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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Cast from Shadow Ability Rogue000
Cat Costume Ability000
Choices, Choices Ability Druid000
Choose a New Card! Ability000
Choose a New Card! Ability000
Clash of the Minions Ability000
Cleave Ability000
Cleave Ability000
Combo Ability Rogue000
Confirm Ability000
Continue Ability000
Create Horseman Ability000
Curatives Ability Warlock000
Cutthroat Ability Rogue000
Dark Light Ability Paladin000
Death Becomes Ability Warlock000
Deathrattle Ability Rogue000
Deathrattle Bonus Ability000
Decrease Health Ability000
Dire Fate: Card Ability000
Dire Fate: Manaburst Ability000
Dire Fate: Murlocs Ability000
Dire Fate: Taunt and Charge Ability000
Dire Fate: Unstable Portals Ability000
Dire Fate: Windfury Ability000
Don't Push Me! Ability000
Double Minions Spell Ability000
Double Zap Ability000
Draw Ability Warlock000
Draw! Ability Rogue000
Draw! Ability000
Druid Ability Druid000
Druid Ability Druid000
Elemental Eruption Ability Shaman000
Elemental Secrets Ability Mage000
Elemental Wrath Ability Shaman000
Empowering Ability Warlock000
End Speed Run Duration Ability000
Ethereal Contract Ability Rogue000
Explosive Rune Ability000
Explosive Runes Ability000
Fate: Armor Ability000
Fate: Bananas Ability000
Fate: Coin Ability000
Fate: Confusion Ability000
Fate: Portals Ability000
Fate: Spells Ability000
Feral Bite Ability Druid000
Fight the Lich King! Ability000
First Wish Ability000
Fishy Ability Shaman000
Flame Missiles Ability000
Flame Missiles Ability000
Flood Ability Shaman000
Follow MY Rules! Ability Paladin000
FREEZE, INSECT! Ability000
Fruit Plate Ability000
Get Champs DeckID Ability000
Gift Delivery Spell - Not Player Facing Ability000
Glorious Finale Ability000
Go Home Ability Mage000
Great Father Kobold Spell Ability000
Greater Spirit of Heroism Ability000
Greater Spirit of Strength Ability000
Greater Spirit of Wisdom Ability000
Hardpacked Snowballs Ability000
Heroic Difficulty Ability000
Hunter Ability Hunter000
Hunter Ability Hunter000
Immolate Ability000
Immolate Ability000
In Control Ability Warlock000
Increase Health Ability000
Innervate Ability Druid000
Iron and Steel Ability Warrior000
Jeering Crowd Ability000
Kill the Lorewalker Ability000
Legends Ability Rogue000
Lich King Modifications Ability000
Like a Sore Thumb Ability000
Lil' Demons Ability Warlock000
LK Phase 2 Debug Ability000
LK Phase 3 Debug Ability000
Mage Ability Mage000
Mage Ability Mage000
MASSIVE Difficulty Ability000
ME SMASH Ability000
Meddling Fool! Ability000
Mercenaries Ability Warrior000
Mind Portals Ability000
Miracles Ability Priest000
Mirror, Mirror Ability Priest000
Modifications Complete Ability000
Modify the Lich King Ability000
Move Over! (Ahune 1st) Ability000
Move Over! (Ahune to Ragnaros) Ability000
Move Over! (Finley Swaps in) NOT PLAYER FACING Ability000
Move Over! (Ragnaros fully replaces Ahune) Ability000
Move Over! (Ragnaros to Ahune) Ability000
Mummy Costume Ability000