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[WILD] 70+% Winrate Aggro Shaman

  • Last updated Mar 8, 2018 (Patches Nerf)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Aggro Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 6060
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/24/2018 (Kobolds Patch)
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Hello guys

I've been trying out wild for a time now, and I've tried this deck to climb the ladder. 
If you're familiar with the old aggro shaman from a couple of months ago (which got a giant nerf), this deck really looks similar to it. 

New cards in this deck (compared to prevvious deck) it mainly Corridor Creeper. This Little guy is just so unbalanced, it's just an auto-fill in every aggro deck. Since the rise of a lot of cubelocks (even in wild) I've putted in (1) 2 Spellbreaker

The best card in the whole game (joke) Tunnel Trogg is definitely the strongest turn 1 play you could play as an aggro shaman. The potential to buff its attack to 2 with Totem Golem or Jade Claws makes this card so good.
Other good turn 1 plays are the Fire Fly, and ofcourse, Southsea Deckhand, which pulls Patches the Pirate right out of the deck.

Another card you want to keep is Totem Golem. No only is it a very solid 2-drop, it could buff your Tunnel Trogg if you're lucky enough to draw him. Just like Totem Golem, Jade Claws is also something you want to keep for the same reason.

Edit 1: Added +2x Crackle as suggested; -1 Bloodlust, -1 Maelstrom Portal

Edit 2 (Post-Nerf): Added +1x [card]Sir Finley Mrrgglton[/card] , +1x Spellbreaker, -2x Corridor Creeper

Edit 3 (Post-Nerf): Added Mech-Package, removed Pirate Package

(70+ winrate proof:)


+10 Upvotes: Tech Choices

Tech Choices/Budget Replacements

First of all, thank you for 10 upvotes! I hope you're doing well with this deck, because I've faced my own deck on the ladder and got smacked on turn 4 xD (tasted a piece of my own medicine), so here are some Tech cards/ cheap replacements you could put in your deck in case you don't have all the cards, etc.

Tech Choice #1 (VS Cubelock)
+1 Spellbreaker, -1 Maelstrom Portal. 

So if you're struggling or seeing a lot of Cubelocks in your games, you should consider putting a second Spellbreaker in your deck. This card has 2 options to be used: 
1. Getting rid of the taunt + deathrattle of Voidlord. This is the main idea of the card, to get past this giant taunt minion and keep smorcing. 
2. Silencing Possessed Lackey. In some scenarios your opponent will coin out this guy on turn 4, to try to get the Voidlord one turn earlier. However, you can just use Spellbeaker to silence it's deathrattle effect and ignore it for the rest of the game. 

After the nerf patch, a second Spellbreaker is already added to the deck as main card

Tech Choice #2 (VS Aggresive Token Decks)
+1 Maelstrom Portal, -1Aya Blackpaw/Bloodlust
Basically, I'm talking about deck like Zoolock, Aggrodin's, Aggro/Token Druid's, Tempo Rogue's, and Face Hunter's. A lot of deck run Haunted Creeper, so Maelstrom Portal does a good job destroying the 1/1's out of it. A lot of aggro decks run low health minions, so it's just so good in many occasions. Both Aya Blackpaw and Bloodlust are not so good against aggro, since Aya is a bit to slow, and if you have a wide board with this deck, you've already won that game against aggro probably.

Tech Choice #3 (VS Pirate Users)
+2 Golakka Crawler, -1 Spellbreaker, -1 Bloodlust
Basically, 80% of the aggro decks use Patches the Pirate, and to counter that, you just put 2 crabs in your deck that eats them. 
After nerfs: Pirates won't see that much play but you can still tech in some of these.

In many scenarios you're going to combine Choice #2 with #3 because they have a lot in common. The Reno meta in wild is sadly uncounterable, you need to have a Little bit of luck to win those matchups, but sadly there is no good tech card against reno yet (There are a couple one like The Darkness and Dirty Rat, but those cards are just completely useless against most of the other decks)

Budget/Cheap Replacements

Leeroy Jenkins: This card isn't the most important one in the deck, but it gives you a lot of lethal possibilities if you have a Flametongue Totem on the board. 
If you don't have Leeroy, don't worry I've covered up a couple of budget replacements:
1. Lava Burst: This card is still a main card in most of the Aggro Shaman versions, however, I don't like the part where you have overload 2. This card is good together with Tunnel Trogg, but if you're playing this to clear a minion, you're having a bad time. But ofcourse, the main purpose of this card is to go face for lethal or close to lethal, just like Leeroy. So it's just a different card in your deck, but it has the same purpose in the end.
2. Doomhammer: Also card with overload 2. But this time, you're playing a card that has more damage over time. In total you can deal 16 damage to face, which is not bad. But it can only deal 4 per turn (while Leeroy deals instantly 6 damage). 

Jade Claws/Weapons: Even though Jade Claws is a must have in this deck, there are a couple of weapons that might be good enough to 'replace' it:
1. Stormforged Axe: Same damage, +1 durability, Also buffs Tunnel Trogg, seems playable. Only downside is that you don't summon a Jade golem, which is not a huge problem, but most of the time it's just better if you summon one. 
2. Powermace: This card is in some versions of Aggro Shaman, but Always together with Whirling Zap-o-matic. If you really want to use these cards, go ahead and do it. It's better against control, but a little bit worse against aggro.
3. What about Spirit Claws and Hammer of Twilight?
Basically Spirit Claws is just bad after the nerf. If you don't agree with this you can try it out yourself, but it's just not playable. 
Hammer of Twilight is not bad, not good, just a mediocre card. But compared to Doomhammer, it just looks so low on value. Summoning a 4/2 might be strong, but it's so squishy and can be cleared easily, and a 5 mana 4/2 weapon is just slightly worse than Arcanite Reaper

Patches the Pirate/Whole pirate package: Although I would not recommend playing this deck without the Pirates, I would suggest playing the following replacements:
1. Dire Mole/Argent Squire: Both cards are just decent cards to put in an aggro deck. Diremole because it's an 1 mana 1/3 minion (survives enemy Patches trade, is good to play alongside Flametongue Totem)  and Argent Squire has the same reason, but instead of 3 health it has Divine shield. 
2. Feral Spirit: This card used to be a core card in this deck, because it had overload to buff Tunnel Trogg and it has taunt to protect it. If you compare this card to Saronite Chaing Gang right now, it's basically 1 mana cheaper, but it has overload 2. This card would make up for Southsea Captain.
3. Unbound Elemental: A card that has been forgotten, mainly because it's not as strong as Tunnel Trogg, but it would be a solid card to put in your deck if you're mising the Pirates. It synergizes well with all of your overload cards, it has mediocre stats if your play him, but sometimes you can play it directly together with an overload card to buff it instantly. 

So guys there you have it, I hope I've helped you a bit to climb the ladder, if you have more questions let me know in the comments, thank you for your attention! 

+25 Upvotes: Full Strategy Guide

1. VS Renodecks/Controldecks:
Renodecks are the most annoying decks to play against because if you don't finish your game before turn 6, you might lose the game instantly. The same goes for Controldecks, but most of the time they don't heal their face for 20+ at turn 6, but instead do something else like building a taunt-wall. 
You should try to snowball your board with Tunnel Trogg on turn 1 and try to follow it up with some overload synergy. Otherwise, try to set up a board with Bloodlust so you can finish your game before he can play Reno Jackson.
Keep cards that can attack face, don't keep cards like Maelstrom Portal.

2. VS Burn Mage:
Burn mage is one of the easy matchups for this class. There's no real strategy that you have to follow to beat this deck. Don't keep cards like Flametongue Totem and Spellbreaker since they are most of the time  useless. Try to play around secrets and keep your board healthy and you should be able to win the game easily. 
Sidenote: You could consider choosing some heal options from Finley to protect you face in some cases. 

3. Big/Resurrect Priest/Cubelock:
Sadly, you can't really do anything against this deck if they have Barnes on turn 4. The only thing you can hope for is that they get a bad hand and you can snowball your lead. Try to keep Spellbreaker so you can surpass taunt in some scenarios, but other than that, it's based on pure RNG wether you win this matchup or not. 
Against Cubelock, you mulligan like strategy 1, but also like here, you keep Spellbreaker.

4. Aggresive decks:
Keep the following cards: Every 1-mana card, Maelstrom Portal, Jade Claws and Totem Golem. Try to make good trades and maintain control over the board, once you're ahead, you should be able to snowball your lead. 

5. How to recognize what your opponent is playing?
First, I want to introduce you to this site that helps you understanding the wild meta: https://tempostorm.com/hearthstone/meta-snapshot/wild/2018-02-24. 
If you don't have time to look what your opponent could be, here is a quick summary on what you should do:

Warlock: 80% of the warlocks are slow-control style warlocks. So use strategy 1. 

Warrior: Hard to say, and actually a rare occasion that you find a Warrior on the ladder. 
The only deck you should be afraid of is Pirate Warrior, because you might get steamrolled if you have a bad opening. Slower-Warrior decks are usually draw-reliant, and should not be a problem at all for Shaman. Use strategy 4. 

Mage: There are currently 3 decks in Wild that Mage uses: Burn, Reno and Exodia. Exodia is a very rare occasion and it's an easy matchup anyway, The styles between Reno and Burn is different though, but I would use strategy 2 against Mage since most of them are just playing Burn Mage. 

Hunter: No control Hunters in the meta (or ever existed) just use strategy 4.

Paladin: Same for above, no control-styled decks at the moment, use strategy 4.

Druid: Most of them are Combo/Jade Druids, just use strategy 1.

Rogue: Since the nerf of Tempo Rogue, Rogue in general has seen a low amount of play in the meta. If you see one, just use strategy 4, because Mill Rogue is just a very good matchup.

Priest: This is the hardest one, since a lot of Priest decks are viable right now. First we have Dragon Combo Priest, could be considered as a Midrange deck. Then we also have Resurrect/Big Priest, which is explained how to deal with it above. Reno Priest still exists, but is rarely played. And last but not least, we still have Spiteful Priest, a deck that sees some play in both standard in wild. I would say try to mulligan against Resurrect Priest (strategy 3), because this deck is the most popular at the moment. 

Shaman: Mirror matchups are always 50-50, and there is no real strategy to play against your own deck, besides having a bit of luck to beat it.