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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Acidic Swamp Ooze Minion232
Ancestral Healing Ability Shaman000
Animal Companion Ability Hunter300
Arcane Explosion Ability Mage200
Arcane Intellect Ability Mage300
Arcane Missiles Ability Mage100
Arcane Shot Ability Hunter100
Arcanite Reaper Weapon Warrior552
Archmage Minion647
Assassinate Ability Rogue500
Assassin's Blade Weapon Rogue534
Backstab Ability Rogue000
Blessing of Kings Ability Paladin400
Blessing of Might Ability Paladin100
Bloodfen Raptor Minion232
Bloodlust Ability Shaman500
Bluegill Warrior Minion221
Booty Bay Bodyguard Minion554
Boulderfist Ogre Minion667
Charge Ability Warrior100
Chillwind Yeti Minion445
Claw Ability Druid100
Cleave Ability Warrior200
Consecration Ability Paladin400
Core Hound Minion795
Corruption Ability Warlock100
Dalaran Mage Minion314
Darkscale Healer Minion545
Deadly Poison Ability Rogue100
Divine Spirit Ability Priest200
Dragonling Mechanic Minion424
Drain Life Ability Warlock300
Dread Infernal Minion Warlock666
Elven Archer Minion111
Execute Ability Warrior200
Fan of Knives Ability Rogue300
Fiery War Axe Weapon Warrior332
Fire Elemental Minion Shaman665
Fireball Ability Mage400
Flamestrike Ability Mage700
Flametongue Totem Minion Shaman303
Frost Nova Ability Mage300
Frost Shock Ability Shaman100
Frostbolt Ability Mage200
Frostwolf Grunt Minion222
Frostwolf Warlord Minion544
Gnomish Inventor Minion424
Goldshire Footman Minion112
Grimscale Oracle Minion111
Guardian of Kings Minion Paladin756
Gurubashi Berserker Minion527
Hammer of Wrath Ability Paladin400
Hand of Protection Ability Paladin100
Healing Touch Ability Druid300
Hellfire Ability Warlock400
Heroic Strike Ability Warrior200
Hex Ability Shaman400
Holy Light Ability Paladin200
Holy Nova Ability Priest500
Holy Smite Ability Priest100
Houndmaster Minion Hunter443
Humility Ability Paladin100
Hunter's Mark Ability Hunter200
Innervate Ability Druid000
Ironbark Protector Minion Druid888
Ironforge Rifleman Minion322
Ironfur Grizzly Minion333
Kill Command Ability Hunter300
Kobold Geomancer Minion222
Kor'kron Elite Minion Warrior443
Light's Justice Weapon Paladin114
Lord of the Arena Minion665
Magma Rager Minion351
Mark of the Wild Ability Druid200
Mind Blast Ability Priest200
Mind Control Ability Priest1000
Mind Vision Ability Priest100
Mirror Image Ability Mage100
Moonfire Ability Druid000
Mortal Coil Ability Warlock100
Multi-Shot Ability Hunter400
Murloc Raider Minion121
Murloc Tidehunter Minion221
Nightblade Minion544
Northshire Cleric Minion Priest113
Novice Engineer Minion211
Oasis Snapjaw Minion427
Ogre Magi Minion444
Polymorph Ability Mage400
Power Word: Shield Ability Priest100
Raid Leader Minion322
Razorfen Hunter Minion323
Reckless Rocketeer Minion652
River Crocolisk Minion223
Rockbiter Weapon Ability Shaman200
Sacrificial Pact Ability Warlock000
Sap Ability Rogue200
Savage Roar Ability Druid300
Sen'jin Shieldmasta Minion435
Shadow Bolt Ability Warlock300