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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Eviscerate Ability Rogue200
Explosive Trap Ability Hunter200
Flare Ability Hunter200
Freezing Trap Ability Hunter200
Icicle Ability Mage200
Misdirection Ability Hunter200
Power of the Wild Ability Druid200
Rampage Ability Warrior200
Slam Ability Warrior200
Snake Trap Ability Hunter200
Snipe Ability Hunter200
Wrath Ability Druid200
Doomsayer Minion207
Lightwell Minion Priest205
Lorewalker Cho Minion204
Nat Pagle Minion204
Bestial Wrath Ability Hunter100
Blessing of Wisdom Ability Paladin100
Call of the Void Ability Warlock100
Earth Shock Ability Shaman100
Eye for an Eye Ability Paladin100
Forked Lightning Ability Shaman100
Inner Fire Ability Priest100
Lightning Bolt Ability Shaman100
Naturalize Ability Druid100
Noble Sacrifice Ability Paladin100
Pilfer Ability Rogue100
Redemption Ability Paladin100
Repentance Ability Paladin100
Savagery Ability Druid100
Shield Slam Ability Warrior100
Tome of Intellect Ability Mage100
Upgrade! Ability Warrior100
Blood Imp Minion Warlock101
Shieldbearer Minion104
Circle of Healing Ability Priest000
Inner Rage Ability Warrior000
Preparation Ability Rogue000
Shadowstep Ability Rogue000
Silence Ability Priest000