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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Radiance Ability Priest100
Sinister Strike Ability Rogue100
Smoke Bomb Ability Rogue100
Soulfire Ability Warlock100
Tracking Ability Hunter100
Whirlwind Ability Warrior100
Best Friend Forever Minion111
Elven Archer Minion111
Goldshire Footman Minion112
Grimscale Oracle Minion111
Healing Totem Minion Shaman102
Murloc Raider Minion121
Psychic Conjurer Minion Priest111
Searing Totem Minion Shaman111
Shadowhoof Slayer Minion Demon Hunter121
Silver Hand Recruit Minion Paladin111
Stoneclaw Totem Minion Shaman102
Stonetusk Boar Minion111
Timber Wolf Minion Hunter111
Voidwalker Minion Warlock113
Voidwalker Minion Warlock126
Voodoo Doctor Minion121
Wrath of Air Totem Minion Shaman102
Escape! Hero Power000
Ancestral Healing Ability Shaman000
Backstab Ability Rogue000
Bottled Madness Ability Warlock000
Crackling Doom Ability Shaman000
Innervate Ability Druid000
Innervate Ability Druid000
Moonfire Ability Druid000
Power Word: Shield Ability Priest000
Power Word: Shield Ability Priest000
Sacrificial Pact Ability Warlock000
Soldiers of the Cold Dark Ability Death Knight000
Soulfire Ability Warlock000
Spreading Flames Ability Mage000
TOO SOON! Ability000
Totemic Might Ability Shaman000
Avatar of the Coin Minion011
Anduin Wrynn Hero Priest0030
Annoy-o-Tron Hero0030
Boom Bot Hero0030
Cap’n Valeera Hero Rogue0030
Celeste Hero Mage0030
Corrupt Garrosh Hero Warrior0030
Deathwing Hero Warrior0030
Demonic Illidan Hero Demon Hunter0030
Enemy Captain Hero0030
Fire Mage Jaina Hero Mage0030
Garrosh Hellscream Hero Warrior0030
Gul'dan Hero Warlock0030
Hakkar the Houndmaster Hero Hunter0030
Illidan Stormrage Hero0030
Illidan Stormrage Hero Demon Hunter0030
Jaina Proudmoore Hero Mage0030
Kel'Thuzad Hero0030
King Anduin Hero Priest0030
King Rastakhan Hero Shaman0030
Lady Vashj Hero Shaman0030
Lightforged Uther Hero Paladin0030
Malfurion Stormrage Hero Druid0030
Malfurion Stormrage Hero Druid0030
Rafaam Hero0060
Rexxar Hero Hunter0030
Shadow Gul'dan Hero Warlock0030
Shan'do Malfurion Hero Druid0030
Sylvanas Windrunner Hero Hunter0030
The Thunder King Hero Shaman0030
Thrall Hero Shaman0030
Uther Lightbringer Hero Paladin0030
Valeera Sanguinar Hero Rogue0030
Wanderer Rexxar Hero Hunter0030
Warchief Thrall Hero Shaman0030
Whizbang the Wonderful Hero Whizbang0030
Zayle, Shadow Cloak Hero Whizbang0030