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[The Next Meta] - Malygod Rogue

  • Last updated Sep 16, 2014 (Naxx Launch)
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  • 12 Minions
  • 18 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 6460
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/12/2014 (Naxx Launch)
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Deck is on the front page! Thank you guys!


Blizzard announced the Leeroy Jenkins nerf, and now it cost 1 more mana. This effectively kills the 18+ dmg burst the old miracle rogue had. Now its back to good ole' Malygos. For those switching from normal Miracle, after the nerf Leeroy can be DEed for full price! Use it for your Malygos!

Malygos Rogue is a take on the most popular rogue deck, Miracle Rogue. The original Miracle Rogue relied on Gadgetzan Auctioneer to draw into the Leeroy Jenkins + 2x Shadowstep to do 18 dmg for 8 mana. With the upcoming nerf to Leeroy however, the maximum damage you can do in 1 turn is 12 dmg for 8 mana with just Leeroy and Shadowstep. Malygos Rouge, on the other hand, relies on the +5 spellpower from Malygos and damage spells (e.g. Eviscerate) to burst your opponent down. The great thing this about this deck is that you can burst them from behind their Taunts. Never again will Sludge Belcher get in the way of your road to Legend!

The Next Meta

This deck is built off my thoughts of the next Metagame. In my opinion; Zoo, Handlock, and Ramp Druid. These decks were all weakened by the surge of Huntard, but with the upcoming nerf to them, I'm sure they'll bounce right back into the Meta.(to be finished)

Card Explanations

Backstab: One of the best removal in the game. Use it the cycle with Gadgetzan Auctioneer or to remove that pesky Knife Juggler. One of the essential cards for winning the Zoo matchup

Preparation: The card that made Miracle what it is. Use it with Gadgetzan Auctioneer to draw 2 free cards. A must-have for this deck

Conceal: I run 2 of these. One of them is for Gadgetzan Auctioneer and the other is for Malygos. The earlier you can get Gadgetzan+Conceal, the earlier you win. However, Conceal can be a dead card in your hand if you don't have Gadgetzan. Also, on T10, you can play Malygos and conceal, protecting him from hard removal and silences and set you up for lethal next turn

Deadly Poison: +4 dmg for 1 mana. Use it for board clear or to hit face for lethal. Combo with Blade Flurry to wipe out that flooded Zoo board.

Sinister Strike: 3 dmg for 1 mana is already pretty good value. 8 dmg for 1 mana is insane value. Use it with Malygos  for crazy burst or Gadgetzan Auctioneer for card cycling in desperate situations.

Blade Flurry: One of the two AOE in this deck (the other being fan of knives). This card can win games, clearing the opponent's flooded board (silly Zoo) or bursting them from behind taunts. Although it does not say it, Blade Flurry IS affected by spellpower

Bloodmage Thalnos: Extreme value for 2 mana. Not only does it draw you a card, but it has +1 Spellpower, perfect for killing Sludge Belcher with Eviscerate.

Eviscerate: Your main damage spell. With Malygos, this will deal a staggering 9 dmg. Also, don't be afraid to use it as removal. It kills off Azure Drake and Sludge Belcher with Bloodmage.

Sap: Some of you may doubt this card in this deck. You may think "Hey, since there's no more Leeroy Combo we don't need to sap those Taunts any more". However, this isn't the only use for this card. It can be used to gain tempo. Did the enemy Warlock just make a 11/9 Void Terror? Sap that baddie away! With the nerf to Huntard, Ramped Druid might make a resurgence. Did that druid just Coin double Innervate out a Cairne Bloodhoof? Sap that back into his hand and watch him concede.

Shiv: Another source of damage. This card can be used as removal, as a deck cycler with  Gadgetzan Auctioneer, or with Malygos to deal a whooping 6 dmg for only 2 mana (AND you draw a card!)

Edwin VanCleef: I used to not run this card. It would always get Polymorphed, Hexed, or silenced. Then I realized that that was a good thing. They burn hard removal on this card, making it safer to play your Malygos later on. Don't burn too many cards to make a big Vancleef. Try to play around any removal your opponent may have. When playing against Priest, make him into a 4/4 (Shadow Word). When playing against Ramp Druid, make him small than a 8/8 (Big Game Hunter. When playing against zoo, make him as big as possible.

Fan of Knives: A source of AOE and card draw. This card is the bane to Haunted Creeper. Play this with Auctioneer to draw 2 cards, or even on a empty board to cycle through your deck.

SI:7 Agent: Your only 3-drop. This is one of the essential cards in winning the zoo match-up. When this card comes out it kills a minion and then trades into another. Don't be afraid to play this without the combo. Doing so is much better than Hero Power+Pass.

Gnomish Inventor: One of the only other 4-drops in this deck. The stats of this card aren't that great, but it is a body that can help you deal with the opponent's minions. It also helps you to cycle through your deck, allowing you to get to the cards you need.

Sen'jin Shieldmasta: The other stall card in this deck. With Zoo possibly making a resurgence after the huntard nerfs, having a way to slow them down is essential, especially of you don't draw into Blade Flurry+Deadly Poison

Azure Drake: Formally, the game's best 5-drop. +1 Spellpower and draws you a card, all which is useful in a Malygos Rogue deck. Also has a mediocre body that baits removal (SoulfireSwipe).

Gadgetzan Auctioneer: The most important card in this deck. This is the deck cycling engine that allows you to get to the cards you need. Always try to play him on an empty board, and with Conceal the ensure that he will survive till the next turn.

Loatheb: One of the two stall cards in this deck. The Battlecry of this card makes him one of the most powerful cards in the game. Playing this card at the right time can win you games. 

Malygos: The card that the deck was named after. This is your main win condition in this deck. The dream is that you play this along with Conceal, and next turn throw all your spells at your enemy's face. With this down, Sinister Strike does 8 dmg, Blade Flurry does 6 dmg minimum(Weapon damage+5 Spellpower), Eviscerate does a whopping 9 dmg, and Shiv does 6 dmg.


Missing Some Cards? Here's Replacements

Edwin VanCleef: The HexPolymorph, silence eater. They burn removal on this and not on Malygos . Replace with Earthen Ring Farseer if you don't have it or if you face alot of aggro and need the heals. You could also use Shade of Naxxramas if you have it.

Bloodmage Thalnos: Everyone always says to replace this with Loot Hoarder instead of Kobold Geomancer. IMO, its entirely situational and is left up to you. The card draw from Loot Hoarder is nice, But the extra spellpower is pretty good especially in a malygos deck. It's all up to you.

Azure Drake: Don't see how you wouldn't have this card, even after Sludge Belcher became the better 5 drop. The closest replacement for this would be Gnomish Inventor

Alterations You Can Make

-1 Sap +1 Faceless Manipulator: The goal of this Faceless is to copy your own Malygos and then burst them with the +10 spellpower. Personally, I've never found the need to do something like that. However, you can use also the Faceless you copy a taunt when you're in a pinch. 

-1 Sinister Strike +1 Headcrack: This one's for funzes. Dealing 7 dmg every turn with Malygos starts to add up after a while. The only problem is having a card to combo it with.

-1 Azure Drake +1 Assassin's Blade: It may seem a litte crazy to remove one of your card draw+spellpower cards, but you are having trouble bursting your down, this will help. Assassin's blade may become much better as less people run Harrison Jones to counter the huntards.

-1 Loatheb +1 Earthern Ring Farseer: (to be finished)


Change Log:

9/16/2014: -2 Sludge Belchers -1 Azure Drake  +2Sen'jin Shieldmasta +1Gnomish Inventor - This change was made to give the deck a better curve and to deal with aggro earlier, since sometimes T5 Belcher came in too late.


Article to be finished