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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Cenarius Minion Druid958
Ancient of Lore Minion Druid755
Ancient of War Minion Druid755
Nourish Ability Druid600
Force of Nature Ability Druid500
Starfall Ability Druid500
Druid of the Claw Minion Druid544
Bite Ability Druid400
Soul of the Forest Ability Druid400
Keeper of the Grove Minion Druid422
Mark of Nature Ability Druid300
Power of the Wild Ability Druid200
Wrath Ability Druid200
Savagery Ability Druid100
King Krush Minion Hunter988
Gladiator's Longbow Weapon Hunter752
Savannah Highmane Minion Hunter665
Explosive Shot Ability Hunter500
Eaglehorn Bow Weapon Hunter332
Deadly Shot Ability Hunter300
Unleash the Hounds Ability Hunter300
Explosive Trap Ability Hunter200
Flare Ability Hunter200
Freezing Trap Ability Hunter200
Misdirection Ability Hunter200
Snake Trap Ability Hunter200
Snipe Ability Hunter200
Scavenging Hyena Minion Hunter222
Bestial Wrath Ability Hunter100
Pyroblast Ability Mage1000
Archmage Antonidas Minion Mage757
Blizzard Ability Mage600
Cone of Cold Ability Mage400
Ethereal Arcanist Minion Mage433
Counterspell Ability Mage300
Ice Barrier Ability Mage300
Mirror Entity Ability Mage300
Spellbender Ability Mage300
Vaporize Ability Mage300
Kirin Tor Mage Minion Mage343
Icicle Ability Mage200
Mana Wyrm Minion Mage213
Sorcerer's Apprentice Minion Mage232
Tome of Intellect Ability Mage100
Lay on Hands Ability Paladin800
Tirion Fordring Minion Paladin866
Avenging Wrath Ability Paladin600
Blessed Champion Ability Paladin500
Holy Wrath Ability Paladin500
Equality Ability Paladin400
Sword of Justice Weapon Paladin315
Aldor Peacekeeper Minion Paladin333
Argent Protector Minion Paladin222
Blessing of Wisdom Ability Paladin100
Eye for an Eye Ability Paladin100
Noble Sacrifice Ability Paladin100
Redemption Ability Paladin100
Repentance Ability Paladin100
Prophet Velen Minion Priest777
Holy Fire Ability Priest600
Cabal Shadow Priest Minion Priest645
Temple Enforcer Minion Priest666
Mass Dispel Ability Priest400
Mindgames Ability Priest400
Shadow Madness Ability Priest400
Auchenai Soulpriest Minion Priest435
Lightspawn Minion Priest405
Shadowform Ability Priest300
Thoughtsteal Ability Priest300
Lightwell Minion Priest205
Inner Fire Ability Priest100
Circle of Healing Ability Priest000
Silence Ability Priest000
Kidnapper Minion Rogue653
Blade Flurry Ability Rogue400
Master of Disguise Minion Rogue444
Perdition's Blade Weapon Rogue322
Headcrack Ability Rogue300
Edwin VanCleef Minion Rogue322
SI:7 Agent Minion Rogue333
Betrayal Ability Rogue200
Cold Blood Ability Rogue200
Eviscerate Ability Rogue200
Defias Ringleader Minion Rogue222
Patient Assassin Minion Rogue211
Pilfer Ability Rogue100
Preparation Ability Rogue000
Shadowstep Ability Rogue000
Al'Akir the Windlord Minion Shaman835
Doomhammer Weapon Shaman528
Earth Elemental Minion Shaman578
Far Sight Ability Shaman300
Feral Spirit Ability Shaman300
Lava Burst Ability Shaman300
Lightning Storm Ability Shaman300
Mana Tide Totem Minion Shaman303
Unbound Elemental Minion Shaman324
Stormforged Axe Weapon Shaman223
Ancestral Spirit Ability Shaman200
Earth Shock Ability Shaman100