ranked up, I found myself reluctant to waste damage on Voidlord midgame. Stoneskin Basilisk was included for removal. As I played more, I discovered that Stoneskin Basilisk into Kabal Talonpriest is a monstrous start for any aggro or control deck to deal with.

I intend to optimize this deck to win almost all games vs Priests and Warlocks. Aggro Paladins are impossible to beat if they have a insane starting hand. Rather than tech heavily to increase the odds slightly vs Aggro Paladins, I prefer to focus tech cards on increasing the winning odds from 60% to 90% in control matchups.

Tech Cards

  • Spellbreaker - Should always be included unless Control Warlock vanishes from the meta.
  • Harrison Jones - is tech against Mage. There were many secret mages from rank 10-5. The card usually seals the deal on turn 5 if it is triggered. Sometimes Warlock plays Skull of the Man'ari on turn 5 too. Gluttonous Ooze is a good replacement if you do not have the card.
  • Stoneskin Basilisk - Serves as removal for big minions vs control and slows down opponent vs tempo. 
  • Cabal Shadow Priest - I found that I was not able to consistently draw the Spellbreaker before turn 5, even though I included 2 copies in this deck. This provides a third way to remove the Possessed Lackey without triggering its deathrattle.
  • Medivh, the Guardian - This is a win condition vs all control decks, especially control warlock. Control warlock can have up to 2 copies of Twisting Nether and 2 copies of Siphon Soul. It ensures that we are constantly making threats that the opponent has to remove.

Other Possible Tech Cards

  • Twilight Acolyte - Stoneskin Basilisk serves the same purpose and does the job better removing big threats. In addition, Twilight Acolyte is not a dragon itself and requires a trigger.
  • Psychic Scream - I tested it for a while and felt it was only useful sometimes to remove the full board by Paladin or Warlock. However, I really hated the idea of shuffling cards back to Warlock's deck.
  • Dragonfire Potion - Same as Psychic Screen. It's too late to play it vs Aggro decks. And it's not as impactful vs Priests as they have all the dragons.
  • Ysera - Even though the deck cuts 2 x Netherspite Historian. Dragon synergy still can be reliably triggered. It does not need another Dragon in the deck. Medivh already provides the late game value and it does not need any more value from Ysera
  • Curious Glimmerroot - This card is not impactful on turn 3. I would rather play Tar Creeper to stop the aggression on turn 3. The card draw may steal you a Drakonid Operative sometimes. However, the extra value is not needed in this deck.
  • Grand Archivist - It lacks the consistency that I desire. Often when I want to Mind Control a Voidlord, it casts a Free From Amber instead. It occasionally wastes the FFA by picking an inferior minion like C'Thun or Bonemare. After it's played, Spiteful Summoner becomes weaker as there may be no more spells left in the deck.

Card Substitutes


Matchup Tips

In general you should aim to cheat tempo by playing a Spiteful Summoner as early as possible vs control. You have a lot of value in the deck so do not ever worry about running out of resources. vs aggro you should protect your face at all costs. Once you can stabilize with Duskbreaker or taunts, you should have the game in the bag.


Warlock is usually Control lock, Cubelock or Zoolock. Similar Strategies are adopted against the first two. Given many mid-size taunts and 2 x Duskbreaker in the deck, Zoolock is easy to deal with so I will not cover here.


You have two chances of beating a Control lock. The first is during the midgame as you continue to make big threats from turn 5/6 to turn 9. Do not overextend the board as they are likely to have Defile, Hellfire and Twisting Nether. Silence the Possessed Lackey at all costs. If they have a Voidlord out, try to kill it ASAP to prevent it being copied or cubed.  Your primary goal here is to prevent them from summoning and killing Voidlord and push as much face damage as possible.  


Approaching turn 10, Control lock may resurrect the Voidlord with N'Zoth, the Corruptor and Bloodreaver Gul'dan. Save your 2 Mind Control and take their Voidlord as soon as they are resurrected. Save your Duskbreaker to clear full board of Voidwalker. Steal one or two Twisting Nether to assist your board clears.  Exhaust their removals by putting one big threat on the board each time. Your primary goal here to hold on until they run out of cards. 


Priest has many variants. Spiteful Priest and Dragon Control Priest are most popular. Traditionally whoever gets Spiteful Summoner first with good RNG wins the match in the mirror. However, due to the inclusion of Stoneskin Basilisk, you have a chance to neutralize their big minion and come back even if you do not draw your Spiteful Summoner early. With additional value from Medivh, you are heavily favored in this matchup. 


Some Priests run OTK combos. Just focus on clearing their board every turn to stop them making big minions. Be mindful dropping high health minions unless you have taunts in the way. It should be easy to deal with as you have much more value than them.


Secret mage is the mainstream. They typically have some ways of cheating tempo and playing secrets. It's a easy matchup as long as you have a good Duskbreaker clear. You also have multiple taunts to stop their aggression if you did not draw the Duskbreaker. Save the Harrison Jones on mulligan for the Aluneth. You wins the game by exhausting all their cards in hand.


This is a tough matchup vs either Murlock Paladin or Dude Paladin. You should have a chance if they do not have an insane start. Duskbreaker and taunts are main ways to stop their aggression. Attempt to clear the board always until they run out of steam. You win by building a big board. 

Pro tips:

If you still have a hard time with Paladins, Replaced 2x Stoneskin Basilisk with 2x Lone Champion. In this case I will intentionally not play Northshire Cleric on turn 1 with Lone Champion in hand. 


Jade Druid is fairly weak in first few turns. Try to slow down their ramp with Stoneskin Basilisk. Once you have a good Spiteful Summoner or Medivh turn, pushes as much face damage as you can. You can close out pretty fast without the aid from Skulking Geist.


Miracle Rogue can cheat tempo in first few turns. Again Tar Creeper and Duskbreaker are your best friends. Once you survive and stabilize, it should be smooth sailing from there.

vs Kingsbane Rogue, you need control the early game and avoid trading at all. Once they buffed the blade up to 5+ attack with life leech, it's difficult to rush them down.  


The only viable archetype is Spell Hunter. Save the Duskbreaker for the Lesser Emerald Spellstone. Feel free to extend the board as they have a hard time clearing multiple minions.


I've seem mostly Jade evolve Shaman. Make good trades and prevent them from having a good evolve. It should be easy matchup for you.


Is this a class? Maybe in the secret cow level?



Kudos to kiwiinbacon for making a video showcasing the deck below. It contains 4 games vs Mage, Paladin, Priest, Druid. Please check out his channel for other deck showcase videos.



Rank 5 to Legend Strategies

Climbing from rank 5 to legend efficiently requires you to read the meta and react to it. Yes you can climb with any good meta deck but the overall win rate would only hover around 50%-60% if you do not react to the meta. It would take many games to grind through even with a fast deck.

There are usually mini meta pockets within the ranks. The meta is vastly different within the pocket. Tech and react quickly within the pocket secures a consistently high win rate for you. In general, from rank 5 to rank 4 there is usually a meta pocket. And another meta pocket occurs from rank 1 to legend. Swapping 1-2 tech cards in your deck often drastically changes your win rate against a certain class.


Understand that our deck is primarily targeting Warlock and Priest. It's a greedy control deck that outvalues everything else. Its only weakness is the early game as we sacrifice the 2 drops. We do not have a lot of removals in the deck due to big spells. If the meta consists of fast decks, we can counter them with more mid-size taunt or tempo swing on turn 3 or turn 4. With only 2 board clears in the deck,  try to save it for a bigger clear unless you have to. It's usually preferred to play taunts to delay their aggression rather than the Duskbreaker at first chance. 


For example, if you enter a meta pocket flooded with Paladins, try to cut 2x Stoneskin Basilisk and add 2x Lone Champion. It takes several hits to take down the Lone Champion on turn 3 and it can serve as a mini-board clear. Other taunts or temp swings such as Saronite Chain Gang can be considered as well if the meta is even faster. 


The tech cards slots are Stoneskin Basilisk, Harrison Jones, Spellbreaker, and Cabal Shadow Priest. Read the meta and swap cards in/out accordingly ensures you a fast climb experience. 


Sometimes meta can become extremely hostile. I ran into 8 Dude/Murloc Paladins in a row when playing this deck at rank 1. I lost to all of them and my rank dropped to rank 3. Rather than tech more against Paladins, I picked Murloc Paladin to counter the Dude Paladin in the meta. With another win streak, I quickly got back to rank 1. Then the meta is hostile to Paladin again and I swapped back to this Keleseth Priest deck which got me to legend eventually.


Playing a control deck requires a lot of skills allocating your resources. It is not as easy to pilot as an aggro deck. Have some patience and good luck with your legend climb! 


Legend Rank

Meta in legend was quite chaotic. Some of the uncommon decks started to show up at bottom of ladder. Meta shifted frequently and I often ran into a different meta on a second day. It's a game of a rock paper scissors and you always want to stay ahead of the crowd. If you would like to enter high legend, I would recommend to attempt in a single setting to maximize your success. I was personally unable to devote that much time so I only played casually at the bottom half of the legend ranks.

Here are some of my observations:

  • Secret mage dropped in popularity significantly. So I cut Harrison Jones for Saronite Chain Gang. Sometimes when I needed weapon destruction again, I included Gluttonous Ooze instead.
  • To my surprise, I did not encounter a lot of Paladins in the last few days of ladder. Maybe people focused less on ladder climbing but more on fun in legend ranks.
  • Kingsbane Rogue was much more prevalent than in non-legend ranks, though it was still not mainstream. I started to mulligan very aggressively against them for better results.
  • At one point I replaced 2x Stoneskin Basilisk with 2x Lone Champion or 2x Saronite Chain Gang. Think Lone Champion is better vs Murlocdin and Saronite Chain Gang is better vs Dudedin.
  • In the end I put back Stoneskin Basilisk in the deck as it was quite powerful in a lot of matchups. I ended up swapping Spellbreaker with defensive cards depending on Paladin/Warlock population. 


Next Steps

Try it out yourself and I would be glad to hear any feedback or suggestions. Thank you all for your support! Your support is my motivation!

  • with 10 likes i will post mulligan guide (Done)
  • with 20 likes i will post tech choices and reason behind card choices. (Done)
  • With 40 likes I will add matchup strategies. (Done)
  • With 60 likes I will add tips that I used to boost my winrate from rank 5 to legend. (Done)
  • With 100 likes I will add my latest adjustments to the deck dealing with the meta in legend ranks. (Done)

Below is the screenshot on my phone against a control Warlock just before I reached legend.

Proof to Legend

Thank you all again for your support. I would love to see you succeed with this deck!