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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Lord Jaraxxus Playable Hero Warlock9030
INFERNO! Hero Power Warlock200
Mind Shatter Hero Power Priest200
Mind Spike Hero Power Priest200
Gladiator's Longbow Weapon Hunter752
Gorehowl Weapon Warrior771
Ashbringer Weapon Paladin553
Doomhammer Weapon Shaman528
Blood Fury Weapon Warlock338
Eaglehorn Bow Weapon Hunter332
Perdition's Blade Weapon Rogue322
Sword of Justice Weapon Paladin315
Stormforged Axe Weapon Shaman223
Battle Axe Weapon Warrior122
Heavy Axe Weapon Warrior113
Pyroblast Ability Mage1000
Demigod's Favor Ability Druid800
Lay on Hands Ability Paladin800
Shan'do's Lesson Ability Druid800
Twisting Nether Ability Warlock800
Ancient Secrets Ability Druid700
Ancient Teachings Ability Druid700
Rooted Ability Druid700
Uproot Ability Druid700
Avenging Wrath Ability Paladin600
Blizzard Ability Mage600
Enrich Ability Druid600
Holy Fire Ability Priest600
Nourish Ability Druid600
Rampant Growth Ability Druid600
Bane of Doom Ability Warlock500
Blessed Champion Ability Paladin500
Brawl Ability Warrior500
Explosive Shot Ability Hunter500
Force of Nature Ability Druid500
Holy Wrath Ability Paladin500
Siphon Soul Ability Warlock500
Starfall Ability Druid500
Starlord Ability Druid500
Stellar Drift Ability Druid500
Bite Ability Druid400
Dispel Ability Druid400
Mass Dispel Ability Priest400
Mindgames Ability Priest400
Moonfire Ability Druid400
Mortal Strike Ability Warrior400
Shadowflame Ability Warlock400
Soul of the Forest Ability Druid400
Cone of Cold Ability Mage300
Counterspell Ability Mage300
Deadly Shot Ability Hunter300
Divine Favor Ability Paladin300
Equality Ability Paladin300
Far Sight Ability Shaman300
Feral Spirit Ability Shaman300
Headcrack Ability Rogue300
Ice Barrier Ability Mage300
Ice Block Ability Mage300
Lava Burst Ability Shaman300
Lightning Storm Ability Shaman300
Mark of Nature Ability Druid300
Mirror Entity Ability Mage300
Sense Demons Ability Warlock300
Shadow Madness Ability Priest300
Spellbender Ability Mage300
Thick Hide Ability Druid300
Tiger's Fury Ability Druid300
Unleash the Hounds Ability Hunter300
Vaporize Ability Mage300
Ysera Awakens Ability Dream300
Ancestral Spirit Ability Shaman200
Battle Rage Ability Warrior200
Betrayal Ability Rogue200
Blade Flurry Ability Rogue200
Cold Blood Ability Rogue200
Commanding Shout Ability Warrior200
Demonfire Ability Warlock200
Eviscerate Ability Rogue200
Explosive Trap Ability Hunter200
Freezing Trap Ability Hunter200
Leader of the Pack Ability Druid200
Misdirection Ability Hunter200
Nature's Wrath Ability Druid200
Power of the Wild Ability Druid200
Rampage Ability Warrior200
Shadowform Ability Priest200
Slam Ability Warrior200
Snake Trap Ability Hunter200
Snipe Ability Hunter200
Solar Wrath Ability Druid200
Summon a Panther Ability Druid200
Thoughtsteal Ability Priest200
Wrath Ability Druid200
Bananas Ability100
Bestial Wrath Ability Hunter100
Blessing of Wisdom Ability Paladin100
Conceal Ability Rogue100
Dream Ability Dream100
Earth Shock Ability Shaman100
Eye for an Eye Ability Paladin100