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(Legend) Wild Secret Mage inspired by Luzkan

  • Last updated Dec 18, 2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Secret Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 4320
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/14/2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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Original idea for Standard by Luzkan: CLICK HERE

I liked Luzkan's deck so much that I wanted to try make it work in Wild. I started from Rank 20 and climbed to Rank 10 in three hours.

I experimented a little on the way to higher ranks and this is the deck I managed to hit Legend with. Feels very good on every matchup except Call to Arms Paladin. This was m first time hitting Legend rank.

Some stats:

All matches

Rank 5 to Legend

Please check Luzkan's deck for general idea of gameplay. Some Wild only tips:

- Against Demon Warlock, keep every minion and try to do face damage with them as much as possible during first turns. Eventually Warlock gets super taunts in the way - finish with direct damage spells.

- Against Priest, you have to finish with big turn - otherwise Priest heals and heals and heals... Try to be aggressive but don't commit to board too much. They will have multiple board clears and Reno Jackson, but our Legendary Weapon can pressure them enough to finish before we run out of cards.

- I have already seen some mirror matches and now I understand why this deck is difficult to play against: secrets. You have to be very careful and think thoroughly what to play against which secret. In the end, player who draws Aluneth first usually wins.