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[K&C] UPDATED Quick Ladder Climb Dragon Priest

  • Last updated Jan 5, 2018 (Kobolds Patch)
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  • 26 Minions
  • 4 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Dragon Priest
  • Crafting Cost: 3980
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/21/2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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This is a deck i climbed from Rank 15 to rank 5 with in less than a week. 

It works well against the Cubelock and any aggro decks with Duskbreaker.

If you can get turn 6 Spiteful Summoner whilst controlling the board, then usually it's GG, because as you only have an 8 cost and a 10 cost spells, you'll get an 8 or 10 cost minion.  

If this gets 15 upvotes then i'll upload a deck guide :)

Wow! Thanks for all the positive comments! Due to holidays i haven't had a chance to upload a guide, but i will create one this evening :) 


As promised, there is a guide here for people who need a little help/advise on playing the deck. This is my first intricate description of a deck, so please bear this in mind before you throw criticism my way ;)  I have included a "Combo" at the bottom, to show which cards work well together etc. 

General Strategy:

You have to be very selective when playing against aggro to use your Duskbreaker because you don't want to be baited, then the opponent pile on combo's that will destroy you. Duskbreaker however is more for early board control, it clears the board well and works well on curve with Cobalt Scalebane and Drakonid Operative and then into Spiteful Summoner.

The best T1 & T2 curve you could possibly get is Northshire Cleric into Shadow Ascendant. Then you can just trade into the minions your opponent places on the board, and then if you have a Tar Creeper you are an RNG god, your opponent will struggle to recover. your next couple of turns leave much to interpretation. if you are playing against an aggro deck, like paladin or aggro lock, or even tepo rogue, and you have a Kabal Talonpriest in your hand, i would give the Tar Creeper the +3 health, and then they will struggle to recover from that. obviously this is best case scenario. But the best advise i can give everyone who plays this deck, is to keep the opponents side of the board clear until you can play your big minions, and Spiteful Summoner which will really bring on the pain. (Assuming you don't get C'Thun... lol)

I'm going to mention the mulligan now, so if you keep the above in mind: 



Northshire Cleric, Shadow Ascendant, Tar Creeper (with coin) - Duskbreaker

HOWEVER, please bear in mind, the opponents hand also has a big part to play, if they have really good curve, it CAN pay off to hold a Duskbreaker with the hope you'll put out a dragon to use it. But i find more success in the cards above due to the curve. 

Generally the mulligan is the same as above against all decks. But depending on the situation it CAN pay off to keep a Twilight Acolyte if you think you're against a big priest or tempo rogue. 


If you have a dragon in your hand: 

- Drakonid Operative will discover a card in your opponents deck if you're holding another dragon:

Here you kind of have to know what will ruin your opponent or swing the game (possibly even more) in your favour. For example, if you're playing a cubelock/control warlock, and the above card shows a Twisting Nether [/card], you could pick this out, then when they use gul'dan to bring back the demons, clear the board with this bad boy. usually warlocks also carry [card]hellfire so you could take this to help you for board clearing as the deck doesn't have much of this. 

Duskbreaker will deal 3 damage to ALL minions if you're holding another dragon:

Your only board clear, use wisely. 

- Curious Glimmerroot

Will show you 3 cards, choose one you think (know) your opponent started with to gain the card. Be careful with this, we have all made the mistake of mixing this up with Drakonid Operative and going for the card you want.. 

-Spiteful Summoner will pull a spell out of your deck and summon a minion with the same cost of that spell:

This is the card that this deck is built around. As you only run Mind Control and Free From Amber in this deck, you will summon either a 8 cost minion or a 10 cost minion. 80% of the time you will have up to 10 damage on the board, minimum. This card is insane, and works really well with priest. 

-Grand Archivist

I love this card, but you have to be clever with it - if you know you have a Mind Control in your deck and the opponent has that 12/12 on the board... well, now it's yours. (If he has no other minions). 

Please bear in mind, Free From Amber does NOT let you choose the card, it'll be random. However you will still get that (basically free) 8-10 cost minion as well as a 4-7. It has really good stats too. 

-Tar Creeper into Kabal Talonpriest

Beautiful combo that will make your opponents have to bring out one of their big cards to get rid of it, or it's basically a way to stall your opponent and build up your hand. 

-Shadow Ascendant

This card is better in the early game, and works really well, as mentioned above, with a T1 Northshire Cleric into this and even (if you can pull it off) a Tar Creeper on T3. (Everyone despises the thought of a F**king T4 4/6 Tar Creeper.) 

-Netherspite Historian:

This Card kind of speaks for itself, just don't rush and misplay when you're not holding a dragon... I'm speaking from experience... (no h8 pls). Like i mentioned with Drakonid Operative, pick a dragon that you think will mostly benefit you, or can curve with. Or if you're playing against aggro it's good to select a Duskbreaker. Otherwise i would say pick up another Drakonid Operative - due to it's battlecry, and the fact it's stats are insane for a 5 cost. Finally, if you're holding a Duskbreaker but have no dragons, a good choice would be a Drakonid Operative for the plays during T4 & T5

 If you would like some more board clearing, i actually swapped out Grand Archivist for Dragonfire Potion when i was being annihilated every other game by aggro, and pray to the RNG gods that you'll draw it. 

If anyone has any changes they have undertaken please comment them below, if i see anything which i try and works really well, better than the current build, then i will chop and change, i'm very open to suggestions! 

I also Understand that streamers have made a deck very similar to this list, and i want to assure people that this was a complete coincidence, i will give credit where it is due - and understand that satellite priest is a copy/similar to this deck. 

That's basically it! I hope i have brought more understanding of those who would like to know a little bit more about how to play the deck. If anyone has any questions or queries about the deck, that's what the comments are for! 

Happy new year, and i wish everyone to get legend this month ;) 



If you don't have Grand Archivist, i have found that you have two options. 

Either Ysera (The obvious option)


The Lich King I found works really well.