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  • Last updated Jan 22, 2018 (Kobolds Patch)
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  • 13 Minions
  • 17 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Secret Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 6420
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/14/2018 (Kobolds Patch)
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Thanks for all the upvotes! Just played versus a guy that was playing my deck! Feelsgoodman Don't forget to comment down below any question you want answered! Also if anyone can teach me how to use hsreplay correctly please pm me.


-Added a video by KadakHS, a rank 5 player showcasing this deck in section 4:Strategy.

-Took one volcanic potion out to adjust for rank 5+ match ups.

-Added a proof and a video in section 4: Strategy.

INTRODUCTION: Hello everybody! I started playing hearthstone about 6 months ago. I got rank 5 the second month until I finally ended rank 1 last season. Unlike many hearthstone players I don't spend much money on the game, and I main only one class and that is mage. Sadly as everyone can notice, mage is in a very bad spot in the current meta, and climbing became harder with almost any class. And that what made an adept mage player like me think of creating this new meta deck.

WHY IS THIS BETTER THAN THE OTHER MAGE DECKS: The current secret mage lacks alot of draw and sustain, if you don't draw that Aluneth or had an insanely good hand you instantly lose. This deck can work as a control mage and a tempo in the same time, what makes it a meta breaker deck.

ABOUT THIS DECK/WHY DOES IT WORK: This deck surprisingly works really well in the current meta in the range or rank 10-3. It requires alot of skill and game knowledge to make good predictions and decisions. It's extremely good into warlock, priest and almost any aggro/tempo deck. This deck can work as a control deck where you survive using your unlimited resources with Medivh, the Guardian and Primordial Glyph or the Ice Block - Alexstrasza Combo. In the other hand it can snowball hard with Mana Wyrm, Counter Spell, Explosive Runes, Kabal Crystal Runner and Corridor Creeper.



-Mana Wyrm + Counterspell / Explosive Runes



-Early secrets or spells generally work versus the right class. Don't play secrets randomly, choose which one wisely.

-Don't pick more than 1-2 secrets in your starting hand

VERSUS AGGRO: Volcanic Potion / Mana Wyrm / Arcanologist / Frostbolt

VERSUS CONTROL: Mana Wyrm and Kirin Tor Mage + Counterspell / Primordial Glyph

SPECIAL CASES: Keep Mana Wyrm or Kirin Tor Mage for Counterspell versus Jade druid or Raza Priest.



Medivh, the Guardian Medivh is a core card in this deck since it gives lot of free resources. The point of playing it is to get a full board quickly just by playing spells that deal damage or clear the board. I don't suggest replacing it but if you want to, try Lich King/Taunt card or some spells that freeze/clear board.

Alexstrasza Really OP card, has great synergy with ice block if you are trying to survive or to burn down your enemy (Specially warlock or priest).

Corridor Creeper Good card against aggro. It gives clearing the enemy board while surviving a big boost (0-1 mana 5/5). However this can be replaced by Skulking Geist to counter Jade Druid.

Spellbreaker: Used in almost every single deck. It's good to dodge a nice taunt and rush face for a victory or to counter some warlock/priest minions and Edwin. This can be replaced by Polymorph to counter Cubelock or Medivh's Valet.

Volcanic Potion Very efficient versus aggro Druid/Paladin/Rogue. Helps you control the board and it's almost irreplaceable. You can take one copy out for Tar Creeper or Polymorph.

Primordial Glyph Good tool that can make you win a game. Don't be greedy, always pick the spell that helps you in the match up in the next 1-2-3 turns.


We are going to discuss how to play versus these classes that are frequently played in Ranked Standard.

-GENERAL:  Always use Explosive Runes versus Aggro-Temp and Counterspell versus Control. Don't play Ice Block right away. Don't use your spells to damage face unless you control the board or have an Ice Blockto defend you in the last turns of the game. Use spells and secrets to get advantage and push damage. Don't try playing alot of minions versus aggro, they will always win that way. Playing spells to clear get the priority. Summon your minions when they won't instantly die for nothing. 

-RAZAKUS PRIEST: Always play 1 or 2 minions on board. Try using Counterspell or Explosive Runes with Kirin Tor Mageor Mana Wyrm. If you have the coin abuse it for quick Counterspell. Try to always have damage on board. Don't worry if he heals alot of your damage or tries to kill you in one turn because you have Ice Blockand Alexstrasza. Don't use Medivh, the Guardian then Firelands Portal before he plays Shadowreaper Anduin. Always expect him at turn 8.

-SUMMONER PRIEST: Mana Wyrm and Arcanologist trade well versus this kind of priest. It's no point to play Counterspell before Turn 8 since he only runs big spells. Always use Explosive Runes when possible. Always try to get Polymorph or damage cards from Primordial Glyph. If you control the board you win easily. Always care of Duskbreaker at turn 4 so don't play all your 3 Hp minions in the same time.

 -JADE DRUID:  a bit hard match up but you win if you counter Nourish or Ultimate Infestation since your deck is much faster early on.

-AGGRO DRUID: Easy match up with early minions in hand and Volcanic Potion at turn 3-4-5. If not then keep trying to survive with your spells and minions until he runs out of card, then comes the power of this deck.

-CUBELOCK: Sadly as the strongest deck of the meta, Cubelock is hard to play versus. You have to predict his Hellfire at turn 4 and Twisting Nether at turn 8. Always try to play Counterspell and Explosive Runes to deal more damage. Playing like a tempo deck to kill him quickly is suggested.

-ZOOLOCK: Hard with Prince Keleseth Drop at turn 1/2 but winnable instead. Save Fireball for Darkshire Councilman and Doomguard. Use Explosive Runes any possible time, preferrably when you have minions on board.

-TEMPO ROGUE: Here comes Volcanic Potion for the rescue aswell as your 3 HP minions and Frostbolt. Always trade and control the board. PlayExplosive Runes. Care of Bonemare at turn 7.

-MILL ROGUE: Really easy match up. Rush face and defend your minions with Counterspell.

-FACE HUNTER: Easy match up with Volcanic Potion, Frostbolt and Secrets. Hard if only with minions.

-AGGRO PALADIN: Always clear the board and never give up, start taking control of the board slowly. Use your Ice Block + Alexstrasza combo to survive even more. Don't forget about Volcanic Potion.


Here is a photo uploaded by icemanbsb, a player that got rank 5 using this deck.

Here is an amazing video made by kiwiinbacon that explains the style of this deck and how to play with it.

Here is a video by KadakHS that showcases this deck and also, an extremely funny and rare moment.

Here is another great video made by games4days.


-Always aim for Mana Wyrm and Secret at turn 3 combo or turn 2 Coin + Kirin Tor Mage as that helps you take over the early game.

-Calculate enemy damage to know if you can damage face with spells/minions and remain alive while using Ice Block.

-Play Alexstrasza to heal yourself for 14 hp after the Ice Block pops up OR to reduce your enemy health and burn him with Fireball + Firelands Portal.

-Don't greed in making a huge board since nowadays cards like Twisting Nether and Dragonfire Potion exist, unless you know you can Counterspell easily. It's still better to only take over the board and play just enough minions to kill your enemy.

-Care of the enemy using the coin to remove your Counterspell.

-You can easily trade minions and regain ones using Medivh, the Guardian.

-Counterspell and Explosive Runes are very usefull versus control decks like Quest Mage , Razakus Priest and Warlock.

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