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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Arcane Shot Ability Hunter100
Blessing of Might Ability Paladin100
Charge Ability Warrior100
Claw Ability Druid100
Corruption Ability Warlock100
Deadly Poison Ability Rogue100
Frost Shock Ability Shaman100
Hand of Protection Ability Paladin100
Holy Smite Ability Priest100
Humility Ability Paladin100
Mind Vision Ability Priest100
Mirror Image Ability Mage100
Mortal Coil Ability Warlock100
Power Word: Shield Ability Priest100
Sinister Strike Ability Rogue100
Soulfire Ability Warlock100
Tracking Ability Hunter100
Whirlwind Ability Warrior100
Elven Archer Minion111
Goldshire Footman Minion112
Grimscale Oracle Minion111
Murloc Raider Minion121
Northshire Cleric Minion Priest113
Stonetusk Boar Minion111
Timber Wolf Minion Hunter111
Voidwalker Minion Warlock113
Voodoo Doctor Minion121
Ancestral Healing Ability Shaman000
Backstab Ability Rogue000
Innervate Ability Druid000
Moonfire Ability Druid000
Sacrificial Pact Ability Warlock000
Totemic Might Ability Shaman000
Anduin Wrynn Hero Priest0030
Garrosh Hellscream Hero Warrior0030
Gul'dan Hero Warlock0030
Jaina Proudmoore Hero Mage0030
Malfurion Stormrage Hero Druid0030
Rexxar Hero Hunter0030
Thrall Hero Shaman0030
Uther Lightbringer Hero Paladin0030
Valeera Sanguinar Hero Rogue0030