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(TOP 6 LEGEND)Tyler's Secret Paladin

  • Last updated Mar 1, 2018 (Patches Nerf)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Secret Paladin
  • Crafting Cost: 7660
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 2/21/2018 (Patches Nerf)
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IMPORTANT:To anyone claiming I stole this deck and I'm baiting everyone, you are wrong. Not sure what u want me to say to prove I made this deck, but I aint gonna come on here and lie about making it. Someone said the deck was trending a week ago on hsreplay. That's some bs and completely false. I just made this post a week ago and I barely played the deck with a deck tracker enough for it to be posted on the hsreplay stats. It makes me really ticked off and mad when someone said I'm baiting everyone into thinking I made the deck. Sorry about this long-winded message it just makes me mad

"That's not the reason it's bait. It's clearly not your deck. You are trying to claim ownership of something that does not belong to you. You are the only person stealing credit. "Your" deck had been trending as the #1 winrate deck in hsreplay for nearly a week before you caught on and decided to steal credit and post it to hearthpwn. You are not talking to the people on hearthpwn who will take you by your word. You are talking to people who are up to date with the day to day meta and know what they are talking about."


UPDATE:  I wanted to let everyone know that this deck has the highest winrate currently recorded on hsreplay.net!! That's So Surreal to me and its crazy how far this deck has gone!! 71.3% Global Winrate with over 3.5k games!! Thanks to everyone who has supported this deck :D 

Heres a picture of what I am talking about :D


Highest Rank Achieved So Far: 6


I didn't use a deck tracker, but I believe my winrate was around 70%-80% (to legend of course). Enjoy! Climbed from Rank 5 - Legend in probably >100 games. Hopefully this deck spreads!

As promised, heres a better mulligan guide!

Mulligan Guide:

High Roll Decks (I.E. Giants, Big Priest, etc.):

Look to either kill them before their "big turn" or very near to it. Decks like these can come back with their excessive AOEs which are a huge threat to this deck, namely Big Priest. Against Big Priest, they will almost always play Barnes on 4 or coin it if possible. That means you need to be prepared to kill what comes out or kill him before he resurrects a bunch more. If the player pulls out an Obsidian Statue, try to silence it and go face, as for most minions. If he hits Ragnaros, However, go all face. Don't kill rag as he isn't inherently a threat, especially with 5 or so 1/1s on the board. Ideally, your starting hand would consist of a couple of the following cards:

Righteous Protector, Finley, Shielded MiniBot, Muster for Battle, Call to Arms.

Cards you should keep sometimes: Knife Juggler w/ Muster for Battle/Call to Arms, Spell Breaker with a strong opener, Divine favor (I wouldn't, but you can if you are confident that you will not get a 3 drop or have enough cards to beat them down.)

So ideally you are curving 1 into 2 into 3 into 4, just like usual. The idea of the deck is to subtly play around AOE without really holding back power. Like if you think the opponent has defile, try to give him a worse defile, by killing a 1 health minion over trading a divine shield minion or something similar.

Against Giants Warlock I would recommend to assume they have a really weak opener and play off of that. I win a lot just because they don't have Naga or any of their oppressive cards. However, if they flood the board with Giants, It should be YOUR #1 PRIORITY to remove that Naga. Leaving it up can give them the ability to drop an early Voidlord/Guldan and no one wants that. Avoid the pain and struggle by removing it if possible. Use silence to get through their big demon boys and smack em up as much as you can. Tarim is a liability in this match up, but I wouldn't recommend holding him off Muligan. You can if you want, but remember that you are essentially playing with one less card, which can severely weaken the power level of Tarim. If you don't have Tarim when the Giant Apocalypse strikes, abuse the crap out of Noble Sacrifices and try to keep up as many Taunts as possible. Try to even play redemption out with a Righteous Protector, so that when they kill it, you get another 16 damage meat shield. Loatheb is also a really good win-more card, and can lock down the game against this Deck and Big Priest if timed correctly. Spam Loatheb against giants because you aren't going to be able to hold it for forever, but try to play it going into a Big Priest's Shadow Essence/AOE Turn (Dragon Fire/Light Bomb/Psy Scream.

Aggro Decks (I.E. Shaman, CTA Paladin, Secret Mage, etc):

For everything but Secret mage, I would recommend just trying to stick a Knife Juggler and have him do the trading for you. Essentially, if you can go Righteous Protector into Knife Juggler into Something like MFB or CTA, then you almost always win from there. The power level of CTA in this deck is crazy, pulling out very powerful minions every time. I just want to quickly mention this, as it may not be common knowledge: If you have the option to trade a minion or use a weapon to kill another minion, always use the weapon. Keep those minions alive and you'll be golden. Also, Aggro Shaman can have really weird turns due to their Overload mechanic, which can give you a huge lead. Take advantage of their weak turns by going face and flooding the board as much as possible.

Secret Mage is very different from the others. They wont initially apply a lot of pressure with the board, but if you aren't careful, you may walk into their trap of burn spells.

It is imperative that you minimize the effects of Counter Spell and Explosive Ruins as much as possible. Waste their Counter Spell on a secret you may have drawn, and try to get their explosive ruins to trigger on a minion you may want to die (Haunted Creeper or Mad Scientist) or on a MiniBot if you would like. Just keep in mind when you swing a weapon into their minions, because their Burn is uncontested. Thalnos + Frost Bolt + Ice Lance x2 + Fireball is just one of their deadly combos that deals 21 damage. Yes it is 10 Mana, but most of the time you are lower than 21 hp.

Okay Guys, that's a couple of the hard match ups that I assume might be troubling everyone. If you have any questions just leave a comment and I will be sure to answer it as best I can!


Thanks to Jeleniowatyy for making this great guide on how to play this deck! Make sure to check him out!!


 Thanks to RNGStone for making this video guide! Its really helpful and even I learned from it. I would appreciate it if you guys would go check him out!