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New Era Control-Aggro (Ed. 2014-09-12)

  • Last updated Sep 12, 2014 (Naxx Launch)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 3700
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/8/2014 (Naxx Launch)
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Iambroborn, that's me and here is my deck

Edit: 2014-09-12. -2 Undertaker. -1 Bloodmage Thalnos, -1 Loot Hoarder. +2 Ancient Watcher, +1 Ironbeak Owl, +1 Sunfury Protector. First of all, thank you, yes you for coming here and supporting my deck by looking at it and maybe even upvote it! It has reached the front page of hearthpwn.com and even got videos made of it and I'm very very honored. I have been holding in these changes the last few days because I wanted to make sure that the deck would not be worse or lose the feel that I have come to love about it. But I recently hit rank 3 and that kind of wanted me to go live with the updates for you people :) The feel is almost the same in the deck but because of the rising popularity of  aggro hunters/decks with Sludge Belcher, we needed to adapt to that and go for some more survival at early game to establish control and be aggressive in the same time. Better Mulligan tip and some more combo explanations are added.

Edit: 2014-09-10.

Edit: 2014-09-10. -1 Sylvanas Windrunner(She was to slow), -1 Baron Rivendare(he was to combo and situational dependant). +1 Defender of Argus, +1 Bloodmage Thalnos. The changes made it a faster deck with more cycling so that you can get the cards you really want, silence baiter and some extra survivability + eggtrigger. Better Mulligan tip and some more combo explanations are added. Currently at rank 6 and climbing.



Background: I usually play Handlock and took my deck to rank 1 last season, regardless of all the huntards that made 80% of my match up. After the reset I climbed to rank 6 in the first two days and after that I started to lose and damn did I lose, I went effectively from rank 6 to rank 12 in two days so I started to look at another deck for my beloved Warlock that would be more in favor for todays meta that is infested with those-who-shall-not-be-named (huntards). I finally came up with the concept of this fast phased control deck with aggro influences and I have climbed the ladder ever since and hopes to get to the legendary rank this season :)


The Combos: One of the strongest combos in the deck is that of VoidcallerDoomguard. If you can get both early then you will taste the salty tears of your opponents before you know it. If you are lucky to get the coin you can coin the Voidcaller on turn 3, attack on turn 4 and use Shadowflame, get a boardclear and a attack-ready Doomguard.

The free Doomguard can be copied with Faceless Manipulator and/or Power Overwhelming for massive early finisher at at least 18dmg!! turn 6. You should use Faceless Manipulator on guards as you please because it's the same mana cost but no drawback = insane!

Void Terror really strike terror in your opponents heart when you drop it on your powered up Voidcaller on turn 5 (4 if coin) and you get a massive beast and a free Doomguard. Most opponents have left then this happened turn 4-5. It also synergies insanely well with Ancient Watcher and Nerubian Egg

Sense Demons are you mad? Nah not yet. Sense demons actually makes....sense in this deck. It makes your Voidcaller give instant value. If you have no demons in hand or only 1, you are most likely to get the full VoidcallerDoomguard combo, sometimes you get both together just from the Sense Demons on turn 3. Happens to me a lot actually.

Ancient Watcher, taunt it, eat it, fight with it or why not just brutally explode him over all the opponents minions! This little watcher will really watch over most of your situational needs on the field of cards. A tip is to really really. Think through your turn before doing actions because of the tons of different combinations you can do to just get that one move that will get your opponent off guard and just wreck him.

A strong finisher are the Leeroy JenkinsPower OverwhelmingFaceless Manipulator for a whopping of 20dmg!! on turn 10. This combo WILL be hit by the nerf-bat in the 22th of September according to Blizzard because of the mana increase of Leeroy Jenkins by 1. However! This particular deck besides the turn 10 finisher wont be crippled like many other decks (RiP Miracle Rouge) because of the endless utility all the separate cards give the other cards in the deck. Leeroy Jenkins will probably be kept in the setup because his remaining potential of dashing out tons of dmg before turn 10 with Power Overwhelming and Soulfire.

There are numerous combos in this deck and that's why I find it fun to play because you can get out of many pinches with your crazy shenanigans ;)


Mulligans and some other advice : This is a tough one indeed and varies even between different decks in the same class. I would say that you want to go for Voidcaller and/or Sense Demons in almost every set up because of the cards phenomenal threat potential. Some players wont even kill it if they can just because of the threat to get a potential early DoomguardLord Jaraxxus or Dread Infernal that can be devestating to deal with on enemy turn 4 or 5.  It will help very very much if you know the meta you are playing in though, but here are some examples for different classes that are mostly encountered. Also use early trades to stop the opponent from getting leverage on the board until you change tempo and bursts out your big guys and just goes pure aggression except for the really necessary trades. Also don't be afraid to take a few extra dmg from the opponent before you lay down your Soulfire (situational ofc). It's not worth the risk to get rid off an early 3/4 turn 3 and ruin one of the next turns powerful combos. Go ice-cool and play the combo first and then Soulfire for the clear. I have won many games this way by not taking early unnecessary risks.

Huntards: What you want here is early drops like Ancient Watcher/Nerubian EggSunfury Protector and Loot Hoarder for early trades and taunts. Mortal Coil for tactical pick-offs . Huntards thrives on the early advantage in dmg and forces you to trade while their hero power (and ours) do the magic for them. But with an aggressive start from our side forces the Huntards to trade our creeps or go face to us. If they go face we got the clear on turn 4 and we can outdmg them so much with early Doomguard and Faceless Manipulator and early Void Terror .Remember they don't got the Starving BuzzardUnleash the Hounds until turn 5 and soon turn 8!! :D:D.

Warrior: More often than not the control type so I would not go for the very early start like in the huntard match up because of their easy armor gains from Armorsmith. I would mulligan for Ancient Watcher (because S4, Sunfury Protector/Shadowflame and Nerubian Egg just to lay down as a permanent threat so that the Warrior think twice for laying down the explosive ghoul or Death's Bite on you and abuse the Acolyte of Pain. If I got the Sludge Belcher I would keep that too because of the bulky wall the card is and warriors lack of silence. Against warrior it can also be wise to save up some Faceless Manipulator because of the humongous(!) numbers of nice legendaries that just begs to be copied.

Priest: Priests are always a bit tricky. Consider not picking Loot Hoarder or Ironbeak Owl in the mulligan because of the common appearance of Zombie Chow. It's better to go for the Nerubian Egg and Ancient Watcher + Sunfury Protector (due to their S4) and Void Terror. If no void terror, try to get Hellfire which will have no drawback at all for you if their Zombie Chow and your Nerubian Eggs are on the board. It will also clear away any....clearic, hehe, that has entered the board and since your eggs can't deal dmg (yet) they cant card draw and then your eggs can do dmg, it's to late :)

Warlock: The most common by far is the zoolock and the tactic is simple here, go for early drops like Sunfury Protector + Ancient WatcherVoid Terror and ofc Voidcaller as usual and boardclear. If you can get a board clear with Voidcaller followed by a Doomguard and maybe even Defender of Argus the turn after, it is almost over for the zoo. Because the they cant trade guard for guard for ''free'' because of the drawback in cards and your recent boardclear. If he drops an expensive guard, you can just copy it with Faceless Manipulator and you got sludge belchers too. If you just get the early clear, you will rarely lose to this matchup.

Druid: Same as Huntards, early drops like Nerubian Egg and Undertaker, trade off his minions and try to bait out silence before the Voidcaller drop (Eggs are really good at this). Save the Siphon Soul for the heavy taunters like Ancient of War. A combo of Power Overwhelming and Shadowflame will solve much of the taunt ''problem''

 Mage: Draw for the Hellfire and early aggression like Ancient Watcher + Ironbeak Owl and Nerubian Egg because of their T2. Hellfire will clear any Mana Wyrm, Mirror Image or Kirin Tor Mage in your way. Lay it down where it counts and you will be good to go.

Rouge: Miracle or tempo, go for early Void Terror combo with eggs or caller. Even if you lay down the terror on 2 eggs, he will be very useful as a 3/5 or 3/7 to take down all the rouges common 3/3 and you can trade the nerubes for the common Azure Drake and Gadgetzan Auctioneer.

If you got any suggestions or thoughts please share it with me and if you enjoy playing this odd deck as much as I then feel free to like it, otherwise you don't need to :)