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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Witch's Cauldron Minion304
Woodcutter's Axe Weapon Warrior222
Book of Specters Ability Mage200
Cheap Shot Ability Rogue200
Curse of Weakness Ability Warlock200
Divine Hymn Ability Priest200
Earthen Might Ability Shaman200
Pick Pocket Ability Rogue200
Rat Trap Ability Hunter200
Rebuke Ability Paladin200
Snap Freeze Ability Mage200
Sound the Bells! Ability Paladin200
Warpath Ability Warrior200
Witchwood Apple Ability Druid200
Archmage Arugal Minion Mage222
Baleful Banker Minion222
Cathedral Gargoyle Minion Paladin222
Ghost Light Angler Minion Shaman222
Hunting Mastiff Minion Hunter221
Lost Spirit Minion211
Murkspark Eel Minion Shaman223
Redband Wasp Minion Warrior213
Spellshifter Minion214
Squashling Minion Priest221
Vicious Scalehide Minion213
Blazing Invocation Ability Shaman100
Dark Possession Ability Warlock100
Hidden Wisdom Ability Paladin100
Chameleos Minion Priest111
Swamp Dragon Egg Minion103
Swamp Leech Minion121
Town Crier Minion Warrior112
Witch's Apprentice Minion Shaman101
Witchwood Imp Minion Warlock111
Zap! Ability Shaman000