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  • Last updated Dec 16, 2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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  • 27 Minions
  • 3 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 7820
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/14/2017 (Kobolds Patch)
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Hi guys, had to share my joy with you. I've just reached legend for the very first time, and had to share the list I used. 

Story of the Deck

The original creator of the deck is pro player satellite, who wrote this list

Then Firebat and Zalae discussed and modified the list in their most recent episode of "Deck Doctor", that you can watch here

I liked their list the most, but I believed it lacked something. So I changed it a little bit, and I got excellent results. I was stuck in rank 2, become rank 1 in less than an hour, and then a couple of hours later I got legend. Here's the guide for you guys, hope you have success with it like I had. 

Card Choices

Look at the cards. They are literally the most hated cards by the community. All together is a single deck. This deck exudes OPness. Do you wonder why a card is in there? The answer is simple: it's broken. 

Northshire Cleric: the best turn 1 play, often it forces the opponent to renounce to a turn 1 play to avoid letting you draw a card (vs zoo lock and shamans this is quite the advantage).

Patches the Pirate Southsea Captain: absurd tempo swing on turn 3, a King Mukla without the drawback and with charge on half the body. The lack of Golakka Crawlers make these minions even stronger.

Prince KelesethShadow Ascendant is not that good, so it was removed by Firebat and Zalae. Since they were running only 2 other 2 drops (Netherspite Historian) they cut those as well, and inserted Keleseth. And it worked. 

-Curious Glimmerroot: goody body and value effect- Sub out for Spellbreaker, good tech choice for the Control Warlock. Use them against their 5 mana 2/2 or to push through a Voidlord.

Kabal Talonpriest: excellent body, the effect makes other minions survive Aoe and removals. TEMPO

Tar Creeper: one of my choices. The problem of this deck that aside the Duskbreaker it hasn't any removals. If you lose the early board, it becomes difficult to recover (not impossible, but difficult nonetheless). So I added something to resist the aggro aggression.

Duskbreaker: OP. You obliterate shaman with this, and make things harder for paladin. In other words: your only chance to survive against aggro deck. Also excellent against Secret mages, since their early minions all have 3 health or less. 

Twilight Drake: good 4 drop and dragon synergy.

Cobalt Scalebane: OP in tempo decks and provides dragon synergy.

Twilight Acolyte: OP, excellent against the abundance of Corridor Creepers. "Remove" one threat and becoming one, all in the same card. 

Bonemare: broken in tempo decks. 

Drakonid Operative: Broken. Provides dragon synergy.

Spiteful Summoner: OMG this card. She's amazing: since you're running only 3 spell (and all of them are high cost), you're guaranteed an enormous tempo swing on turn 6. an 8 drop, or a 10 drop, on top of a 4/4. Count me in. 

Corridor Creeper: Tempo incarnate. Craft him. Put him in all your decks with pirates. You run patches? You run Corridor Creeper. You don't run Patches, but you run early game? Run corridor creeper. 

Grand Archivist: another change I made. Firebat and Zalae chose to put to of them in the deck, I think that's too heavy. Often time you draw one or two of your spell early on, reducing the chances of getting something good out of the summoner. If you run one archivist is good, shooting a Mind Control 2 turns earlier is good. But 2 Grand Archivists just clog your hand.

Mind Control: with the abundance of Warlock, and almost all of them playing Voidlord, this card is amazing. Shooting it out with the archivist is also really good, and summoning a 10 drop with the spiteful summoner is even better.

Free From Amber: the last of my changes. Firebat and Zalae cut it entirely, but having 3 big spell instead of 2, though sacrificing the certainty of the Archivist, is better. Also provides with some good Value when all you're tempo has been dealed with.

Hope you like the deck. If the list receives some up votes, I'm going to write a full Mulligan and Play guide. For now, try the deck and let me know in the comment what you think :)

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