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KELESETH Elemental Evolution Shaman

  • Last updated Feb 10, 2018 (Patches Nerf)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Elemental Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 8780
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/1/2018 (Kobolds Patch)
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 The purpose of this deck is to use the best Elementals, with early tools for survive against aggro decks (Mistress of Mixtures, Hot Spring Guardian, Tar Creeper, Tidal Surge...) and tools for not running out of steam too fast against slow decks (Spirit Echo, Servant of Kalimos, Grumble, Worldshaker...) until you win with a powerful combo (Unstable Evolution, Prince Keleseth, Thrall, Deathseer...) or a strong board, or until your opponent run himself out of steam.

Aoe of this deckLightning StormVolcanoKalimos, Primal Lord.

Blasts of this deck: Earth Shock, Fire Plume PhoenixTidal SurgeFire Elemental.

Heal of this deck: Mistress of Mixtures, Hot Spring GuardianTidal SurgeThrall, Deathseer, Kalimos, Primal Lord.

Victory condition of this deckUnstable Evolution, early Prince Keleseth, strong board + Spirit Echo, Thrall, Deathseer, Kalimos, Primal Lord

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>> Earth Shock: This card is here for counter cards like Murlocs, Possessed Lackey, Carnivorous Cube, Rin, the First Disciple, Val'anyr... or help you to weaken the board against aggro decks by killing a one health minion (or two health minion with Spell Damage from yours Wrath of Air Totem). A nice way to by pass Taunt for finish your opponent. Try to use it ONLY when it's essential, because it's your only Silence.

>> Fire Fly: Two Elementals in one card! Can help to contest the board very early and make synergies easier. Flame Elemental are also very good with Thrall, Deathseer. Be careful: don't puke all your Flame Elemental too fast: try to use them for Servant of Kalimos and Kalimos, Primal Lord

>> Mistress of Mixtures: A minion for contest the board very early and help you to survive against aggro opponents. In emergency case, you can kill her yourself with your Fire Plume Phoenix and Fire Elemental.

>> Unstable Evolution: One of your victory condition. Useful in early game for pressure, when for example you will change a Turn 2 minion into a 5 mana minion the next turn, or a Turn 3 minion into a 7 mana minion the next turn. Can also be used for upgrade a small minion (Fire Fly, Totems...) in a huge threat in late-game. Don't be too greedy: when you use this spell, keep in mind the stats of the initial target and look the stats of what you get every time: if the upgrade is already very good, stop there, or else sometimes you will ruin everything! Here a list of some of the best and worse (stats or effects) outcome for every mana cost:

/!\ This card in not here for be used like a Evolve: you don't want to upgrade a little all your board, you want to upgrade a lot some of your minions, for save them from imminent death or make them a threat. Try to change target only when you have something very good.

 >>  Prince Keleseth: A key card of this deck. Can give you up to 34 bonus stats for your minions. If you can play him quickly, you gain a strong advantage: all you Taunt minions will become better and harder to by pass for aggro decks, and a lot of your mid-game minions will become threats by themselves (Servant of KalimosFire Elemental...) against slow decks. You can also play him several times with cards like Spirit Echo or Grumble, Worldshaker: suddenly, a lot of blasts and Weapons from your opponent will not be able to kill your minions anymore...

>> Hot Spring Guardian: Elemental, Taunt, Heal, what else? Nice in early-game against aggro, useful later even against slower decks for protecting your board and save some minions from imminent death.

>> Lightning Storm: Here for quick react against opponent's fast starting. Can be more dangerous with Spell Damage from yours Wrath of Air Totem. Use it wisely and be careful with Overload (2): do not bet too much on luck with this spell, or else keep a back up plan!

>> Mana Tide Totem: You only have few tools for draw, so try to hide him behind your Taunts, and be careful with over-draw because of Flame Elemental and Spirit Echo! You have board control and you want to force you opponent to make a difficult choice? Mana Tide Totem.

>> Spirit Echo: Your value card. With this, you will try to duplicate some minions according to your match-up. You face aggro deck? Try to save Mistress of Mixtures, Hot Spring Guardian or Tar Creeper. You face a slow deck, who want win a attrition war? Try to save your Servant of Kalimos, Grumble, Worldshaker or Kalimos, Primal Lord. You can duplicate some combo tools too, like Prince Keleseth. A nice way to counter aoe or board clear, and for not running out of steam too fast. Be careful to Silences, Devolve and Psychic Scream effects, and don't be too greedy!

>> Tar Creeper: Don't put pressure by himself, but a nice wall against aggro decks, and a annoying one versus slower decks. Another Elemental for synergies, and a nice way to protect your board. Can be game-winning against aggro decks with Prince Keleseth.

>> Fire Plume Phoenix: Elemental, good body for Evolve mechanics, and with his Battlecry and his stats you will sometimes kill two minions with him, or help your blasts & aoe to kill something bigger.

>> Hex: Doesn't need any explanations, it's your best tool. Try to keep them for the biggest threats in opponent's deck, like Doomguard, Tirion Fordring, Voidlord, Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound...

>> Tidal Surge: Against aggro, you can heal yourself AND reduce threats on board. Against slower decks you can kill a big target, and even bigger with Spell Damage from your Wrath of Air Totem. This card will never be a dead card in your hand. In emergency case, when your opponent don't have any minions but you need to heal yourself, you can use this spell on your own Totems from Totemic Call.

>> Thrall, Deathseer: One of your victory condition, once you have several minions on board against someone who struggle to deal with it, or when you start to run out of minions in your hand. Try to wait board clears and big aoe from your opponent before playing him, because Totemic Call is very useful in a lot of match-up.

>> Servant of Kalimos: A victory condition by himself: a lot of Elementals from Shaman class are powerful. So playing some of them, like Kalimos, Primal Lord, from outside your deck can be devastating, specialy in late-game. You can pick too what you need right now, like heal (Hot Spring Guardian, Hallazeal the Ascended), blasts (Fire Plume PhoenixFire Elemental, Blazecaller), combo piece (Fire Plume Harbinger, Murmuring Elemental, Grumble, Worldshaker) or Taunt (Tar Creeper, Earth Elemental, Stone Sentinel...).

>> Volcano: Your main "second chance" tool. Try to calculate how many health there is on board, and don't be afraid to make bad trades for be sure to kill all you want on opponent's board. Don't wait too long: another minion with high health from your opponent and you will sometimes don't kill anything anymore.

>> Fire Elemental: Elemental, threat, and a Battlecry who can kill a small minion or help to kill bigger one. Nice for trigger next turn synergie AND contest the board right now in the same turn.

>> Grumble, Worldshaker: Combo piece of this deck. You want to use him sometimes to save your board from imminent and wasted death, or for bring back in your hand some important combo / value cards like Prince Keleseth, Servant of Kalimos or Kalimos, Primal Lord, or just some good Battlecry minions for later use. Don't be too greedy: sometimes, save just two good minions can be enough for put your opponent under pressure or exhaust him.

>> Kalimos, Primal Lord: Your tool box: can be a threat AND a finish with Invocation of Fire, a board clear with Invocation of Air, a emergency heal with Invocation of Water or a nice set-up for Thrall, Deathseer or for up to six damages per turn against someone who don't have aoe anymore with Invocation of Earth. Try to always keep a Flame Elemental for him!

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Mulligan: Against aggro decks:

> Keep in starting hand Fire FlyMistress of Mixtures, Prince Keleseth, Hot Spring Guardian, Lightning Storm and Tar Creeper.

> If you face a very swarm aggro deck, you can try to keep Earth Shock or Volcano too.

> If you have The Coin, you can keep a Fire Plume Phoenix or a Tidal Surge too.

Against slow decks:

> Keep in starting hand Unstable Evolution, Prince Keleseth, Hot Spring GuardianMana Tide Totem, Tar Creeper.

> If you have some Turn 2 or 3 play, you can keep a Fire Plume Phoenix or a Tidal Surge too.


Possible changes: Too many aggro decks?

> Cut cards like 1x Unstable Evolution or Grumble, Worldshaker.

> Add cards like another Mistress of MixturesFeral Spirit or another Volcano.

Too many slow decks?

> Cut cards like Mistress of Mixtures or Lightning Storm.

> Add cards like a second Spirit EchoWhite Eyes, Blazecaller or Bonemare.