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[80% WR RANK 5] Oil Pirate Rogue

  • Last updated Jan 27, 2018 (Kobolds Patch)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Pirate Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 8100
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/19/2018 (Kobolds Patch)
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    BananZabójca #2662

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Hi guys!

My name is Banan Zabójca and I present to you my favourite deck ever - wild Oil Pirate Rogue. It's a very aggresive deck which I reached rank 5 on wild a couple of times with ~80% WR.

It's more aggresive than Pirate Warrior and most of the time I win this deck turn 5-6, sometimes 4, and sometimes people conced at turn 2 or 3 :) Yes, this deck is very strong, but you have to think a lot playing it :)

I play this deck because I love pirates synergy and I hope that you'll enjoy this deck!
This deck is inspired by Reinan23 Oil Pirate Rogue.


The key to win the game this deck is a good mulligan.
Always keep Ship's Cannon - with this card you'll win 80-90% of the time.
Also always keep 1 mana Pirate and sometimes Kingsbane (if your hand already is good or you're starting with coin).
With Deadly Poison keep Dread Corsair/Bloodsail Raider.
With coin keep Shady Dealer.
If you have 1 and 2 mana cards keep Southsea Captain.
Most of the times other 1 mana Pirates are better than Southsea Deckhand.
Keep Backstab against other aggresive decks.

Card choices and replacements

No [card]Cavern Shinyfinder[/card] because it doesn't have any synergies in this deck. Kingsbane is only a dagger with 1 more durability (sometimes you can draw it again).

Shady Dealer is turn 2 (with coin) 5/4 minion, that's a good deal. I run only one to don't interrupt pirates synergy (he is not a pirate).

All cards are the core of this deck but you can try some replacements:
- Captain Greenskin -> [card]Runeforge Haunter[/card]
Kingsbane -> Shadowblade
Patches the Pirate -> Angry Chicken or change deck
- Shady Dealer -> Beneath the Grounds (to counter Highlander Priest) or Edwin VanCleef

Update: 27.01.2018

Best plays for turns 1-3

I'm very appreciete all of your upvotes and comments. Right now this deck is visible on the main page (class rogue) and as I promised here is the guide for turns 1-3.

Without coin:
Turn 1 - Kingsbane
Turn 2 - Deadly PoisonDread Corsair

Turn 1 - pass
Turn 2 - Dagger or Ship's Cannon
Turn 3 - Ship's Cannon + Swashburglar/Southsea Deckhand or Buccaneer + Dagger

Turn 1 - Buccaneer
Turn 2 - Dagger
Turn 3 - Shady Dealer or Southsea Captain

With coin:
Turn 1 - Coin + Ship's Cannon
Turn 2 - BuccaneerKingsbane

Turn 1 - Coin + Dagger
Turn 2 - Deadly PoisonDread Corsair

Turn 1 - 1 mana Pirate
Turn 2 - Coin + Shady Dealer/Southsea Captain

Turn 1 - Kingsbane
Turn 2 - Coin + Deadly PoisonBloodsail Raider

Remember that it's better keep another 1 mana pirate than Southsea Deckhand because turn 5 combo: Southsea Deckhand + [card]Tinker's Sharpsword Oil[/card].
If you have any idea what can be added to this guide just write a comment! ;)


MKR, dzięki za dodanie filmu z gry tą talią.
P.S. Tak, jestem Polakiem :)

Here is gameplay added by MKRR3 (in Polish). As you can see this deck works very good.

Have fun playing this deck!