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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Book of the Dead Ability1400
Embers of Ragnaros Ability1000
Wish Ability1000
Yogg-tastic Tasties Ability Mage1000
Holy Book Ability800
Awakened Ancient Minion Druid8812
Bonecrusher Minion Hunter853
Demonology 101 Ability Warlock700
Invoke the Void Ability Shaman700
LOCUUUUSTS!!! Ability700
LOCUUUUSTS!!! Ability700
Stalking Pride Ability Hunter700
Brewster, the Brutal Minion Warrior786
Killmox, the Banished One Minion Warlock733
Princess Minion776
Quel'Delar Weapon644
Collector's Ire Ability Warrior600
Gift of the Old Gods Ability Warlock600
Bubba Minion666
Scrapmetal Demolitionist Minion Warrior645
Royal Greatsword Weapon Paladin563
Banana Split Ability500
Canopic Jars Ability500
Infinite Arcane Ability Mage500
Magnetic Mine Ability Warrior500
Pure Cold Ability500
Summoning Ritual Ability Demon Hunter500
Wand of Disintegration Ability500
Beastly Beauty Minion526
Beautiful Beast Minion588
Butch Minion522
Crusty the Crustacean Minion533
Droplet of Insanity Minion Priest534
Embercaster Minion Mage545
Herald of the Scaled Ones Minion Priest546
Blade of Quickening Weapon Demon Hunter442
Greedy Pickaxe Weapon422
Herding Horn Weapon Druid403
Phaoris' Blade Weapon413
Ancient Reflections Ability400
Astral Portal Ability400
Bag of Stuffing Ability400
Binding Chains Ability Demon Hunter400
Fractured Spirits Ability Priest400
Men at Arms Ability Paladin400
Auto-Armaments Minion Warrior426
Demonizer Minion Warlock444
Drocomurchanicas Minion Paladin446
Favored Racer Minion Paladin433
Joras Thuldoom Minion Priest444
Loyal Sidekick Minion422
Mo'arg Outcast Minion Demon Hunter433
Moonbeast Minion Druid445
Su Leadfoot Minion Paladin426
Carrot on a Stick Weapon Hunter323
Hyperblaster Weapon314
Jaws Weapon315
Spiked Arms Weapon Warrior333
Tempest's Fury Weapon Shaman323
The Exorcisor Weapon333
Ace in the Hole Ability Rogue300
Angry Mob Ability300
Blood Moon Ability300
Chaos Theory Ability300
Coin Pouch Ability300
Crazed Mob Ability300
Creepy Curio Ability300
Cursed Curio Ability300
Deadly Weapons 101 Ability Rogue300
Elemental Learning Ability Mage300
Gift of the Legion Ability Demon Hunter300
Haunted Curio Ability300
Hefty Sack of Coins Ability300
Humble Blessings Ability Paladin300
Mage Armor Ability300
Militia Horn Ability300
Old Militia Horn Ability300
Overpowered Ability300
Puzzle Box Ability300
Sack of Coins Ability300
Shadow Word: Void Ability Priest300
Slate's Syringe Ability Hunter300
Surly Mob Ability300
Veteran's Militia Horn Ability300
Warden's Insight Ability Druid300
Clockwork Assistant Minion311
Impish Aid Minion Warlock343
Murloc Holmes Minion334
Payload Totem Specialist Minion Shaman333
Scion of the Deep Minion Priest322
Zukara the Wild Minion Druid335
Bring on Recruits Hero Power Paladin200
Call of Madness Hero Power Priest200
Death Games Hero Power Hunter200
Ferocious Flurry Hero Power Shaman200
From Golden Light Hero Power Paladin200
Harvest Time! Hero Power Druid200
Illidari Strike Hero Power Demon Hunter200
Invigorating Bloom Hero Power Druid200
Modest Aspirations Hero Power Paladin200